Signature BCAA Review – Fuel And Recovery BCAA Product Not A Powerhouse

If today’s BCAA supplements leave you confused with their tons of ingredients, don’t fret: Signature BCAA makes things much easier for you. It’s a simple product – so simple, it will make your eyes bulge out, as you will see in this review.

About Signature BCAA Signature BCAA is the “Fuel and Recovery Powerhouse” whose “amino acids are the key to preventing muscle breakdown after intense workouts,” per its official website. Formula notes:

  • Simple ingredients. Features the three branched-chain amino acids.
  • 3:1:1 BCAA ratio. Extra focus on l-leucine, the most anabolic amino acid.
  • Excellent taste. Easy on your taste buds. Signature BCAA Supplement Facts (Blue Raspberry, 222 grams)

Serving Size: 7 g
Servings Per Container: 30
Nutrient   Amount Per Serving  % Daily Value 
L-Leucine 3 g
L-Isoleucine 1 g
L-Valine 1 g
Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Sucralose, FD&C Blue No. 1.
Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 level scoop of Signature BCAA in 10 oz. of water and drink within 30 minutes after workouts. Also, it’s great to sip on throughout the day.

The Fuel and Recovery Powerhouse

We’ve seen some downright simple BCAA formulas here on B5. Their simplicity not only resonates well with bodybuilding enthusiasts, but sets a great example for other supplement manufacturers.

Here are some which come to mind:

Note these rely mainly on the three BCAAs (l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine). On the other hand, other BCAA formulas throw in ample amounts of B vitamins (found in many multivitamin products) creatine, l-glutamine, and l-citrulline to make them as comprehensive as possible.

Well, sometimes simplicity is the key. You don’t need a ton of fancy ingredients to make a supplement effective. Sometimes, it’s the exact opposite.

On that note, we hope another simple BCAA formula, Signature BCAA, can come out on top. This product follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned three BCAA supplements. No fuss, no frills: just good, old-fashioned branched-chain amino acids following a solid 3:1:1 BCAA ratio.

Can Signature BCAA exceed expectations? Signature BCAA can help you achieve your fitness goals.


According to the manufacturer’s official website, Signature BCAA’s “amino acids are the key to preventing muscle breakdown after intense workouts.” These BCAAs “are the most important essential aminos for muscle repair, growth, and increased performance,” per the same source.

We couldn’t agree more. Check out BCAAs other important fitness benefits:

  • Increase muscle protein synthesis and strength
  • Boost fat burning
  • Support hormone balance during rigorous exercise
  • Increase longevity
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Preserve hard-earned muscle mass
  • Ward off muscle soreness
  • Ramp up endurance and keep fatigue at bay

No wonder BCAAs are an invaluable part of any bodybuilding supplement stack. We’re hoping we can say the same thing about Signature BCAA.

According to the August 22, 2017 issue of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (via, “The few studies in human subjects have reported decreases, rather than increases, in muscle protein synthesis after intake of BCAAs. We conclude that dietary BCAA supplements alone do not promote muscle anabolism.”

L-leucine, 3 grams Signature BCAA has three grams of l-leucine per seven-gram scoop. Make no mistake about it: leucine is the most anabolic amino acid.

This branched-chain amino acid activates the pathway found in the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR). When you consume sufficient amounts of leucine, mTOR senses there is enough dietary protein to build new muscle tissue.

The key takeaway: no leucine means no muscle. It’s an essential amino acid, which means your body doesn’t synthesize it. You have to consume ample amounts from whole foods or supplements such as Signature BCAA.

We say three grams of l-leucine per serving is right on the industry average for BCAA supplements. That much should help you build serious muscle mass in and out of the gym.

It also turns out leucine is not just about muscle building. It can help you preserve muscle mass and torch fat. According to the American Chemical Society’s official website, leucine “may help people burn fat during periods of food restriction, such as climbing at high altitude, while keeping their muscle tissue.”

Once again, we say Signature BCAA’s l-leucine content is up to the daunting task. When you add regular exercise, good nutrition, and enough sleep to the equation, your results will soar, for sure.

L-isoleucine, 1 gram Signature BCAA has one gram of l-isoleucine per serving, which is at par with most competitors.

This BCAA has many benefits:

  • Maintains a positive nitrogen balance
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
  • Plays a key role in hemoglobin production
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Increases endurance
  • Repairs muscle tissue

Just how irreplaceable is isoleucine? According to the University of Rochester Medical Center’s official website, it “may also boost energy and endurance. It’s also said to help speed healing of injured muscles. Isoleucine may also help muscle development and lean body mass.”

As you can see, isoleucine is a Jack of all trades. One gram per serving is the norm for many BCAA supplements. It will go a long way in your fitness journey.

L-valine, 1 gram

Completing Bodybuilding Signature BCAA’s triumvirate is l-valine, which takes up one gram per serving. Just like isoleucine, valine helps repair muscle tissue and increase endurance.

It also has other important benefits:

  • Helps regulate the nervous and immune systems
  • Quells anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Regulates nitrogen levels in the body
  • Acts an appetite suppressant for increased fat loss

Valine is another versatile amino acid. If your goal is to muscle up and lean out, you should try consuming valine and BCAA supplements in general, for that matter. Signature BCAA’s one gram per scoop should reap handsome dividends.

