Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD

Slimvance vs Cellucor Super HD

Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD come from two supplement industry giants, GNC and Cellucor, respectively. The manufacturers supposedly designed both products to target that waistline and your less-than-super-lean parts. Slimvance Thermogenic has a study to its name while Cellucor Super HD has… fish peptides.

Does either supplement live up to the brand which backs it up? Let’s find out in this Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD review.

Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD Supplement Facts Comparison

Slimvance ThermogenicVs.Cellucor Super HD
Niacin20 mgNiacin (as Niacinamide)10 mg
Slimvance® Patented Blend450 mgVitamin B6 (as Pyrodoxal-5-Phosphate)3 mg
Moringa oleifera leaf extract, Murraya koenigii leaf extract, Curcuma longa root extract (standardized to curcuminoids = 31.5 mg)Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin, Methylcobalamin, Coenzyme B12)250 mcg
Caffeine Anhydrous200 mgSuperHD ThermoSculpting™ Blend250 mg
Garcinia cambogia Fruit Extract (60% Hydroxycitric Acid)100 mgGreen Tea (Camelia sinensis) leaf extract, Slimpro® Protein Hydrolysates of Blue Whiting (Micromesistius poutassou), Dandelion root extract
Capsimax™ Fruit Extract (Capsicum annum)33.34 mgSuperHD Sensory Impact™ Blend250 mg
Piperine from Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piper nigrum)5 mgN-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) root extract, Amla fruit extract, Yohimbe (Pausinistalia yohimbe) bark extract, Capsimax® Cayenne (Capsicum annuum) fruit extract, Evodia rotaecarpia fruit extract (standardized for evodiamine), Toothed Clubmoss (Huperzia serrata) aerial parts extract (Standardized for Huperizine A), Rauvolfia vomitoria root bark extract
Caffeine Anhydrous160 mg

Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD Formula Comparison

Slimvance Thermogenic has an impressive lineup of proven fat burning ingredients including Capsimax™, Garcinia cambogia, and caffeine. Plus, the manufacturer puts this unique combination to the test in a clinical setting with positive results.

  • Avoid the Laundry List: Slimvance Thermogenic has a formula that is straight to the point. You won’t find dozens of ingredients that are underdosed; rather, a handful of scientifically-backed ingredients.
  • Bark Matches Bite: As mentioned above, Slimvance Thermogenic has a study to its name. Researchers discovered that the supplement, especially the ingredients (Moringa olifera, Murraya koeingii, and Curcuma longa extracts), have been shown to reduce body weight and promote healthy weight management.
  • Not Friendly to Belly Fat: Slimvance Thermogenic promises a 12x return on calorie burning, especially where it counts – your belly. Subjects reported a slimmer waistline post-study when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Cellucor Super HD is a unique and daring approach to fat burning. Like most Cellucor products, the formula is outside the box. Nowhere is this clearer than with its lead fat-fighting ingredient, Slim-Pro®.

  • Fight Fat with Fish: Studies show that the fish protein hydrolysate (Micromesistius poutassou) found in Cellucor Super HD has been shown to promote a reduction in body weight and fat tissue. The key is the dosage, which we’ll discuss more below.
  • Great Ingredients, Poor Dosage: Cellucor Super HD has some rock star ingredients for fat burning such as green tea extract, yohimbine (which may produce adverse effects on individuals with blood pressure issues), Capsimax® Cayenne. The problem? Cellucor hid them behind the mystery of proprietary blends.
  • Brain Booster: Cellucor Super HD claims it can provide a mental energy boost as much as an increase in fat burning. Sure, some of the ingredients act as nootropics such as caffeine and yohimbine. However, the problem lies in the dosage levels.

How are Slimvance Thermogenic and Cellucor Super HD formulas similar?

It’s not surprising how different these two supplements are as they come from brands with the reputation and ability to experiment with different ingredients. Still, they have two ingredients in common.

Slimvance ThermogenicCellucor Super HD
Niacin20 mg10 mg
Capsimax® Cayenne (Capsicum annuum) fruit extract33.34 mg?

Why all the niacin (vitamin B3) in weight loss supplements? Studies have revealed niacin can promote fat loss among animal subjects. Experts recommend you get between 15 and 20 milligrams per day, with an absolute maximum of no more than 35 milligrams (this would apply to athletes and very active people). In this regard, Slimvance Thermogenic and Cellucor Super HD are even keel.

How are Slimvance Thermogenic and Cellucor Super HD formulas different?

Both supplements also contain the scientifically-backed Capsimax®; however, you have no idea how much you’re getting in Cellucor Super HD. The amount of Capsimax® most manufacturers use in most studies in supplements is the 30+ mg dosage you find in Slimvance Thermogenic.

