Best Post-Workout Supplements 2018 Edition – Top Stacks to Speed Muscle Growth and Recovery

Post-workout supplements are undergoing some changes in 2018. New ingredients are emerging to deliver superior muscle recovery benefits. Some of these are now being combined into novel stacks that help you bounce back from intense training faster and stronger than ever before.

This Best Post-Workout Supplements 2018 Edition guide covers five formulas to look for to get the muscle recovery benefits you seek.

Quick List: Best Post-Workout Supplements 2018

#1. Performance Lab SPORT Post-Workout – Clean, clinical approach for healthy muscle gain, rehydration, joint comfort and fast recovery. Strong quality emphasis throughout the whole formula. Performance Lab website
#2. KAGED MUSCLE RE-KAGED – Versatile post-workout supplement with a protein emphasis and powder form. Kaged website
#4. DO Vitamins Post-Pump – Do Vitamins PostPump’s classic post-workout stack strategy is clean and good quality. DO Vitamins website
#5. LEGION RECHARGE – Creatine core, but adds blood sugar and energy support to help promote better recovery in a novel way. Legion website
 #3. NITRO STACK – Creatine, BCAAs, and l-glutamine give it flexibility for post-workout support, with good across-the-board dosages. Nitro Stack on Amazon
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Post-Workouts: 2018 Developments

Best Post-Workout Supplements 2018 guide shows which formulas build the most lean muscle.

In 2018, fitness-minded individuals are more aware than ever that post-workout nutrition is key for getting the most results at of any workout. Many are now looking to take postworkouts as part of a training regimen to achieve the following benefits:

Muscle Gain

This is the primary reason people take post-workout supplements, and it remains the most popularly sought after benefit. Nourishing muscles can help them to grow bigger, faster.

Post-workout supplements may help this by supporting muscle energy, regulating hormones that signal from muscle growth, supplying building blocks of new muscle development and more.

Easing Pain

Post-workout supplements in 2018 also focus on soothing away the muscle, joint, and connective tissue aches that can follow intense training sessions. There are some new ingredients on the market that can help with this benefit. By soothing inflammation, post-workouts can also help you to sleep better, function better after workouts, and maintain your workout schedule without missing a beat.


One of the most important contributors to physical recovery is hydration. However, in 2018 it feels like some of the artificial colors and flavors in sports nutrition stacks are falling out of favor.

Instead, consumers now want post-workout supplements that provide cleaner natural hydrating factors to restore physical equilibrium after workouts in the healthiest possible way.

Natural hydrating factors are a rising trend in 2018 sports nutrition supplements, including both pre-workout and post-workout formulas.

Protecting Muscles

Trends like intermittent fasting and fasted training – which may make it harder to maintain muscle mass – have made it more important than ever to protect your muscles in 2018.

In addition, high intensity interval training and other popular current fitness routines generate a lot of oxidative stress that can damage muscle cells.

As a result, some of our top-rated post-workout supplements this year take extra steps to help you protect and maintain your hard-earned gains.

Post-workout ingredients to look for in 2018


Creatine is one of the best sports nutrition ingredients you can find in any athletic supplement, including post-workout stacks. It does many positive things to support muscle growth and fitness, regardless of when you take it.

But as a post-workout supplement ingredient, creatine is helpful because it supports the muscle energy that powers new growth, along with playing a role in anabolic growth factor signaling. Creatine is a must-have ingredient in our top-rated supplements.


Nourishing your muscles with protein is the clearest way to maximizing muscle gains. There is no consensus on the exact timing of taking a protein to support muscle. As a result, it is seen in pre-workout, intra-workout, and postworkout supplements.

Of course, protein powder is also seen as a standalone supplement, and can be taken at various points throughout the day to meet the high intake associated with anabolic growth.

