Does ZMA Boost Testosterone?

The short answer is Yes. ZMA does boost Testosterone… but there’s a “but”… a BIG “but.”  (We like big buts and we cannot lie). Before we get into that, we need to first explain: What is ZMA? If you’re using a T-boosting supplement, odds are you’ve been exposed to ZMA. Essentially, ZMA is a popular… [Read More]

If Weed Depletes Testosterone, Then How do you Explain Nick Diaz?

MMA’s post-Brock Lesnar villain Nickolas Diaz is no stranger to negative press. Given the fighter’s blatant disregard for the UFC’s anti-weed policies, Diaz would have us believe that he’s impervious to their regulations. Unfortunately, following Nick Diaz’s unanimous decision loss to Anderson Silva in UFC 183, one of Diaz’s drug tests turned up positive for… [Read More]

10 Things NOT to Do in the Locker Room

1. DON’T take selfies You saw this one coming. You knew it’d be here, which is why we’re attacking it first. No thanks to the CDC, the selfie has spread its plague of narcissism, its vile self-centered, soul-diseased scourge against humanity across every nook & cranny of First World Americana… and, unfortunately, this includes the… [Read More]

LSD is the New Coffee – Office Workers are TRIPPIN’ (Literally)

Wondering why some of your co-workers are blasting Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band from their desks? Or maybe you’re totally confused over why your boss has started burning patchouli incense in his office every afternoon. The short answer: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (The shorter answer: LSD). If you haven’t heard, LSD is the hot new workplace nootropic that all the ubersmart twentysomethings… [Read More]

18 Testosterone-Killers to Look Out For

Right now, your testosterone is tanking. This is partly because in today’s world, men face testosterone-draining toxins & stressors more and more every day — including a disturbing number of hidden T-Killers that you’d never see coming. At worst, these T-Killers combine and multiply in strength, driving T levels so low you sprout man-boobs. Literally. But at best, you can… [Read More]

Exercise & Alcohol: How post-workout drinking kicks your testicles in the nuts

Obviously drinking alcohol is bad for you. It’s not the best thing after a workout, either. Yet, it’s still common practice: We work, learn, exercise by day… & party at night. And if we’re not getting shmammered downtown, then we’re marinating in the hooch at home. This lifestyle doesn’t apply to everyone, but for most of… [Read More]