Vade Nutrition Pre-Workout Review

This is an interesting novel take on the pre-workout supplement. The general idea is that you drop a totally dissolvable pre-workout sachet into your water, and it will break down into a pre-workout supplement. This straddles the line between a capsule and a powder, bringing the convenience of a capsule with the hydration and speed-of-delivery… [Read More]

Alpha Sports PreX3 Pre-Workout

Alpha Sports has billed it as a ‘super concentrated’, ‘explosive’ pre-workout because it sounds hardcore. In reality, nothing really justifies that terminology. Except the fact that the recommended serving is 3 scoops so you’re going to be feeling it. The product has some interesting approaches and the overall ingredient list is an interesting one. We’ll… [Read More]

Best Vegan Pre-Workout 2020

Ever wondered how giraffes get so big without eating meat? If you’re a vegan, odds are the answer is, “Yes,” and that you’ve often made this point to justify your vegan lifestyle to devout meat eaters. Because it’s a great point to make: many herbivore mammals are gigantic, and they’re gigantic thanks to the rich… [Read More]

ErgoPRE Review

Pre-workout supplements are not new, but they’ve come quite a way from simply knocking back an espresso before going for a run or hitting the gym. Now, any good pre-workout aims to boost blood flow, endurance, focus and performance so you can get the most out of your workout. Many use the addition of BCAAs… [Read More]

Best No-Itch Pre-Workout

People like different things. Some lifters and gym-goers absolutely love the feeling of their entire body tingling as if it is on fire. Others absolutely hate it. If you’re one of the latter – or a pre-workout novice – it can be frustrating (sometimes scary!) to experience this intense itching or tingling. So, given you’re… [Read More]

Best Vegan Pre-Workouts 2020

There’s no pre-workout without workout. Just like there’s no sandwich without sand. Or something like that. This puts the pre-workout in a temporary existentially confusing state. When an exerciser takes a pre-workout but hasn’t yet worked …does the pre-workout even exist yet? After all, what if an exerciser takes a pre-workout but then doesn’t work… [Read More]