ErgoPRE Review

Pre-workout supplements are not new, but they’ve come quite a way from simply knocking back an espresso before going for a run or hitting the gym. Now, any good pre-workout aims to boost blood flow, endurance, focus and performance so you can get the most out of your workout. Many use the addition of BCAAs… [Read More]

Best No-Itch Pre-Workout

People like different things. Some lifters and gym-goers absolutely love the feeling of their entire body tingling as if it is on fire. Others absolutely hate it. If you’re one of the latter – or a pre-workout novice – it can be frustrating (sometimes scary!) to experience this intense itching or tingling. So, given you’re… [Read More]

Best Vegan Pre-Workouts 2020

There’s no pre-workout without workout. Just like there’s no sandwich without sand. Or something like that. This puts the pre-workout in a temporary existentially confusing state. When an exerciser takes a pre-workout but hasn’t yet worked …does the pre-workout even exist yet? After all, what if an exerciser takes a pre-workout but then doesn’t work… [Read More]

Axe and Sledge Seventh Gear Review

Not all pre-workouts are created equally, and Axe and Sledge’s Seventh Gear is a self-titled ‘extreme stim pre-workout’, primarily aimed at the caffeine-high that many people in the ‘hardcore’ circles look for. But what exactly does it deliver other than stimulants? Let’s find out… About Seventh Gear by Axe and Sledge  The overall impression we… [Read More]

Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2020 Edition

Fuel Up For Your Workouts with the Best Formulations on the Market With the 2010’s behind us, it’s time to look forward to a spankin’ new decade. Of course, you’re bringing the old you with you into the 2020’s, with all old you’s baggage, but hey! that’s okay! Because 2020 is all about turning the… [Read More]