1-Db Overdrive Review

Can 1st Phorm Help You Achieve Your Perfect Form with 1-Db Overdrive? 1-Db Overdrive is one of two thermogenic fat burners produced by 1st Phorm, the other is 1-Db Goddess. Overdrive is targeted at male athletes and Goddess to female athletes. So, they’re a bit like Coke Zero and Diet Coke. We’re not going to… [Read More]

Hydroxyburn Shred Ultra Review

Body Science is an Australian supplement company that provides supplements for elite athletes and teams as well as every day gym folk. Their supplements focus on improving performance, optimizing recovery and ultimately helping you to create your dream physique. Body Science (BSc) have two key ranges: Ultra and Clean. We’re going to be reviewing one… [Read More]

Nubreed Metadyne Review

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry, serving up plenty of options to “torch fat” and “melt the pounds away”. Marketed as a metabolism thermodynamic to cut weight, Nubreed Metadyne joins the fold as a fat-burner in either pill or powder form. As all weight loss supplements come with mixed reviews, we decided to take… [Read More]

Best Fat Burners 2020 Edition

So, another decade went by and you’re still fat, eh? Or is it that, like most of us, you’ve been frustratingly fluctuating between flabby and toned, and, now, you’re looking forward to a more stable, solid (ideally, rock solid), fat-free 2020’s? Well, of course, you want to feel healthy and fit for an entire decade—who… [Read More]

Best Vegan Fat Burner 2020

Now, wait one, hot minute: vegans can get fat?? But I thought that only non-vegans are the fatties! While the “vegan lifestyle” brand almost always seems to be associated with being slim, hot and shrink-wrapped in skin-tight Lululemon attire, the truth is that most vegans outside of Instagram are still human. This means that vegans… [Read More]

Axe and Sledge Fyred Review

Fat loss supplements have a bit of a mixed reputation in the fitness world; there are some who swear by them while there are others who swear at them! Are they effective or a waste of money? The answer is that it depends. Firstly, it depends on what you would define as working. Burning just… [Read More]

Best Fat Burner without Side Effects

It’s amazing what exercisers and so-called health enthusiasts will subject their bodies to in the name of “losing weight.” There are many ways to lose weight—from calorie restriction dieting to sawing off a limb—but simply “losing weight” really isn’t a healthy goal in and of itself. Sure, for those who are critically overweight, losing weight… [Read More]

Blade Blackcut Review

The line between a pre-workout supplement and a fat-burning supplement is becoming increasingly blurred. Most of the pre-workouts out there have so much caffeine that they will help to increase fat burning. While most of the fat burners out there are also filled with caffeine which can improve performance. Because of this, it is hard… [Read More]

Best Stim-Free Fat Burner 2020

For a long time, supplement companies have tricked us into thinking that by simply taking a super special, super powerful pill, we could magically shed pounds or melt fat, or whatever, without having to do a single sit-up! Perhaps they’re right. You don’t necessarily have to do sit-ups, but you do have to do something… [Read More]

Core Burn X Fat Burner Review

Looking for your next fat burner? Core Nutritionals is launching an updated version of their Core Burn: Core Burn X. If the first option wasn’t enough, the team at Core Nutritionals has taken their product to a new level. By adding some substances, removing others, they’re working hard on creating the ultimate dietary supplement for… [Read More]