Testosterone UP RED Review – Who Needs T When You Feel This Manly?

Testosterone Up Red review

What’s the deal with Irwin Naturals RED? The new “Red” versions of Irwin Naturals’ most popular products now have mini nitric-oxide-booster stacks in them.  That means products like Testosterone UP RED now promote nitric oxide (NO) release, which in turn boosts circulation and performance.

But does extra nitric oxide make sense in a testosterone booster formula? Does RED’s nitric oxide boosters improve upon the regular Testosterone UP formula in any way? Let’s find out in this Irwin Naturals Testosterone UP RED review.

About Testosterone UP RED

Testosterone UP RED is an enhanced and updated version of Testosterone UP, with extra nutritional support for nitric oxide. Since nitric oxide is often targeted in pre-workout formulas, the “red” spin on this T booster stack gives it a sports nutrition feel. Despite its apparent young-male-ergogenic emphasis, Irwin Naturals makes it clear that Testosterone UP RED is for men of all ages. Formula notes:

  • Dual-powered design.This supplement is a testosterone formula and physical performance enhancer rolled into one product.
  • L-Citrulline & LJ100® Longjack. These two ingredients are the formula’s driving force, providing support for muscle strength and function along with overall masculine vitality.
  • Far-reaching masculinity benefits. Beyond testosterone, may help physical performance in the gym, libido, weight loss and more.

Testosterone UP RED Review – Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 Liquid Softgels
Servings Per Container: 15
IngredientsAmount Per Serving
Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil2400 mg
L-Citrulline1500 mg
Fenugreek extract (4:1)(seed)200 mg
Tribulus extract (fruit)200 mg
Beta Sitosterols 40%150 mg
Ginkgo extract (24% flavone glycosides, 6% terpene lactones)(leaf)120 mg
Beet powder (root)100 mg
LJ100 Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) extract (40% glycosaponins and 22% eurypeptides) (root)100 mg
Asian Ginseng extract (4% ginsenosides) (root)30 mg
BioPerine Complex BioPerine Black Pepper extract (95% piperine) (fruit), Ginger extract (5% gingerols) (root)6 mg
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, purified water, glycerin, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides, caramel, annatto, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, St. John’s bread and turmeric. Contains: Soy, Tree Nuts (Coconut)
Testosterone UP RED Directions: (Adult) For daily maintenance, take 4 liquid softgels in divided doses, with food and water. For more immediate support, take 4 softgels one hour before activity. Do not exceed 4 softgels in one day.

Testosterone UP RED is all over the map. But it’s so crazy… it just might work.

Irwin Naturals has come up with a fascinating formula in Testosterone UP RED. You just have to get past the fact, it is not really a testosterone booster. There is a little testosterone support in here, but much of the softgel space and total dosage is devoted to other aspects of masculine health.

Let’s check out the ingredients in this Irwin Naturals Testosterone UP RED review, and you will see how we think the formula all works together.

Medium chain triglyceride oil, 2400 mg

Coconut oil-sourced MCT can be taken in conjunction with a low-carb or keto diet to help provide ketone bodies that fuel the brain while you are starving it of glucose, so you can maintain focus. MCT is a good supplement for supporting fat loss programs. But what does that have to do with testosterone? Nothing really. However, higher testosterone is associated with improved body composition, so there seems to be a place in this formula for MCT.

L-Citrulline, 1500 mg

Sourced from watermelon, this is a legendary sports nutrient that is outstanding in pre-workout formulas. L citrulline is an important ingredient for the “red” aspect of this formula – it converts into L-Arginine, which in turn helps to raise nitric oxide levels for better whole body circulation. Again, this ingredient as nothing to do with testosterone, but will certainly help with workout performance.

Fenugreek extract (4:1), 200 mg

Fenugreek is an excellent male vitality tonic. It may help to increase testosterone levels, but the best research for that benefit is associated with patented and branded varieties of fenugreek. This formula uses, nonstandardized fenugreek concentrated extract.

