Chemix Pre-Workout Review

The Chemix pre-workout is an unusual approach to the pre-workout market – it offers some interesting new approaches we aren’t seeing everywhere. The question is – do they work? There are some concerns for the involvement of so many proprietary blends, but there’s no doubt it’s going to be an interesting one to analyze. So… [Read More]

Best Pre-Workout without Side Effects

Is it possible to have a pre-workout supplement that’s effective without also being side effective, if you catch our meaning? Aren’t side effects a calculated risk, one to be managed through careful use, when it comes to supplementary health enhancement? Yeah, sure, to a degree. After all, even water can have negative health consequences when… [Read More]

Blade Sport Pre-Workout Review

Finding a good pre-workout is not as easy a task as many people suspect; some pre-workouts can be too powerful leaving you feeling nauseated rather than pumped, while others can have the opposite effect and leave you wondering whether you actually took anything. Then there are pre-workouts that are overpriced or use pointless ingredients. When… [Read More]

13th Floor Project: Legion Review

If you’re looking for a pre-workout but you’ve tried all the standard popular brands like Optimum Nutrition, Alani Nu, C4, etc. this product might spike your interest. Why? Because no one has really heard of it. 13th Floor are the new supplement kids on the block. They’re only putting out four products, with the most… [Read More]

Flow Pre Review

Flow Pre is a premium pre-workout formula that aims to provide general support, whatever your fitness goals are. This is in line with the market for pre-workouts and we’re pretty impressed with the approach that Flow is taking. It’s not setting the world on fire with novelty and innovation, but it has some interesting little… [Read More]

Do non-stimulant pre-workouts work?

Found all across the supplement spectrum, stimulants can be defined as anything that elevates nervous or physiological activity. Recent concerns about their safety bring pause to health-conscious exercisers. However, their pervasive presence begs the question whether other pre-workouts even work. We’re going to look at the effects of stimulants vs. other pre-workouts, and hopefully provide… [Read More]

Pitbull Labs XXX Pre-Workout Review

What do you look for in a pre-workout? Do you crave a pump that’ll make your muscles pop? Or do you want a cool, intense focus to drive home each set? Maybe you want something that’ll provide lasting energy. Whatever your preference, a good pre-workout should enhance performance in subsequent training. Certain formulas are made… [Read More]