Dymatize Pre W.O. Review – Perfectly-Engineered Pre-Workout Makes A Statement

Is your pre-workout supplement a dud? Don’t despair, Dymatize Pre W.O. certainly isn’t – it’s one pre-workout which should knock your socks off, as you’ll find out in this review.

About Dymatize Pre W.O.

Dymatize Pre W.O. is the “Perfectly-Engineered Pre-Workout” which helps “maximize energy, strength, pump, and intensity,” per its official website. Formula notes:

  • Eight grams of citrulline malate per scoop. Insane amount for biggest muscle pumps and increased vascularity.
  • Time-tested bodybuilding ingredients. Includes the likes of betaine, beta-alanine, and n-acetyl l-tyrosine.
  • Has Nitrosigine. Compound which helps increase nitric oxide levels and complements citrulline malate component perfectly.

Dymatize Pre W.O. Supplement Facts (Chilled Fruit Fusion, 400 grams)

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (20 g)
Servings Per Container: 20
Nutrient Amount Per Serving% Daily Value 
Total Carbohydrate<1 g<1%*
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid)250 mg417%
Niacin (as Niacinamide)30 mg150 %
Folate (as Folic Acid)260 mcg65%
Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)30 mcg500%
Citrulline Malate8 g**
Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®)3.2 g**
L-Taurine2 g**
Betaine (BetaPower®)1.5 g**
Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate (Nitrosigine®)1.5 g**
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine350 mg**
Caffeine (as Anhydrous)300 mg**
Coconut Water Fruit Powder200 mg**
Theacrine (TeaCrine®)125 mg**
Directions: SHAKE CONTAINER BEFORE EACH USE. Add 1 scoop (provided) of powder to 12 fl. Oz. (360 mL) of water. Shake until dissolved. Consume 15-30 minutes prior to workouts. Begin with 1/2 serving (1/2 scoop) to assess tolerance. This product is formulated with ingredients that absorb moisture and can lead to clumping of the powder. This is normal and the product is okay to consume. Some individuals may notice a tingling sensation which is harmless and attributed to Beta-Alanine.

The Perfectly-Engineered Pre-Workout

If you’re into pre-workout supplements, you’d want one with outstanding formulation without the nasty side effects. These typically define the best pre-workouts on the market.

We’ve seen some up-and-coming products which should join their ranks sooner than later. These pre-workouts quickly come to mind:

We get the feeling Dymatize Pre W.O. isn’t too far behind. In fact, it could trump many leading pre-workout supplements before you know it. The manufacturer as the “Perfectly-Engineered Pre-Workout,” per its official website.

“Formulated with the complete set of key ingredients, at high-potent doses, Dymatize Pre W.O. is perfectly-engineered to maximize energy, strength, pump, and intensity,” per the same source.

Can Dymatize Pre W.O. exceed all expectations?

Dymatize Pre W.O. should help you crank out more reps at the gym.


A quick scan of the supplement facts tells us this pre-workout has one of the smartest formulations around. If you’ve tried the likes of Nutrex OUTLIFT AMPED, you haven’t seen anything yet. Dymatize Pre W.O. seems to pull out all the stops.

Formulation, 20 g

Dymatize Pre W.O.’s key ingredients take up a total of 20 grams per scoop. Leading the charge are an amazing eight grams of citrulline malate per serving.

“Citrulline is a direct precursor for arginine and arginine is converted to nitric acid (N.O.). Citrulline malate ingestion before resistance exercise can lead to better workout performance,” per the manufacturer’s official website.

Citrulline malate is the non-essential amino acid l-citrulline bonded to malic acid. The manufacturer correctly points out l-citrulline is a precursor to l-arginine, an amino acid which acts as a powerful vasodilator. Long story short, when you consume l-citrulline, expect improved blood flow, increased muscle pumps, and healthier blood pressure levels.

The February 19, 2016 issue of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition supports l-citrulline’s performance-enhancing benefits. It says, “Oral l-citrulline supplementation enhances cycling time trial performance. Moreover, l-citrulline improves feelings (e.g., of muscle soreness) after performance. These data, taken together, suggest that l-citrulline is a promising amino acid for enhancing sports performance.”

When you combine l-citrulline with malic acid, great things happen. Not only will you shorten your recovery time, but you’ll also enhance your strength training performance. Eight grams per scoop is no joke – it’ll ramp your performance, for sure. That’s one of the things which sets Dymatize Pre W.O. from the rest of the field.