  • Look for high-quality protein in a post-workout supplement, including whey for rapid absorption and casein protein for a slower, more sustained nourishment of muscle tissues.
Editor’s Note: You can skip this ingredient if you feel you are getting enough protein from your diet, protein shakes, or other sports-oriented nutritional supplements.

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate extract is a hot post-workout ingredient in 2018 because of two main bio activities:

  1. High antioxidant activity . Pomegranate supplies several potent antioxidant compounds called polyphenols. These are believed to neutralize the oxidative stress that follows intense workout sessions. Free radicals associated with oxidative stress can damage muscle tissues.
  2. Balancing inflammatory responses . Partly due to its antioxidant activity, pomegranate can also help to modulate inflammation in muscles, joints, and connective tissues. It helps your body to stay comfortable and recover more efficiently.

It can also be found in good clean forms, especially standardized pomegranate that will deliver the same exact level of active polyphenol antioxidants every time you take the post-workout supplement.

Coconut Water Plus Salt

Coconut water has been trendy for a couple of years now. And with good reason: it is effective at rehydrating the body after training, making it a good post-workout product to consume.

As good as coconut water may be, however, in 2018 some supplement manufacturers are making it even better by combining it with salt.

The combination of coconut water and salt has been shown in research to help speed up the rate at which the body re-hydrates after exercise.

Coconut water and salt are ideal when presented in sports drinks, but may also be found in powdered form in capsule supplements that are taken with water.


BCAAs are a popular trio of amino acids used as sports nutrition ingredients that can be taken before a workout or in a post-workout supplement.

They are really a starting point for any nutritional supplement program that is designed in conjunction with a fitness regimen.

Branched-chain amino acids can affect growth hormones, amino acids, muscle energy and other natural processes that help to accelerate physical recovery.

BCAAs tend to amp you up, so might not be the greatest to take as a post-workout after evening training sessions.

BCAA are also important enough to warrant use as a standalone supplement, which may deliver more than as part of a post-workout complex of ingredients.

Regardless, BCAA’s are good to take any time, and are worthy of inclusion in our top-rated post-workout supplements of 2018.

In-Demand Post-Workout Supplement Features

Clean Label

This is a general trend across all supplements. It also applies to post-workout supplements. In 2018, many consumers are looking for the cleanest possible label in their post-workout formula. This means avoiding:

  • synthetic colorants
  • artificial preservatives
  • weird additives
  • allergens like soy or peanuts.

It also means sidestepping genetically modified organisms (GMOs) where possible. Vegan formulas are part of the clean label philosophy, including the delivery form of post-workout supplements.

Gelatin capsules are “out” these days, because they can have sketchy origins and can also use synthetic colors to make them look more appealing.


Powder post-workout supplements are available. Many of them are high quality, and effective. But as part of a larger trend, it seems like fitness-minded individuals are increasingly gravitating to capsule post-workout supplements instead. This may be because of a general convenience factor.

With capsule supplements, you can hit the gym, take your postworkout afterwords with some regular water, and move on.

Capsules may be more preferable to those who are opposed to carrying around a mixer bottle or ready to drink post-workout supplement.

New Formulation Strategies

Post-workout supplements have been a strong nutritional supplement category for a long time. Consumers are actively seeking post-workout supplements that try to achieve the primary goals of muscle growth, physical recovery, joint comfort and more by introducing new supplement stacking concepts.

How Best 5 Rates and Ranks the Best Postworkout Supplements of 2018

When it comes to choosing effective, industry-leading post-workouts for 2018, here are the criteria we used in our ratings:

  • Combinations – Stack ingredients that may work in synergy for muscle gains
  • Healthy – Muscle health is important for sustained growth, so no risky ingredients
  • Quality – Top post-workout ingredient and delivery forms may work better than others
  • Research – Human studies that show safety, no side effects and good post-workout benefits
  • Service – Good return policy, shipping, and strong customer support
  • Value – Formulas that deliver muscle gains and results on your investment

We also consider which companies have a strong online presence and solid reputation. These manufacturers stand behind their products

Best Post-Workout Supplements 2018 Edition

#1 – Performance Lab SPORT Post-Workout

Performance Lab SPORT Post-Workout is a novel recovery stack that is delivered in a super clean, vegan, prebiotic infused capsule. Its clinical, science-backed and synergistic formula strategy make it #1 on our Best Post-Workout Supplements 2018 list.

