Best Nootropic Supplements 2018 Edition – Competitive Cognitive Support for Modern Brain Demands

In this Best Nootropic Supplements 2018 Edition guide, we discuss how our top-rated formulas are more effective than ever at boosting the cognitive functions we need in competitive modern times. Read on to learn about what you should look for in brain supplements to stay ahead right now and in years to come.

Quick List: Best Nootropic Supplements 2018 Edition

#1. Mind Lab Pro – Universal Nootropic formula that elevates whole-brain health to boost virtually all aspects of mental performance: Memory, mood, attention, motivation, clarity, processing speed and more. Mind Lab Pro website
#2. Performance Lab Mind – Clean, stim-free brain stack that enhances cognitive performance, builds brain health, and accelerates mental recovery after high-pressure thinking. Performance Lab Mind website
#4. EVL FocusMode – An athletic brain-booster by a reputable sports nutrition company; big NALT dose for stress recovery and motivation. FocusMode website
 #3. Qualia Mind – Expansive and expensive: 7 capsules per serving, but delivers remarkably far-reaching cognition and brain health support. Qualia Mind website
#5. Neuro-Peak – Targets memory, clarity, focus and more in a physician-formulated, stimulant-free stack at an affordable price. Neuro-Peak website

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Or, read on to learn about more about how nootropic supplements are changing and evolving in 2018.

Nootropics: 2018 Developments

This Best Nootropic Supplements 2018 edition discusses top formulas for peak cognitive performance and more

Nootropics in general just keep getting more and more popular. 2018 is a banner year in terms of how many people are taking brain booster supplements.

Just like in the past few years, in 2018 we will continue seeing the nootropic supplement demographic expanding. Brain boosters are not just for memory anymore. Instead, they are increasingly used as performance enhancers in everything from work, to school, to athletics.

There are some new branded and patented nootropic ingredients on the market in 2018. There are also new delivery forms, and a greater emphasis on the clean, vegan lifestyle that many people are following.

Who is taking nootropics in 2018?

The nootropics segment is growing because brain-boosters are being taken by a broader cross-section of consumers, including:


The overuse of stimulants – whether straight-up caffeine or risky off-label use of pharmaceutical stimulants – continues to rise in 2018. This can cause many students to experience side effects, mental burnout or other issues.

  • Students are increasingly aware of the health risks of long-term stimulant abuse, so they are now seeking out alternatives.

For this reason, nootropics will be more popular among students than ever before in 2018. They can help students to maintain a sharp academic edge – safely, naturally and responsibly.


Mind over matter is more popular than ever when it comes to gym training and athletics in 2018.

The right nootropics can help with motivation to get you into the gym. They can also boost intensity and focus to elevate physical performance.

Nootropics are also used for more strategic thinking in competitive games and sports, even including gaming and esports. Essentially they can function as legal performance enhancers to help you win more.


Some nootropics are gaining momentum in 2018 for their ability to promote a creative, relaxed mind set. These nootropics can help creative individuals and artistic and professional setting to improve their productivity.


Speaking of productivity, demands for workers to maintain their output are greater than ever in 2018.

Some nootropics can help with boosting brainpower in challenging professional scenarios. These include deadlines, overtime, multitasking, and other challenges.

These nootropics can be used to boost professional productivity in the office or wherever you work, boosting career performance over the long haul.

Adults over the age of 55

Adults over the age of 55 traditionally use brain health supplements to preserve their memory against aging.

In 2018, these mature consumers are using nootropics for a lot more – leveraging their brain boosting power to get more quality of life.

In other words, mature adults are increasingly using the performance-oriented aspects of nootropics, to excel at their active lifestyles, their hobbies, and their overall vitality.

In-Demand Brain Benefits

The above represent just some of the people actively seeking out brain supplements in 2018. Really, anyone can benefit from better brain health and enhanced cognitive performance.

