Bone and Joint Supplements Pros and Cons

Your physical performance is greatly dependent on the health of your bones and joints. When you work out, your bones and joints become prone to damage. That is why there are bones and joints supplements to help speed up bone and joint recovery.

In addition, as you age, your bone and joint health decline. You can offset this with the use of these supplements. Let’s find out about bone and joint supplements’ pros and cons in this review.

Bone and Joint Supplements Pros

Bone and joint supplements help boost recovery from your toughest workouts.

PRO: Bone and joint supplements enhance recovery

Mature adults often take bone and joint supplements due to the higher incidences of joint pain. However, younger adults also take them to ease post-workout joint pain. Bone and joint supplements may help ward off joint pain. In addition, if you injure your bones and joints in any way, these products may enhance your recovery so you can easily bounce back to your active lifestyle.

Bone and joint supplements which contain glucosamine and chondroitin might help ease symptoms of osteoarthritis. Even though clinical trials and researches are still in their early stages, strong scientific evidence suggests that these particular ingredients in bone and joint supplements appear to ameliorate osteoarthritis. Currently, experts don’t consider bone and joint supplements as a cure for any disease. However, they can reinforce the effects of ongoing medical treatments of bone and joint issues because of their ability to speed up your recovery.

PRO: Bone and joint supplements boost antioxidant activity

Antioxidant activity is beneficial for your overall health. It helps fight oxidative stress on a cellular level. This mechanism also helps ward off carcinogenicity. In addition, free radicals in your body speed up the aging process. Bone and joint supplements help your body combat the effects of stress. Joint discomfort might also intensify due to oxidative stress. You can effectively detoxify your body with the use of bone and joint supplements.

PRO: Bone and joint supplements are potential chemopreventive agents

Bone and joint supplements aren’t only good for your joints, but also for your overall health. Research suggests that glucosamine and chondroitin (which are main ingredients of bone and joint supplements) are potential chemopreventive agents. This means that these ingredients have promising health-boosting properties which are beneficial for you upon consistent intake.

PRO: Bone and joint supplements help manage inflammation

Your bones and joints hurt when they experience inflammation (inflamed joints may mean one has arthritis). Pain due to inflammation may range from mild to severe which can either limit or hinder the movements of the affected joint. There are different medical conditions which may cause joint discomfort.

Bone and joint supplements may help keep joint pain at bay. In addition, they may support the effects of bone and joint medication to promote faster recovery. Here are the most common causes of joint pain among adults:

PRO: Bone and joint supplements ward off cartilage loss

As you age, the risk of cartilage loss also increases. The problem: the cartilage can no longer regenerate on its own. However, the bone underneath your cartilage is capable of regenerating. There are different causes of cartilage loss, but unhealthy lifestyle is the most common cause of faster cartilage loss. Cartilage loss is uncomfortable and progressive if one doesn’t get the necessary treatment.

Bone and joint supplements may help ward off cartilage loss and save you from immense pain in the future. However, if you are already experiencing progressive cartilage loss, the intake of bone and joint supplements might help slow down its progress.

Bone and Joint Supplements Cons

Some bone and joint supplements may produce allergic reactions.

CON: Some ingredients for bone and joint health may cause allergies

Bone and joint supplements have a wide variety of ingredients. However, some people are allergic to these ingredients. Oftentimes, there are allergen warnings on the label of the supplement to help you steer clear of these allergens. Here are some of the ingredients of bone and joint supplements which are potential allergens:

  • Shellfish
  • Flaxseed
  • Soy

CON: Some bone and joint supplements may interact with prescription drugs

If you plan to take bone and joint supplements in conjunction with prescription drugs, you should consider their interactions first. There are ingredients in bone and joint supplements which may interact with drugs.

However, different drugs interact with bone and joint supplements differently. Some drugs may work well together with bone and joint supplements, while other drugs might have adverse effects. The effects vary depending on the medication that you’re taking. Check the drug or supplement information sheet before taking them together.

CON: Not all bone and joint supplements are potent

Bones and joint supplements are not the same. The potency of a supplement greatly depends on the forms and dosage of its ingredients. In addition, you must also consider your body’s response to supplementation. People may also react differently to dietary supplements. Ingredients which are potent enough for one might not work in the same way for another.

The same goes with bone and joint supplements: user reviews suggest they don’t work the same way for everyone. That is why it is essential for you to identify the form and dosage of ingredients that suit your lifestyle. Opt for reputable brands which stand behind their products to get the results that you expect from bone and joint supplements.

If you need more help in choosing the right bone and joint supplement, our guide on How to Buy a Good Supplement might help you decide which bone and joint supplement to get.

CON: Bone and joint Supplements might break the bank

Bone and joint supplements are safe for long-term use. If you are still young, they maintain your bone and joint health while boosting joint recovery after exercise. On the other hand, when you get older, you probably take bone and joint supplements to ease joint pain.

Bone and joint supplements are safe and effective alternatives to synthetic drugs which ease joint pain. However, they can also be expensive depending on the brand and length of use – they can break the bank if you use an expensive supplement for a long time. However, since they can save you from the agony of joint pain as you age, bone and joint supplements are worth your money.

Conclusion on Bone and Joint Supplements Pros and Cons

Bone and joint supplements are beneficial for active people who are prone to joint injuries. In addition, they may enhance the effects of primary medical treatment on your joints. Mature adults may take bone and joint supplements to ward off common joint issues which affect most mature adults. Younger adults may take bone and joint supplements to support joint recovery after intense physical activity at the gym.

The benefits of bone and joint supplements greatly outweigh their cons. They also have other health benefits which provide more benefits than just joint health. In addition, you can stack bone and joint supplements with other dietary supplements (such as multivitamins) to further enhance their health benefits.

Just be cautious of the supplement that you get since there are certain ingredients which may cause certain allergies. Keep in mind that bone and joint supplements are not treatments for bone and joint issues. However, if you already have an existing joint problem, they might help you recover faster.

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