Best Supplements for Rugby Performance

The game of rugby asks its athletes to sprint, tackle, scrum, and in general exhaust their bodies for 80 (or 14, if it’s sevens) minutes. Obviously the demands across the different codes vary, but certain basic requirements permeate them all. Rugby players need to be anaerobically powerful. We need to have brute strength. We need… [Read More]

Venom Power Pre-Workout Review

A pre-workout can make or break a session. The right one elevates your energy levels, making you feel like you can lift a house. The wrong one leaves you over-jittery, flushed and anxious, or it has no effect at all. The formula behind Venom Power Pre-workout is geared to stimulate your body and mind, so… [Read More]

Thermodrone Extreme Burner Review

Fat burner claims to raise your metabolism, enhance focus during training, increase energy levels, and of course, torch fat. Their popularity has risen in recent years as our lives have become busier, and instant results are in demand. As such, the internet is abuzz with new and improved fat burners. We’re here to talk about… [Read More]

HMB for Fasted Cardio

HMB is a perfect partner for fasted cardio. If that’s all you wanted to know, now you know. However, if you read on, we’re going to discuss what HMB can do for your diet, cardio performance, and physique. We’re also going to discuss the Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner and why it exemplifies the finer… [Read More]

Best Fat Burner During Intermittent Fasting Diet

So, you’ve started your fat loss journey with intermittent fasting. Restricting your eating to certain hours requires a special type of discipline, so congrats on your decision! Intermittent fasting can control insulin levels, regulate your body’s natural rhythms, and of course, promote weight loss. But could a fat burner accelerate your results? In this article,… [Read More]

HMB for Intermittent Fasting

If you’re just getting started with intermittent fasting, you may have heard the acronym HMB tossed around. Or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while, aren’t seeing the results you want, and are finally looking into HMB. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help. Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl-butyrate, which thankfully truncates to HMB, is a byproduct from… [Read More]

The Best Multivitamin for Men Over 50

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of taking a multivitamin. Elite athletes, top executives, and your next-door neighbor all supplement them. But men over 50 have specific needs, and we’re not here to mess around. We’ve been around the block long enough to know to avoid the cheapskates. Therefore, we need a multivitamin that actually… [Read More]

Best Fat Burners for HIIT

High-Intensity Interval training, or HIIT, has emerged as one of the best fitness regimens for losing weight. By adding the best fat burners for HIIT, you may intensify its calorie-burning effects to lose even more stubborn pounds. Quick List: Best Fat Burners for HIIT  #1. Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner – Scientific, stim-free fat burner… [Read More]

Assault Labs Major Bulk Review

The lines between natural anabolic supplements and T-boosters are a little blurred. Both aim to aid muscle building, T-boosters with the sole focus of raising testosterone and anabolics taking a broader approach. T-boosters have a much bigger market share, and, at the high end of the market, they’re usually formulated with a more effective focus… [Read More]