With 4 ingredients, it delivers muscle-building nourishment, rehydration support (with enough water), and potent standardized pomegranate to protect your gains while easing aches and pains.

All of these ingredients stack well together to form a market-innovating post-workout formula. However, due to its potent recovery focus you should stack Performance Lab SPORT Post-Workout with another protein or BCAA supplement for maximum anabolic reslts.

Performance Lab SPORT Post-Workout Summary

Full Ingredient List: Sodium (from Himalayan Pink Salt) 140 mg, Creatine (as Creapure® pH10) 1,000 mg, Pomegranate (as P40p™) (40% punicosides 50% polyphenols) 500 mg, Organic Coconut Water Crystals 1,250 mg, Himalayan Pink Salt 350 mg, Plantcaps® Pullulan Capsule, NuFlow® Rice Concentrate
Clean Label: Yes. No artificial flavors, preservatives or additives
Advanced Delivery: Yes. Vegan, pre-biotic Plantcaps® made from pullulan
Price: $40 per one month supply
Any Deals? Yes. Save 5% when you buy 2 boxes and 10% when you buy 3. 
Service: 30-day guarantee on first order. Customer service is always available for 24/7 email support. Ships within 24 hours of order.
Official Website:
Read our in-depth Performance Lab SPORT Post-Workout review


re-kaged-post-workoutKAGED MUSCLE RE-KAGED is an anabolic post-workout which provides many nutrients your muscles needs for speedy recovery. It gets there by making protein its primary emphasis. Protein in KAGED MUSCLE RE-KAGED is easy to digest and utilize, thanks to its prohydrolase content.

In addition, it provides you a source of good fats such as coconut oil powder and sunflower lecithin. KAGED MUSCLE RE-KAGED tastes pleasant and it uses the healthy sweetener, stevia. It is a safe post-workout supplement for long term use. However, it is only available in Strawberry Lemonade flavor.


Ingredients: Calories 160, Total Fat 3 g, Total Carbohydrate 5 g, Whey Protein 28 g, L-Glutamine 3 g, BetaPower® 1.5 g, Creatine HCl 1.5 g, Prohydrolase® 280 mg
Clean Label: Mostly. Other ingredients include: Coconut oil powder, natural flavors, citric acid, sunflower lecithin, beet root extract (color), guar gum, silicon dioxide, stevia, sucralose.
Advanced Delivery: No. Plain powder only.
Stimulant Free: Yes
Price: $39.99, 2.07-lb. container (20-Day Supply)
Any Deals? None
Service: If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase from they provide a 30 day money back guarantee or exchange. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact the Kaged Muscle Customer Support Team here.
 Read our in-depth KAGED MUSCLE RE-KAGED review

#3 – Do Vitamins PostPump

do-vitamins-post-pumpDo Vitamins PostPump is a post-workout which focuses on muscle recovery while using some of the top-shelf branded ingredients many fitness buffs are looking for in 2018. Some postworkouts are flexible; DO Vitamins PostPump is more narrow, really zeroing in on muscle, only.

Do Vitamins PostPump is an entirely clean formula which is also good for today’s consumer preferences. It is a little on the pricey side. However, it is clean, safe and effective which makes it worth your money, and a strong choice for the top-rated postworkouts of 2018.