Next up are 3.2 grams of beta-alanine per serving. This is a naturally-occurring beta amino acid which helps buffer muscle carnosine levels. As a result, you’ll increase exercise capacity and keep fatigue at bay. In other words, you’ll be able to work out longer and harder.

The June 2008 issue of the International Journal of Sports Medicine (via ResearchGate.net) expounds on the benefits of increased muscle carnosine levels. The publication says, “The effect of (beta-alanine) supplementation was an increase in the volume of training (i.e., a greater number of repetitions performed in the squat exercise in BA [beta-alanine] compared to PL [placebo]). In addition, Β-alanine supplementation significantly enhanced the average mean power performance during the acute resistance exercise protocol.”

We’re sure you’ll reap similar benefits when you consume a pre-workout with beta-alanine. We’re glad it’s in Dymatize Pre W.O.

This supplement’s third key ingredient is the amino acid l- taurine, which takes up two grams per serving. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: taurine is one of the most versatile amino acids. Check out what it can do for you:

The knock against taurine as a pre-workout supplement is its ability to improve sleep quality. Some experts say it acts as an inhibitory transmitter and mild sedative. Therefore, they say including taurine in pre-workout formulas is a questionable move at best.

On the other hand, other fitness aficionados say taurine’s ability to boost heart health, and, consequently energy levels, make it a welcome addition to any pre-workout supplement. As for us, we say taurine’s versatility and ability to boost long-term health make it an invaluable inclusion.

Next up are 1.5 grams of betaine (BetaPower) per scoop. Betaine is a combination of the amino acid glycine and three methyl groups. It also acts as a precursor to methionine, which helps synthesize the body’s creatine levels. Creatine is a popular bodybuilding supplement which helps increase muscle mass and athletic performance.  Plus, “Research shows that BetaPower Natural Betaine can significantly improve strength, endurance, and power in humans,” per BetaPower’s official website.

The February 27, 2009 issue of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (via NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov) backs this up. It says, “Two weeks of betaine supplementation in active college males appeared to improve muscle endurance of the squat exercise and increase the quality of repetitions performed (e.g. number of repetitions performed at 90 percent of 1-RM). These performance improvements were realized within seven days of supplementation.”

There’s no question betaine is a pre-workout supplement ingredient with a tremendous reputation. Aside from the aforementioned benefits, it also helps increase fat loss, boost heart and liver health, and improve liver function. We’re confident betaine will exceed your expectations.

Dymatize Pre W.O. also has 1.5 grams of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (Nitrosigine) per serving. Inositol is a carbohydrate and natural ingredient of fruits such as oranges and cantaloupe. On the other hand, arginine silicate is a combination of l-arginine and the mineral silicon.

“In pre-clinical studies, Nitrosigine showed increased blood vessel relaxation which can help increase blood flow. In addition, blood vessel relaxation was almost five times greater with Nitrosigine in comparison to arginine HCl,” per Nitrosigine’s official website.

More specifically, the product’s manufacturer cited a study which James Komorowski and Sara Perez Ojalvo conducted for The FASEB Journal on April 1, 2016. It involved 20 males – 10 of them supplemented with 500 grams of Nitrosigine while the other 10 consumed 500 grams of arginine hydrochloride for 14 days. The study concluded, “ASI (Nitrosigine) supplementation significantly increased plasma arginine levels at multiple time-points up to six hours post-dose, while ArgHCl (arginine hydrochloride) supplementation did so for only one hour.”

Nitrosigine’s officical website also says it increased nitric oxide levels more than arginine alphaketoglutarate, agmatine sulfate, citrulline malate, l-arginine, and citrulline. While the hype on Nitrosigine is big, it’s not as common as citrulline, citrulline malate, and l-arginine in pre-workout supplements.

One thing’s for sure: it’ll complement the muscle-pump-boosting effects of Dymatzie Pre W.O.’s insane eight grams of citrulline malate per scoop. Only a few pre-workouts harness the powers of citrulline malate and Nitrosigine. Dymatize Pre W.O. happens to be one of them – better take advantage of the rare opportunity.

According to the September 21, 2015 issue of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov), “Daily doses of ASI (inositol-stabilized arginine silicate/Nitrosigine) prior to workout significantly increased pre-workout energy levels, increased muscle pump immediately following a workout, and decreased biomarkers of muscle damage immediately after a workout and during recovery.”