While fenugreek isn’t the greatest herb for testosterone, it is one of the greatest all time male performance enhancers – were talking about muscle strength, training intensity, and performance in the bedroom. A strong choice for overall masculine well-being, however keep in mind it may have anti-DHT effects. More on that in a minute.

Tribulus Extract, 200 mg

This herbal ingredient is a nice complement to the fenugreek. Like fenugreek, tribulus’s reputation for boosting testosterone is stronger than its actual clinical research. However, again like fenugreek, tribulus is highly regarded as a workout enhancer, and has a reputation for boosting libido, sexual function, and overall masculinity.

Beta sitosterol 40%, 150 mg

Now we are venturing into murkier testosterone booster territory. Beta sitosterol is a plant sterol compound found in a couple of popular herbs for testosterone and masculine health: Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle. Beta sitosterol is believed to boost test by blocking 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). So, just like Fenugreek, Beta sitosterol may have an anti-DHT activity.

Ginkgo extract (24% flavone glucosides, 6% terpene lactones)

This is the first: we have never seen ginkgo biloba in a testosterone boosting supplement. Does it make sense? In the context of Testosterone UP RED, kind of. Ginkgo biloba is most famous as the brain boosting nootropic for memory. However, the main bioactivity underneath that benefit is ginkgo biloba’s ability to boost circulation to the brain and extremities.

In this formula, given the training-oriented nature of the design, we think ginkgo biloba is included for that circulation boosting activity, with its potential to enhance focus and concentration possibly adding some cognitive support for more intense gym workouts.

Beet powder, 100 mg

Beet powder is another famous sports supplement that helps to raise blood nitrate levels. Nitrates are used in the Nitric Oxide signalling process, facilitating NO release for a boost in whole body circulation. Nitrates also have been suggested to improve the “energy efficiency” of muscle tissue, further promoting high-intensity workouts.

For its synergy with nitric oxide and general performance-enhancing effects, Beet root powder makes sense in Testosterone UP RED.

The Beet Root Powder we just mentioned in this Testosterone UP RED review sure is… red. Maybe that’s where they got the “Red” name?

LJ100® Tongkat Ali extract

This is a great ingredient for any masculine formula. Tongkat Ali is yet another legendary male performance enhancer. However, unlike Testosterone UP RED fenugreek and tribulus, Tongkat Ali actually has a decent amount of research suggesting testosterone benefits.

Furthermore, research has suggested the exact form used in Testosterone UP RED — Patented LJ100 tongkat ali — appears to promote testosterone synthesis and signal for testosterone release. Combined with additional benefits for masculine performance in the gym and in the bedroom, this ingredient makes a lot of sense or Testosterone UP RED overall manly mojo formula goals.

Asian Ginseng extract (4% ginsenosides), 30 mg

Ginseng is another ingredient that makes sense in this formula because it has some testosterone-regulating activities, including balancing the testosterone-killing female hormone prolactin. But really, ginseng is most known as an adaptogen herb that helps to boost energy levels, improve mental and physical performance, and strengthen resistance to stress.

Since stress increases cortisol that is bad for testosterone, ginseng’s stress-fighting effects may bring another layer of testosterone support to Testosterone UP RED.

BioPerine Complex BioPerine Black Pepper extract (95% piperine), Ginger extract (5% gingerols), 6 mg

if you read Best 5 supplements reviews, you know that we love BioPerine. Its main benefit is that it helps to boost the absorption of other nutrients. Black pepper extract also has some thermogenic fat burning activity. Ginger supplies additional fat-burning effects that might work together with black pepper to give Testosterone UP RED a modest thermogenic boost.

Formula Analysis

We have to say, Testosterone UP RED is a fascinating masculine health formula.

Is Testosterone UP RED the best testosterone booster? Absolutely not. But that doesn’t seem to be what this formula is going for. Irwin Naturals is pretty vague about Testosterone UP RED in its product description. They say that it is designed to improve male vitality and performance, first by boosting testosterone and next by boosting physical performance. This makes a lot of sense. Adding lean muscle improves testosterone; testosterone helps you add lean muscle.

