Best Testosterone Boosters 2020 Edition

Man Up with Today’s Top Formulations Whenever you mention the word “testosterone” to a bodybuilding or fitness enthusiast, chances are, the first thing which quickly comes to mind is masculinity. After all, testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. The year 2020 ushers in advancements in the testosterone booster supplement category. Manufacturers are going full… [Read More]

Centrapeak Review

The testosterone booster market has become increasingly crowded in recent years, and it’s not often a new and innovative product catches the eye. Which is why Centrapeak caught our attention recently. We decided that despite the product only being released in early 2019, it was interesting enough to our readers to warrant a full in-depth… [Read More]

Assault Labs Major Bulk Review

The lines between natural anabolic supplements and T-boosters are a little blurred. Both aim to aid muscle building, T-boosters with the sole focus of raising testosterone and anabolics taking a broader approach. T-boosters have a much bigger market share, and, at the high end of the market, they’re usually formulated with a more effective focus… [Read More]

RedCon1 11 Bravo Review

Who doesn’t want to build muscle? It’s a key factor in almost every fitness goal because muscle is great for everything – looks, performance, and even burning fat. If RedCon1 claims that their 11 Bravo product can contribute to this process, they’re going in the right direction. It’s a big claim but, if true, it… [Read More]

Monster Test Review – Monstrous 6-in-1 Booster for Monstrous Men

If you’re not a monster, turn around now, man. Because Monster Test is only for monstrous men. Just like LSD is for hardcore psychedelics and moonshine is for genetically established rednecks, Monster Test is a T-booster designed exclusively for the heavyweight carrying, heavyweight pushing heavyweight who can take a shot or two of the heavy stuff without… [Read More]

Testosterone UP RED Review – Who Needs T When You Feel This Manly?

What’s the deal with Irwin Naturals RED? The new “Red” versions of Irwin Naturals’ most popular products now have mini nitric-oxide-booster stacks in them.  That means products like Testosterone UP RED now promote nitric oxide (NO) release, which in turn boosts circulation and performance. But does extra nitric oxide make sense in a testosterone booster formula?… [Read More]

Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 70 – T-Booster Stacks Which Revitalize Men in Their Golden Years and Beyond

As you mature you are probably feeling a lot less manly than before. There may even come a time that you are feeling some physical restriction attributed to your age. But, did you know that you can delay the signs of aging? Let’s find out what you can do about the changes in your body,… [Read More]

Spartagen XT vs. Ageless Male

Do you like getting punched in the face? Neither do we (you did say “no,” right?). But, unfortunately, we have a special matchup tonight between Spartagen XT vs. Ageless Male. And what makes this matchup so special is that we won’t be watching these t-boosters fight each other. Rather, we’ll be watching them punch us in the… [Read More]