To summarize, some of the most in-demand nootropic benefits in 2018 include:

  • Memory – Short-term, long-term, performance driven recall
  • Focus – Maintaining mental clarity and attentional performance
  • Processing – Efficient, fast thinking can grant a competitive edge
  • Learning – Spanning academic, work and recreational learning scenarios
  • Motivation – Including get-up-and-go for gym training and intensity
  • Energy – Always popular, whether via stimulant or non-stimulant nootropics
  • Mood – Relaxation support to balance out high-performance cognition
  • Cognitive Recovery – New for 2018, nootropics to help you bounce back faster

Nootropic Ingredients to look for in 2018


Citicoline is still the best possible nootropic to look for when buying a brain booster supplement in 2018. That is because it does so many positive things for the brain. But its biggest benefits are for:

  • Mental energy
  • Attention and focus
  • Structural support for long range brain health

Citicoline’s versatility makes this dynamic nootropic one of the best at meeting the biggest cognitive demands of 2018.

COGNIZIN is the best brand of citicoline to look for because it is highly purified, patented, and has been extensively researched in human clinical trials.

Editor’s Note: Citicoline is a good source of choline. Many of the best nootropics supplements 2018 offers have some form of choline. This is because it supports neurotransmitters and brain health. Other good choline sources to look for include phosphatidylcholine and Alpha GPC.


Modern times are bad for brain chemicals. Multitasking, stress, hectic lifestyle, juggling many responsibilities at once, and the distractions of ubiquitous be media can all deplete the brain of catecholamine brain chemicals that are needed for sharp focus and mental recovery.

Nootropic L-Tyrosine helps with synthesis of brain chemicals that are depleted by stress and intense cognitive demands.

In supporting the natural production of fresh catecholamines, L-Tyrosine seems good for helping with  brain fog, low mental energy and cognitive recovery. This makes it highly relevant to consumer needs in 2018.

Bacopa monnieri

This dynamic traditional herb is a single nootropic that can do a lot of great things for memory. Research suggests that among other memory benefits, Bacopa monnieri may help us hold onto newly learned information for a longer duration.

Bacopa’s unique memory benefits are well-suited to two of the most popular demographics that take brain booster supplements, especially in 2018: students and adults over the age of 55.


This nootropic delivers the right brain benefits at the right time, much like L-Tyrosine’s tailored cognitive support for modern cognitive challenges.

In the case of L-theanine, it promotes calm, clear-headed thinking – helpful for creativity, productivity, and relaxation. L-Theanine also appears to have some long-range benefits for memory. In some doses it has been shown to help sleep, and its relaxing effects may promote lucid dreaming experiences.

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

PS is a type of healthy fat (phospholipid) nootropic that helps to form brain cell membranes. That means it is a key material used in repairing brain cells, as well as in maintaining them – keeping them flexible and fluid for healthy function.

When brain cell membranes are healthy, they fire more efficiently with neurotransmitters that power all kinds of cognition.

PS is big in 2018 because consumers are demanding nootropics that are backed by research.

Phosphatidylserine is one of the safest, most effective and evidence-backed nootropics on the market – especially when it comes to benefits for age-related cognitive decline and overall memory performance.

In addition, PS has been shown in research to help support the cognition that drives superior athletic performance — which fits in well with the sports-oriented brainpower applications that are gaining popularity in 2018.

Rhodiola Rosea

Russia’s “Golden Root” herb may help both physical and mental performance while reducing fatigue under stressful conditions.

It works by helping to balance the way we respond to stress. Stress is notoriously bad for mood and brainpower, and has been linked to symptoms of mental burnout.

Rhodiola is a good choice for anyone in 2018 who deals with a lot of stress and pressure on a daily basis, but still need to function at a state of peak mental performance. By helping to keep stress in check, Rhodiola rosea may help to unlock your full cognitive potential.

Rhodiola Rosea is a top nootropic for mental energy in 2018.

Rhodiola rosea has been shown in some research to improve mental energy under stress, making it a good match for many people’s cognitive needs in 2018.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This is a traditional Chinese herb that has been used for a long time in both health applications and in Chinese food. As a nootropic, it is big in 2018 for its ability to boost nerve growth factor (NGF).

NGF is increasingly targeted as a brain-boosting pathway because it helps with several aspects of overall brain health.

Specifically, lion’s mane mushroom’s NGF-supportive brain activity has been shown to help with mood and age-related cognitive performance.

Lion’s mane mushroom will be big in 2018 because it targets the emerging nerve growth factor segment, and also because it is a fairly new arrival in nootropic supplements, even though it has been used traditionally for a long time.