The sixth key ingredient is n-acetyl l-tyrosine, which is equal to 350 milligrams per scoop. This refers to the bioavailable form of the amino acid l-tyrosine, which is a precursor to the neurotransmitters adrenaline, dopamine, and norepinephrine. The latter component helps ramp up energy levels. No wonder n-actyl l-tyrosine is an effective nootropic (you can also find it in Nutrex OUTLIFT AMPED, Nutrex OUTRAGE and Nutrex OUTLIFT CONCENTRATE).  We’re confident it’ll perk you up mentally and physically for the best possible workouts.

Dymatize Pre W.O. also has 300 milligrams of caffeine (as anhydrous) per scoop. This is arguably the most popular stimulant in the world. It’s not surprising it’s in many pre-workouts. Check out caffeine’s benefits:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Boosts fat loss
  • Improves physical performance
  • Enhances cognitive function
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Keeps free radicals at bay
  • Improves liver function
  • Increases longevity

Bear in mind caffeine is also a doubled-edged sword: it does have impressive benefits, but going overboard may result in a spike-crash effect, jitters, nervousness, and sleeplessness. Dymatize Pre W.O.’s 350 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous (the pure, powdered form of caffeine) is equal to two to three cups of brewed coffee, per the Mayo Clinic’s official website. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, better skip this pre-workout supplement.

Dymatize Pre W.O.’s 200 milligrams of coconut water fruit powder per serving gives it a dimension many competitors don’t have. Simply put, this beverage is a rich source of electrolytes (particularly potassium) which help increase hydration, regulate muscle contraction, and control pH balance in tissues.

“CW (coconut water) was significantly sweeter, caused less nausea, fullness, and no stomach upset and was also easier to consume in a larger amount compared with CEB (carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage) and PW (plain water) ingestion,” per the March 21, 2002 issue of Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science (via NCBI.NLM.NIH.gov).

It’s clear coconut water has impressive benefits with few unwanted side effects. Whether you choose to consume it before or after a hard workout, you will increase your performance and shorten your recovery time, for sure. On that note, Dymatize Pre W.O.’s coconut water fruit powder component will help ward off fatigue and ramp up energy levels.

This pre-workout supplement’s final key ingredient is theacrine (TeaCrine), which takes up 125 milligrams per serving. “A nature-identcial compound, TeaCrine delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood. It does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is not a stimulant,” per TeaCrine’s official website.

Long story short, TeaCrine gives you similar benefits as caffeine’s with fewer – if any – side effects (TeaCrine doesn’t leave an individual wired at night). Nonetheless, it doesn’t have the proven track record of caffeine in terms of ergogenic pre-workout benefits. We’re hoping experts would conduct more research on TeaCrine, which has gained traction as a pre-workout supplement ingredient.

All in all, Dymatize Pre W.O. is a top-notch bodybuilding supplement which should help you reap just about every pre-workout benefit imaginable. It has a few chinks, but its strong points easily overcome them. When an advanced formulation comes out, we’re not going to be surprised if it dominates pre-workout supplement rankings online.

Let’s check out the formula ingredients:

