Sweat Ethic FYRE’D UP Review

While there’s no magic weight loss pill, fat burners can help accelerate the process. Most results come from diet, exercise, and lifestyle management. However, assuming you have all of those in line, a good fat burner can promote lipolysis. Some utilize thermogenesis, others rely on fat mobilization, and others focus on workout performance. Sweat Ethic… [Read More]

Adrenolyn Nootropic Review

As nootropic and pre-workout mixes gain popularity, we’re sure to have lots to review. You want something that’ll provide a physical boost without the distracting side effects. You also want a nootropic that keeps you calm, but not so much that you fall asleep. Combining that with stimulants in a pre-workout can be tough, so… [Read More]

Barbell Brigade Pre-Workout Review

Barbell Brigade typically sells fitness apparel, not supplements. However, they recently announced a pre-workout to go alongside their gymwear. Their sour gummy flavor, specifically formulated for athletic performance, is currently available. On the back of the label, they group their ingredients into “blends” – Endurance and VO2 max blend, CNS Support blend, a Focus blend,… [Read More]

Is Pre-Workout Addiction Real?

Many people joke about being “addicted to pre-workout supplements” in the same way they joke about “partying too much.” In a way, they’re humble bragging: the former implies that… “Hey, I workout enough to be addicted to pre-workout supplements!” Whereas the latter suggests… “Hey, I’m fun and have friends and an exceptional liver!” Odds are… [Read More]

Platinum Labs DefCon1 Review

With a name like DefCon1, you’d think it’s geared for maximum readiness. I’d even be concerned for your body to approach nuclear war. A good pre-workout wants to navigate the former while avoiding the latter, preparing you just enough without causing you to explode. Let’s see if DefCon1 by Platinum Labs does the trick. About… [Read More]

Inspired FSU Pre-Workout Review

When looking for a good pre-workout, it’s important to consider what type of workout you’re preparing for. Getting ready for a yoga class is a bit different than a strongman competition. Your pre-workout should match your goals. Regardless, athletes across all types of fitness crave clean, effective supplements for whatever they’re fueling, and that’s what… [Read More]

Sidewalk Kraka Review

Few characters in the fitness space have as much exposure and distinctive personality as CT Fletcher. Built on big bench, biceps, and curse words, CT Fletcher’s success spawned its own supplement line – because there aren’t enough of those out there already! Today we’re looking at Sidewalk Kraka – a pre-workout supplement of sorts whose… [Read More]