While we don’t think that’s stimulant-driven nootropic supplements are the best, there is no denying that stimulants will always be popular in brain supplements. That’s because they are familiar and reliable for boosting short-term alertness – even if they may be followed by a crash.

In 2018, there are several forms of stimulants to choose from that can be found in some of the best nootropics:

  • Caffeine – The classic form that most people are looking for
  • Green tea extract – A natural caffeine + L-Theanine stack
  • Guarana – Supplies caffeine plus antioxidants
  • Theacrine – Similar to caffeine with fewer side effects

L-Theanine is generally good to take with any kind of stimulants in nootropic stacks and energy pills because it is believed to “smooth out” some of the jitters and other side effects that can sometimes occur with stimulant intake.


B vitamins are essential nutrients that some populations – especially vegetarians and vegans, as well as mature adults over the age of 55 – may have a harder time getting and absorbing.

As nootropics, B vitamins are increasingly recognized as key contributors to overall brain health.

In particular, vitamins B6, B9, and B12 are suggested to work together to help support healthy circulation to the brain, mood balance, overall cognitive function and healthy memory function.

In addition to getting B-vitamins in a nootropic supplement, it’s a good idea to take a high-quality multivitamin as a foundation supplement to promote overall brain health and function.

Nootropic formula features to look for in 2018

Clean label

Clean formulas are a priority across all nutritional supplements in 2018. This may be especially true of the nootropic brain supplement category.

  • Some artificial colors and preservatives have been linked to attention problems and cognitive issues, so it really doesn’t make much sense to include them in brain-boosters.

In general, many people are looking for vegan, high-quality supplements that include as little unnecessary additives as possible, so this is a good feature to look out for in 2018.

Easy absorption

To get the most benefits out of any brain supplement, you have to be able to absorb and utilize the nootropic ingredients that are contained inside each capsule.

To help facilitate complete and comfortable absorption, some of the best nootropic supplements 2018 offers are formulated with advanced delivery forms and patented branded ingredients that are better at maximizing the brain-boosting potential of each ingredient.

Stimulant-free brain boosters

Stimulants are a mainstay in nootropic supplements. For some people, stimulants are a must-have when it comes to choosing a nootropic stack.

However, some consumers are starting to steer away from stimulant-driven nootropics and energy boosters in favor of supplements that achieve similar results without resorting to stimulants.

Stimulant-free nootropic supplements might be especially appealing in 2018 to consumers who drink a lot of coffee or take pre-workout supplements (or other nutritional supplement formulas) that already supply bigger doses of caffeine.

In these cases, a stimulant-free nootropic can booze brainpower without overstimulating your brain, which ultimately leads to a counterproductive mental “crash” or long-range mental burnout.

How Best5 Picks the Best Nootropic Supplements of 2018

Want help with general information on purchasing high-quality supplements? Please check out the Best 5 How to Buy a Good Supplement guide.

When it comes to finding the best of the best with stimulant-free nootropics, Best 5 Supplements used the following criteria in our ratings:

  • Research – Human studies demonstrating benefits and safety
  • Healthy – Boost brainpower while helping long-range brain health
  • Quality – Premium nootropics and forms that work better
  • Value – Maximize ROI with brain-boosters that actually work
  • Combinations – Stacking strategies that amplify brain benefits
  • Service – Great customer support, good shipping, friendly return policy
  • Cleanliness – Vegan, no fillers, artificial colors, synthetics or preservatives

We also consider the power of the brand, along with their presence and reputation. We only feature companies who are likely to stand behind their nootropic formulas.

Best Nootropic Supplements 2018 Edition

#1 – Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro ReviewTop ranked Mind Lab Pro is our best due to its sophisticated design. Called a “Universal Nootropic,” it helps to enhance many different aspects of healthy brain function. The end result is that you get one formula that boost cognition in all types of people. By supporting whole-brain health, this stack is believed to help with mental energy, stress resistance, memory, attention, focus, learning, motivation, mood and more.

Mind Lab Pro also scores points with 2018 supplement consumers because it of its clean label: Non-GMO, caffeine and stimulant-free, and several patented branded ingredients. All of these are delivered in vegan Plantcaps, which are infused with prebiotics that help with digestion and nutrient absorption. Of note, Mind Lab Pro is also the best nootropic we reviewed in 2017.