  • Calories, 15: Dymatize Pre W.O. is a low-calorie pre-workout supplement at just 15 per scoop.
  • Total carbohydrate, <1 g: This pre-workout supplement is low in carbs at less than one gram per serving (a maximum daily value of five percent is low). It should complement your lean-muscle-building goals.
  • Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), 250 mg: Vitamin C is much more than just warding off the common cold. It’s also a powerful antioxidant which helps keep free radicals at bay. Plus, it helps boost vision, regulate blood pressure levels, improve cardiovascular function, and increase energy levels. We’re stoked Dymatize Pre W.O. has a whopping 417 percent of the daily value for this vitamin.
  • Niacin (as niacinamide), 30 mg: Simply known as vitamin B3, this component helps regulate nerve function, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels; boost digestion, and increase energy levels. Dymatize Pre W.O. has a solid 150 percent of the daily value for vitamin B3.
  • Folate (as folic acid), 260 mcg: Vitamin B9 helps regulate hemoglobin levels, synthesize DNA, keep free radicals at bay, boost cardiovascular function, quell anxiety, increase muscle mass, and build and repair skin cells. This pre-workout supplement yields a solid 65 percent of the daily value for vitamin B9.
  • Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), 30 mcg: Vitamin B12 is Dymatize Pre W.O.’s most abundant vitamin at an incredible 500 percent of the daily value. This ingredient helps ward off free radicals, keep fatigue at bay, boost heart health, and regulate the nervous system. Plus, this pre-workout uses methylcobalamin, a bioavailable form of vitamin B12 for optimum results.
  • Citrulline malate, 8 g: Dymatize Pre W.O. contains an insane eight grams of of citrulline malate per serving, which puts it in elite company together with the likes of Nutrex OUTLIFT AMPED and ALTIUS. Citrulline malate is a combination of the amino acid l-citrulline and malic acid. Their combined benefits include increased muscle pumps, improved blood flow, healthier blood pressure levels, and ramped-up energy levels.
  • Beta-alanine (CarnoSyn), 3.2 g: Beta-alanine is a naturally-occurring beta amino acid which helps buffer muscle carnosine levels. The result: increased work capacity and greater resistance against fatigue. This much should help you crank out more reps at the gym.
  • L-taurine, 2 g: Some experts have questioned taurine’s benefits as a pre-workout supplement ingredient. Even if taurine’s pre-workout advantages aren’t as superb as other components, it will still help you increase fat loss, keep stress levels in check, ramp up testosterone levels, shorten recovery time, and boost heart health.
  • Betaine (BetaPower), 1.5 g: A popular bodybuilding supplement ingredient and creatine precursor which helps increase muscle mass, endurance, and athletic performance; improve cardiovascular function, boost fat loss, and improve liver health.
  • Inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (Nitrosigine), 1.5 g: This is a combination of inositol, l-arginine, and silicon which helps ramp up plasma arginine, and consequently, nitric oxide levels for increased muscle pumps and vascularity. This ingredient complements Dymatize Pre W.O.’s citrulline malate component perfectly.
  • N-acetyl l-tyrosine, 350 mg: A bioavailable form of the amino acid l-tyrosine, which acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitters adrenaline, dopamine, and norepinephrine for increased mental and physical energy.
  • Caffeine (as anhydrous), 300 mg: A popular stimulant which helps increase energy levels and fat loss, improve physical performance, regulate blood sugar levels, ward off free radicals, and boost liver function. However, caffeine may also produce a spike-crash effect, jitters, nervousness, and sleeplessness if one takes it in excess.
  • Coconut water fruit powder, 200 mg: A beverage which contains key electrolytes such as potassium for increased hydration and energy levels, improved muscle contraction, and controlled pH balance in tissues.
  • Theacrine (TeaCrine), 125 mg: A nature-identical compound whose benefits are similar to caffeine’s with fewer side effects. Theacrine doesn’t enjoy the reputation of caffeine. Experts need to conduct more studies on the former to make its supposed pre-workout benefits more credible. Nonetheless, theacrine has gained more traction as a bodybuilding supplement ingredient over the years.

Formula Analysis

After a thorough analysis, it sure seems to us Dymatize Pre W.O. is legit. In fact, the so-called “Perfectly-Engineered” pre-workout’s monicker fits it to a T. When you scan the supplement facts, you can tell right away the manufacturer put careful thought into most of the components. These should act synergistically not only to help you crank out more reps at the gym, but to maximize your workouts over the long haul.

The insane eight grams of citrulline malate per scoop is a prelude to this pre-workout’s outstanding formulation. Not too many pre-workouts have that much citrulline malate. If you want incredible muscle pumps and vascularity, better grab Dymatize Pre W.O. off the shelves while you can.

We love the inclusion of time-tested bodybuilding supplement ingredients such as beta-alanine, betaine, and n-acetyl l-tyrosine. Expect to reap their combined benefits (increased work capacity, strength, and endurance; greater resistance against fatigue, and mental focus) whenever you bust your butt at the gym.

We also expect Dymatize’s Pre W.O.’s 1.5 grams of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate (Nitrosigine) per scoop to exceed your lofty expectations. If eight grams of citrulline malate aren’t enough to satisfy your nitric oxide needs, the addition of Nitrosigine should do the trick. Studies have proven this ingredient is more potent than l-arginine, l-citrulline, and citrulline malate. On that note, Nitrosigine should knock your socks off.

No need to chug on a cup of Joe when you consume Dymatize Pre W.O. This pre-workout contains 300 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous (equal to two to three cups of brewed coffee) for increased energy levels and fat loss, enhanced cognitive function, and better liver function, among other things. We already gave you a heads-up on caffeine’s side effects (jitters, nervousness, sleeplessness, etc.). As always, please proceed with caution.

We’re also positive the coconut water fruit powder inclusion will make a difference. It contains key electrolytes for increased hydration and energy levels. Instead of chugging on a sports drink laced with artificial food colorings which have side effects, drinking coconut water before or after a workout should pay handsome dividends.