Do Vitamins PostPump Summary

Ingredients: Creatine (as Creapure®) 3000 mg, Betaine (as BetaPower™) 1250 mg, L-Leucine (as AjiPure®) 1500 mg, L-Isoleucine (as AjiPure®) 750 mg, L-Valine (as AjiPure®) 750 mg, L-Carnitine (as Carnipure™) 500 mg
Clean Label: Yes. Do Vitamins PostPump doesn’t have inactive ingredients, fillers, synthetics and preservatives. It does not contain: wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners/colors/flavors.
Advanced Delivery: No. Plain powder only.
Stimulant Free: Yes
Price: $39.95, 225-gram container (30-Day Supply)
Any Deals? Join Do Vitamins newsletter and they’ll send you a $5 gift card valid on your first order and then more discounts/specials from time to time.
Service: If there is any problem, issue, or error with any Do Vitamins product or order, Do Vitamins accepts return with full refund. You just have to email Do Vitamins regarding your concern.
 Read our in-depth Do Vitamins PostPump review

#4 – Legion RECHARGE

legion-recharge-finalLegion RECHARGE is a simple post-workout formula. It contains 4 ingredients which are scientifically shown to accelerate muscle growth, improve recovery, and reduce muscle soreness. Legion Recharge takes a different approach and features a couple of unusual post-workout ingredients that target energy and blood sugar as part of the muscle recovery process.

Meanwhile, its creatine at a good 5 g dosage delivers the reliable muscle-supportive sports nutrition many are looking for in their post-workout stack. All from a highly reputable sports nutrition supplement manufacturer, with customer service that backs up their product.

Legion RECHARGE Summary

Ingredients: Calcium 26 mg, Creatine 5 g, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 2.1 g, Corosolic Acid 10.5 mg
Clean Label: Mostly. Other ingredients include: Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Calcium Silicate, Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana) Leaf Extract, Tapioca Starch, Red Beet (Beta vulgaris) Juice Powder (for color), Silicon Dioxide
Advanced Delivery: No. Plain powder only.
Stimulant Free: Yes
Price: $35, 513-gram container (30-Day Supply)
Any Deals? None
Service: If you order any Legion supplements for the first time and don’t like it, you can keep it. Just notify Legion’s support and they’ll give you a full refund on the spot. No complicated forms and no return.
 Read our in-depth Legion RECHARGE review

#5 – Body’s Choice NITRO STACK

bodys-choice-nitro-stack-main-imageBody’s Choice NITRO STACK is a 3-in-1 Muscle Builder which helps you reach your fitness and muscle-toning goals faster. It contains a potent combination of creatine monohydrate, BCAAs and glutamine. Together they may promote a synergistic effect that is targeted 100% on muscle growth and repair.

Body’s Choice NITRO STACK is a simple, straightforward formula with high potency. It also has good label cleanliness, with no BS additives or synthetics. Instead it uses natural flavors and  fruit/vegetable-based colors, as well as being flavored with natural stevia.

Body’s Choice NITRO STACK Summary

Ingredients: Creatine 3 g, L-Leucine 2.5 g, L-Glutamine 2 g, L-Isoleucine 1.25 g, L-Valine 1.25 g, Stevia 170 mg
Clean Label: No. Other ingredients include: Natural Flavors, Malic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color)
Advanced Delivery: No. Flavored powder only.
Stimulant Free: Yes
Price: $19.99, 330-gram Container (30-Day Supply)
Any Deals? None
Service: If you don’t feel stronger and recover faster after each workout after taking Body’s Choice NITRO STACK, they’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. Every order is backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee in Body’s Choice Amazon Store.
Official Website: (note: there was no official Body’s Choice Website available at the time of this review, so we got our information from its listing on
 Read our in-depth Body’s Choice NITRO STACK review


Scientific advancements and new research are shifting the focus of today’s industry-leading Post-Workout supplements. Depending on your specific needs and goals, there are more post workouts to choose from than ever before.

Any of the 5 formulas in this Best Post-Workout Supplements 2018 Edition guide is a good choice for supporting muscle recovery safely and naturally.

Be sure to read full Best 5 Supplements post-workout formula reviews to gain more insight on choosing the right one before you buy.

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