There you have it. Signature BCAA is a downright simple supplement. We say its 3:1:1 BCAA ratio will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Alas, this product’s Blue Raspberry flavor contains sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda) and FD&C Blue No. 1. Both of these components have side effects.

While Signature BCAA is not a flawless product, it’s still worth a shot. Here’s hoping the manufacturer comes up with a cleaner formula sooner than later.

Let’s check out the formula ingredients:

  • L-leucine, 3 g: The most anabolic amino acid which helps kickstart the muscle protein synthesis process. Some studies also suggest leucine may help preserve muscle mass and increase fat loss. Three grams per serving should help you muscle up, at the very least.
  • L-isoleucine, 1 g: A versatile BCAA which helps increase endurance, repair muscle tissue, maintain a positive nitrogen balance, shorten recovery time, and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • L-valine, 1 g: Another versatile BCAA which helps increase endurance, repair muscle tissue, promote muscle growth, and act as an appetite suppressant.

Formula Analysis Signature BCAA has one of the simplest formulas we’ve seen. In fact, it’s so downright simple, all it has are l-leucine, l-valine, and l-isoleucine which follow a solid 3:1:1 BCAA ratio.

A BCAA supplement (or any bodybuilding supplement, for that matter) doesn’t have to have fancy ingredients to do the job. There are heaps of simple products out there (like the aforementioned KAGED MUSCLE BCAA 2:1:1) which exceeded our expectations.

Did Signature BCAA do the same thing? To a certain extent, yes. However, it has one major flaw: fillers.

If you pay close attention, this product’s Blue Raspberry flavor has sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda) and FD&C Blue No. 1. These are artificial ingredients which have side effects.

After reviewing the overrated Signature 100% Whey Protein and Signature Pre-Workout, we hoped their BCAA counterpart wouldn’t have any dirty ingredients.

Well, it does. We’re surprised, because is arguably the most popular fitness website in history. When it comes up with a supplement line tainted with fillers, you can’t help but scratch your head.

It would have been better if the company used natural ingredients such as stevia (a natural sweetener which helps regulate blood pressure levels) instead.

Nonetheless, Signature BCAA has its upsides. We’re certain its five grams of amino acids per serving will not only help you build muscle mass, but also torch fat, increase endurance, and shorten recovery time.

The three grams of l-leucine per serving is spot on, in our opinion. Many BCAA supplements have two to three grams per scoop. Signature BCAA maintains the pace in that department.

We also laud the company for excellent transparency. It doesn’t resort to any shady proprietary blends. Truly, honesty is the best policy.

Customers are also loving this supplement’s taste and solubility. They’re also spot on. We agree with them.

All in all, dubbing this product “Fuel and Recovery Powerhouse” is a bit of an exaggeration. Yes it will fuel you up and shorten your recovery time, but it won’t be a powerhouse as long as it has those nasty fillers. It’s still worth a shot, though. Signature BCAA Benefits

“Take them before, during, or after your workout for fast absorption and a potent dose of recovery and strength. This refreshing drink is also great for all-day sipping to contribute to keeping your body in a more anabolic state throughout the day,” per the product’s official website.

Who Takes It?

The manufacturer intended Signature BCAA for healthy and active individuals who are at least 18 years of age who want to build muscle mass, lose fat, increase endurance, shorten recovery time, and achieve their daily fitness goals.

Any Side Effects? Signature BCAA contains sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda), an artificial sweetener which may increase weight gain.

This supplement’s Blue Raspberry flavor also has FD&C Blue No. 1, an artificial food coloring which has several side effects.

If these, or any other ingredient, makes you feel doubtful, please consult your physician before buying Signature BCAA.

The manufacturer also issues a warning: Signature BCAA Review Summary


  • Simple ingredients. Features the three branched-chain amino acids.
  • 3:1:1 BCAA ratio. Extra focus on the l-leucine.
  • Three grams of l-leucine per scoop. The most anabolic amino acid.
  • Excellent transparency. Manufacturer breaks down all of the ingredient amounts. Thumbs up.
  • Awesome taste. Easy on your taste buds.
  • Great reputation. Customers have given this product high marks online.
  • Flavor options. Comes in refreshing Blue Raspberry, Cherry Limeade, and Fruit Punch flavors.


  • Dirty ingredients. Contains sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda) and FD&C Blue No. 1. Thumbs down.

Pricing & Where to Buy

  • 1 222-gram Container (30-Day Supply): $17.99
  • Available online and in retail

Final Word on Signature BCAA

Previously, we thought KAGED MUSCLE BCAA 2:1:1 was one of the simplest and best BCAA supplements on the market. After a thorough analysis, we cannot mention Signature BCAA in the same breath.

Fillers made the difference here. Had the manufacturer resorted to natural alternatives, we would have given this supplement a higher grade. Nonetheless, you cannot ignore its 3:1:1 BCAA ratio, three grams of l-leucine per scoop, and excellent taste.

We recommend you buy Signature BCAA. However, we’re hoping the manufacturer cleans up its act sooner than later.

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