These are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. If you thought these were enough, wait until you get a load of Dymatized Pre W.O.’s impressive vitamin C (417 percent of the daily value), niacin (150 percent of the daily value), folate (65 percent of the daily value), and vitamin B 12 (500 percent of the daily value) levels.  You’ll enjoy better long-term health, for sure.

Experience insane muscle pumps when you supplement with Dymatize Pre W.O.


We also laud the manufacturer for excellent transparency – it reveals all of the ingredient amounts. That bodes well for customers.

Speaking of which, consumers have given Dymatize Pre W.O. good reviews online. They say it tastes great and works well. We agree on both fronts, although it’s not the best-tasting in this supplement category (the likes of iSatori MORPH XTREME taste better).

On the other hand, Dymatize Pre W.O. contains theacrine, an ingredient which has an unproven track record. Experts maintain it has the benefits of caffeine without the unwanted side effects. However, they need to conduct more research to substantiate their findings.

While we’re relieved this pre-workout has no artificial food colorings, it still has sucralose, an artificial sweetener which experts have linked to obesity. Stevia, a natural alternative which helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, would have been the better option.

Finally, customer have been griping about the clumpiness of this pre-workout. When some of them received it, they say the powder was as hard as a rock. Clearly, this shortcoming undermines the product’s excellent formulation. It’s something the manufacturer should work on as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, Dymatize Pre W.O has the potential to lord it over other big-name pre-workout supplements. If the manufacturer can iron out the kinks sooner than later, the competition better watch out.

Dymatize Pre W.O. Benefits

Dymatize Pre W.O. has the following benefits, per its official website:

  • Excellent potency
  • Research-based
  • No banned substances
  • Twenty servings per container

We agree with all of the above claims. Dymatize Pre W.O. is a potent pre-workout formula which should give you a fast return on your investment.

Who Takes It?

The manufacturer intended Dymatize Pre W.O. for healthy and active individuals who are at least 18 years of age who want to increase energy levels, endurance, strength, muscle mass, and fat loss; boost long-term health, and achieve their daily fitness goals.

Any Side Effects?

Dymatize Pre W.O. contains 150 percent of the daily value for vitamin B3 (niacinamide), an ingredient which may cause a flushing sensation on the skin.

This product also contains 3.2 grams of beta-alanine per scoop. This naturally-occurring amino acid may also produce a tingling or itching sensation shortly after consumption.

Dymatize Pre W.O. also contains 300 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous per serving, a stimulant which may produce a spike-crash effect, jitters, nervousness, and sleeplessness in some individuals.

Finally, this supplement contains sucralose, an artificial sweetener which health experts have linked to obesity and the like.

If these, or any other ingredient, make you feel doubtful, please consult your physician before buying Dymatize Pre W.O.

The manufacturer also includes a warning:

Dymatize Pre W.O. Review Summary


  • Impressive formulation. “Perfectly-Engineered” is a perfect adjective for this pre-workout.
  • Insane citrulline malate content. Eight grams per serving for increased muscle pumps and vascularity.
  • Time-tested components. The likes of betaine, beta-alanine, and n-acetyl l-tyrosine should help you get the most out of your workouts.
  • Nitrosigine inclusion. Ingredient which should complement cirulline malate component’s nitric-oxide-boosting properties perfectly.
  • Bonus ingredients. Boasts of impressive vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin B9, and vitamin B12 amounts for better long-term health.
  • Excellent transparency. Manufacturer breaks down all of the ingredient amounts.
  • Great reputation. Customers have sung this product’s praises.
  • Flavor options. Comes in Chilled Fruit Fusion, Handspun Cotton Candy, Pineapple Orange Crush, and Sweet Cherry Lime flavors.


  • Caffeine content. Bona fide double-edged sword.
  • Sucralose inclusion. Artificial sweetener with ties to obesity.
  • Possible side effects. Coming from caffeine, niacin, beta-alanine, and sucralose components.
  • Clumpy. One of customers’ main gripes.

Pricing & Where to Buy

  • 1 400-gram Container (20-Day Supply): $39.99
  • Available online and in retail

Final Word on Dymatize Pre W.O.

The “Perfectly-Engineered” pre -workout supplement has exceeded our expectations. Its impressive ingredients should work synergistically to help you maximize your workouts.

It may not be a perfect pre-workout, but it should make a profound difference. We’re hoping the manufacturer smooths out the rough edges sooner than later. When it does, Dymatize Pre W.O. should dominate pre-workout rankings.

For now, we recommend you buy one and reap its awesome benefits today.

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