Mind Lab Pro Summary

Full ingredient list: Cognizin® (Citicoline) 250 mg, Sharp PS® (Phosphatidylserine) 100 mg, Bacopa Monnieri 150 mg, Lion’s Mane Mushroom 500 mg, Maritime Pine Bark Extract 75 mg, L-Tyrosine as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) 175 mg, Suntheanine® (L Theanine) 100 mg, Rhodiola Rosea 50 mg, Biogenesis™ Vitamin B6 2.5 mg, Biogenesis™ Vitamin B9 100 mcg, Biogenesis™ Vitamin B12 7.5 mcg
Clean Label: YesNon-GMO, all-natural, vegan and caffeine-free
Advanced Delivery: Yes. Premium Plantcaps™ vegan capsules
Stimulant Free: Yes. 100% caffeine and stimulant free ingredients
Price: $65 plus shipping per one month supply
Any Deals? Yes. Buy 3 one-month supplies for $195 and get a free one-month supply plus free worldwide shipping
Service: 30-day satisfaction guarantee; contact via the online form for a response within 24 hours
Official Website:
Read our in-depth Mind Lab Pro review

#2 – Performance Lab Mind

Another stim-free, clean-label nootropic stack, Performance Lab Mind is a performance-driven brain booster that helps to improve the most important cognitive functions to give you a competitive edge. Specifically, it helps with brain energy, memory, mood, attention, motivation and more.

Performance Lab Mind is also notable because its big NALT dosage is ideally suited for helping the brain to recover more efficiently after high-pressure thinking and multitasking. This underscores a key feature of this formula that makes it one of the best nootropic supplements 2018 has to offer — it boosts cognition while at the same time taking care to build and protect overall brain health.

Performance Lab Mind Summary

Full ingredient list: Cognizin® (Citicoline) 250 mg, Sharp PS® Green Phosphatidylserine 100 mg, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) 300 mg, Maritime Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins) 75 mg
Clean Label: Yes. Non-GMO, no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors
Advanced Delivery: Yes. Clean, vegan Plantcaps® made from pullulan
Stimulant Free: Yes. 100% caffeine-free and stimulant-free
Price: $50 per one-month supply
Any Deals? Yes. Buy 2 boxes save $5; Buy 3 boxes save $15
Service: 30-day money back guarantee. Contact via email or online form, get a response within a day. Product ships within 24 hours of order.
Official Website:
Read our in-depth Performance Lab Mind review

#3 – EVL FocusMode

evl focusmodeEVLUTION NUTRITION FocusMode is a nootropic that combines high-dose NALT for mental recovery with clean stimulants and building blocks for overall brain health. In addition,  FocusMode contains ingredients which are beneficial for your physical performance, which makes sense because EVL is famously known as a sports nutrition company.

It is not the cleanest label, but FocusMode is still a powerful, well-designed nootropic for athletes seeking greater intensity in the gym. Still, keep in mind that its 340 mg of guarana supplies caffeine, so you might want to take care if you are combining it with a caffeinated pre-workout supplement.

FocusMode Summary

Ingredients: N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 600 mg, Guarana 340 mg, A-Glycerylphosphorylcholine (50% A-GPC) 200 mg, Choline 200 mg, Theacrine (as TeaCrine®) 25 mg, Zembrin® 25 mg, Huperzia Serrata (1% Huperzine A) 10 mg
Clean Label: No. Other ingredients include: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue 1
Advanced Delivery: No. Plain gelatin capsules.
Stimulant Free: No. Guarana Seed Extract 340 mg contains the stimulant caffeine and Theacrine (as TeaCrine®) 25 mg also acts as a mild stimulant.
Price: $29.99, good for 1 month
Any Deals? None
Service: All sales are final. EVLUTION NUTRITION accepts return or exchange of damaged items in transit, but you have to pay the return shipping costs. You may contact EVLUTION NUTRITION’s support here.
 Read our in-depth EVLUTION NUTRITION FocusMode review

#4 – Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind ReviewQualia Mind is a premium nootropic stack related to Neuro Hacker’s Qualia. It provides a wide variety of nootropic ingredients and essential nutrients to enhance overall cognitive health and performance. The main advantage of this nootropic is that it not only provides a good variety of ingredients, but also significant quantities as well.