Let’s play devil’s advocate and say that Cellucor Super HD contains the same amount; the problem is that leaves you with 30+ mg less of the already small 250 mg dosage for the SuperHD Sensory Impact™ Blend. In other words, this doesn’t bode well for proper dosage levels. What other differences will you find between these two?

There are three key ingredients in Slimvance Thermogenic that you won’t find in Cellucor Super HD.

Curcuma Longa Root: Another name for turmeric, this popular dinner spice and long-time herbal extract for health promotes proper blood sugar levels, support weight loss, and reduce inflammation.

Moringa Oleifera Leaf: Moringa oleifera leaf helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also has a benefit you might be more interested in – studies reveal it triggers a significant thermogenic response, helping you achieve that weight loss you’re after.

Garcinia Cambogia: A safe and effective way to support weight loss, Garcinia cambogia is a solid choice for a fat-burning formula.

Cellucor Super HD contains three ingredients for fat burning that you won’t find in Slimvance Thermogenic.

Slimpro® Protein Hydrolysates of Blue Whiting: On paper, this ingredient should cause a lot of excitement. Slimpro® can promote fat burning and result in a reduction of bodyweight (albeit in a small study of 120 people).

Green Tea Leaf Extract: If you enjoy a morning green tea, you’re making a good start towards weight, but it’s better in concentrated extract form. This antioxidant wonder helps kickstart fat burning and metabolism.

Yohimbine: Yohimbine is a powerful fat burner with characteristics of an energy booster and nootropic ingredient. If you’re keen on yohimbine, talk to your doctor first if you have blood pressure issues.

Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD: Which is the better formula?

It’s easy to be curious about Cellucor Super HD, until you take a look at the label. The ingredients used in Cellucor Super HD are fantastic with a notable nod towards yohimbine, CapsiMax®, and its superstar, Slimpro®.

Here’s where things fall apart: the dosages. Slimpro®, for example, is an ingredient people associate with fat reduction, but the study used 1.4 grams and 2.8 grams. Cellucor Super HD throws Slimpro® in a proprietary blend with green tea extract and dandelion root at 250 mg – way below what the studies used.

With that said, Slimvance Thermogenic takes the victory – it has the better formulation. Studies and clinical dosages back it up.

Quality Comparison

Slimvance ThermogenicCellucor Super HD
Branded ingredientsSlimvance® Patented Blend, Capsimax®, Bioperine®SuperHD ThermoSculpting™ Blend, SuperHD Sensory Impact™ Blend, Slimpro®, Capsimax®
Enhanced BotanicalsMoringa oleifera leaf extract, Murraya koenigii leaf extract, Curcuma longa root extract (standardized to curcuminoids = 31.5 mg), Garcinia cambogia Fruit Extract (60% Hydroxycitric Acid)N/A
Other advanced formsN/AN/A
Clean LabelNO (Gelatine, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, calcium silicate, magnesium stearate vegetable source, titanium dioxide (mineral whitener), artificial colors (FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6)NO (Capsule Gel (Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Arabic Gum, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Protease, NAOH)
Advanced DeliveryGelatin-based; non-vegan capsuleGelatin-based; non-vegan capsule
Stim-FreeNO (contains caffeine)NO (contains caffeine, yohimbine)

Price Comparison

Slimvance ThermogenicvsCellucor Super HD
1 Bottle (15 servings)$59.991 Bottle (120 servings) *Note: recommended to take three servings per day – so this becomes a one-month supply*$69.99
Price Per Serving$3.99Price Per Serving$0.58

$1.74 (if you take three per day)

Slimvance Thermogenic might have a bigger price point, but compared to Cellucor Super HD, it’s worth every penny. You’re getting proven ingredients at the dosage levels you need to see results. Cellucor Super HD falls short, thanks to the mystery of the proprietary blend label.

As a GNC product, Slimvance Thermogenic is only available on the company website, but have no fear: you have a great chance of finding a BOGO offer or something similar.

If you’re interested in trying out Cellucor Super HD, you have plenty of options: the Cellucor website, Amazon, and, to name the big ones. These websites always have a sale going on, so visit each one to see weekly deals.

Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD: Which is Better?

Cellucor Super HD has a few redeeming qualities: scientifically-backed ingredients, a large fan base, and the reputation of Cellucor. Unfortunately, its lackluster attempt at a fat burner can’t compete with the proven ingredients and clinical dosages of Slimvance Thermogenic.

Slimvance Thermogenic doesn’t just have a great lineup of ingredients, it has a study dedicated to it, demonstrating how effective it can be for fat loss and weight management. With that said, it’s obvious who takes this one.

Slimvance Thermogenic vs. Cellucor Super HD: Overall Winner:

Slimvance Thermogenic

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