Onnit T+ vs. TestoFuel

Ever wonder what a hipster fight would look like? No need to lurk outside of Trader Joe’s, because we have one here for you: TestoFuel vs. Onnit T+. Two T-boosting formulas rostering a green collection of all-natural, “Earth grown” ingredients that’ll make even the most devoutly–vegetarian-Starbucks-dwelling-corporation-hating-Tumblr-whining-Joni-Mitchell-fan blush. And, believe it or not, these two “hipsters”… [Read More]

If Weed Depletes Testosterone, Then How Do You Explain Snoop Dogg?

  It wasn’t until Dre’s album The Chronic that the world met Snoop Doggy Dogg (later reduced to Snoop Dogg, “reincarnated” as Snoop Lion). While we associate “chronic” with Dr. Dre, the term’s origins actually began with Snoop mishearing that a friend’s cannabis was “hydrochronically” grown: “It was really hydroponic and we fucked around and… [Read More]

Genius Test Review – Ultra Premium Formula For Male Optimization

The Genius Brand supposedly gives you an intelligent formula to enhance your masculinity. In fact, the manufacturer even named this testosterone booster Genius Test. Genius Test uses clinically-validated ingredients to remove your doubts. In addition, Genius Test claims to give you synergistic testosterone support and not steroidal-like results. Genius Test covers all aspects of male health… [Read More]

Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

The side effects of testosterone boosters is often a controversial topic. There are plenty of products which claim to boost testosterone. However, have you ever wondered about their potential side effects? Let’s find out what happens to your body when you supplement with these testosterone boosters. Effects of Testosterone Boosters Physiological effects Different testosterone boosters provide… [Read More]

T-boosters vs. Prohormones

There are tons of products in the market today for men’s health. Most of these products can enhance masculinity. However, do they live up to men’s expectations? Are they more advantageous than androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS)? Let’s find out whether t-boosters or prohormones offers the most benefits in terms of increasing testosterone levels. T-boosters T-boosters (or… [Read More]

Vitamin B6 and B12 for Testosterone

There are a lot of exotic herbs for testosterone, but while we chase the fancy t-boosters, we sometimes overlook basic vitamins that are important for testosterone. Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are two such nutrients that many guys don’t get enough of. Since they are water soluble, you must replenish your supply on a daily basis…. [Read More]

Prime Test vs. Alpha Test

Prime Test vs. Alpha Test presents a face off between two testosterone boosters which will not only support healthy testosterone levels, but also promote optimum athletic performance. Prime Test offers an intense libido boost with a slight adaptogenic increase in testosterone. For its part, Alpha Test provides a direct testosterone boost and efficient estrogen-blocking properties…. [Read More]

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster vs. HighT Black

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster vs. HighT Black presents two testosterone boosters which not only boost testosterone levels, but also improve overall physical performance and sex drive. Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster provides the body with vitamins, minerals, plant-derived ingredients, and l-citrulline to support testosterone levels, while HighT Black is a combination supplement for for optimum muscle performance and… [Read More]

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster vs. Alpha King

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster vs. Alpha King presents two high-quality products with the same goal. Both of these products aim to increase free testosterone with diverse sets of ingredients. Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster supplies the body with testosterone-boosting vitamins and minerals together with a few plant-based ingredients. The deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals may lower total testosterone… [Read More]

Prime Male vs. RSP Prime-T

Prime Male vs. RSP Prime-T features two products for people who want superior testosterone-boosting activities in a single supplement. Prime Male naturally optimizes the different testosterone pathways for a maximum boost in masculinity. In contrast, RSP Prime-T provides potent testosterone boosters at clinical-grade dosages. Which one is really better than the other? Let’s find out in… [Read More]