However, you will have to take 7 capsules daily to experience its effects. Taking several capsules at a time is the only way to deliver all these ingredients all at one to give you optimum brain power. As a result, it is not the most convenient nootropic. It is also quite expensive. However, Qualia Mind’s potent, broad-range support for various aspects of brainpower and brain health are undeniable.

Qualia Mind Summary

Ingredients: Vitamin C 100 mg, Vitamin D3 25 mcg, Thiamin B1 100 mg, Niacin B3 50 mg, Vitamin B6  20 mg, Vitamin B12 1000 mcg, Vitamin B5  50 mg, Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500 mg, Artichoke (5% Cynarin) 500 mg, Bacopa monnieri (45% Bacosides) 300 mg, Rhodiola rosea (3% Rosavins & 1% Salidrosides) 300 mg, DL-Phenylalanine 300 mg, Uridine Monophosphate Disodium 250 mg, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 250 mg, Taurine 200 mg, L-Theanine 200 mg, Alpha GPC 200 mg, Cognizin® Citicoline 150 mg, Mucuna pruriens (50% L-Dopa) 100 mg, Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp-PS® Green) 100 mg, Theobromine 100 mg, Anhydrous Caffeine 90 mg, DHA 80 mg, Celastrus paniculatus 60 mg, Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract (24%) 50 mg, Coleus forskohlii Root (20% Forskolin) 20 mg, Pyrroloquinoline quinone 10 mg, Huperzine A 50 mcg
Clean Label: No. Other ingredients include: Organic Rice Extract Blend, Organic Rice Concentrate, Vegetable Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide
Advanced Delivery: No. Plain vegetarian capsules.
Stimulant Free: No. It contains Anhydrous Caffeine 90 mg.
Price: $139, 1 Bottle, good for (22 days)
Any Deals? Yes, when you subscribe to the Neuro Hacker website. You can get Qualia Mind $89 for the first month and $119 per month thereafter.
Service: Feel 100% Satisfied within 100 days or get 100% refund without hassle. You just have to get in touch with Neuro Hacker support.
Official Website:
 Read our in-depth Qualia Mind review

#5 – Neuro-Peak

neuro-peak-reviewNeuro-Peak is a performance-oriented natural nootropic stack. It contains 6 ingredients in a convenient serving size of only 1 capsule. Neuro-Peak focuses on your memory, learning and  focus and clarity for optimum cognitive performance. In addition, Neuro-Peak also helps you manage your stress and and mood with its adaptogenic properties.

According to Zhou Nutrition, Neuro-Peak is science-based and physician formulated to help you maintain that inner balance for maximum productivity. Neuro-Peak is a stim-free formula, so you don’t have to worry about the jitters. Overall, Neuro-Peak contains good nootropic choices and it comes in ideal forms and dosages, too.

Neuro-Peak Summary

Ingredients: Vitamin B-12 500 mcg, Bacopa Monnieri (20% Bacosides) 300 mg, Phosphatidylserine (20%) 100 mg, Ginkgo Biloba (24% Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides) 100 mg, Rhodiola rosea (Salidroside 3% Rosavins 1%) 50 mg, DMAE  50 mg
Clean Label: No. Other ingredients include: Gelatin (capsule), rice flour, vegetable magnesium stearate.
Advanced Delivery: No. Plain gelatin capsule.
Stimulant Free: Yes
Price: $21.04, 1 month supply
Any Deals? Yes. Subscribe and Save 5%, get Neuro-Peak for only $ 19.99 + free shipping
Service: Your satisfaction with Zhou Nutrition products is completely guaranteed for a full 60 days from the date of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, simply write a brief explanation of your negative experience with the product to [email protected] and write “Refund Request” in the subject line to get a full refund.
 Read our in-depth Neuro-Peak review


2018 is a great year to be taking nootropic supplements. There are now a lot of dynamic, effective, and updated nootropic stacks on the market that can increase your mental performance and brain health in a lot of different ways.

  • Any one of the products featured in our our Best Nootropic Supplements 2018 Edition is a good bet for getting reliable benefits for brain health and cognitive performance.

However, each of the above brain supplements also brings its own unique flavor – so be sure to read full Best 5 Supplements reviews to compare their unique advantages before you buy in order to get the best possible benefits for your specific cognitive needs.

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