Considering its performance-plus-testosterone design and the inherent synergy between lean muscle mass and testosterone, Irwin Naturals’ “2-in-1” product claim for Testosterone UP RED totally checks out.

But then, Testosterone UP RED goes off the rails, because it has such a diverse array of ingredients. Let’s see if we can sort them out in the formula analysis portion of this review.

Fat loss and focus

Irwin Naturals does not really touch on these benefits, so be aware that we are theorizing here. But MCT (medium-chain triglyceride oil) is a fat loss ingredients with mental energy benefits. Black pepper extract, beyond boosting absorption, is a fat burner that may have some “sensory” gym training benefits. Finally, ginkgo extract is a straight up nootropic that boosts circulation and may enhance training intensity by sharpening focus.

  • All of these fat-loss-and-focus ingredients are nicely dosed in Testosterone UP RED, ginkgo especially, with a good 24% standardization of its active nootropic flavone glycosides.

Nitric oxide boosters

For this, Testosterone UP RED uses L citrulline and beet root powder, a nice synergistic combo for increasing nitric oxide, promoting circulation, and thereby enhancing exercise performance.

The Nitric oxide boosters in Testosterone UP RED signal for blood vessels to relax and widen, thereby supporting healthy blood flow.

Masculine health

Fenugreek, tribulus and ginseng form an impressive herbal trio for boosting mental performance in a lot of ways. They are known for boosting energy, muscle strength, anabolic growth and physical function during gym training. They are also sex drive enhancers, and may boost your performance in the sack. And finally, they might give a small amount of support to testosterone levels, but at the expense of the androgen DHT.

  • Fenugreek is dosed a little low in Testosterone UP RED at 200 mg; other products use superior fenugreek forms at 300 mg.
  • Ginseng is a big let down in Testosterone UP RED at a weak 30 mg, even though it is nicely standardized at 4% ginsenosides.

Beta sitosterols belong here too, because they might give a little testosterone support. They are way more effective for supporting prostate health and urinary flow in mature men, offering another layer of masculine support to this formula.

  • LJ100 is the star of Testosterone UP RED. It is just an awesome ingredient for men. Tongkat Ali is great, and this particular form is one of the highest quality branded ingredients on the market. It is safe, high-quality, and also backed by research.

Like other ingredients in this formula, LJ100 is not a laser-focused test booster. Instead, it supports healthy testosterone levels while enhancing libido, muscle strength, and overall physical performance – all of which is good news for masculinity.

Testosterone UP RED with Nitric Oxide Boosters: A Unique T-Booster Formula

Irwin Naturals was quite ambitious with this formula. There is a lot of creativity and skill in the ingredient choices and combinations. They even do a great job on most of the dosages. We are giving Irwin Naturals an “A” for effort in this Testosterone UP RED review.

In terms of formula design, the only real critiques are a couple of low dosages, some plain ingredient forms, and perhaps the fact that this formula is not targeting one problem, but instead trying to do a whole lot for masculine wellness at the same time.

What about the red? Again, Irwin Naturals “red” designation is a strategy that we have not seen in the nutritional supplement industry. They are injecting each of their main products with a mini stack for nitric oxide support. It is an innovative formulation strategy, and we applaud them for it.

In Testosterone UP RED, nitric oxide will do nothing for testosterone – but it will help to support the robust training sessions and muscle performance that will pack on lean mass, thereby indirectly supporting healthy testosterone.

Due to its strong emphasis on sex drive, physical rejuvenation, circulation and overall manly vitality, Testosterone Up RED was named to our 2018 list of the Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over Age 60.

Testosterone UP RED Benefits

Don’t let the name fool you. In our opinion, the greatest benefits from this formula will be for physical performance, sex drive, focus and weight loss. This formula will also support healthy testosterone levels, but it doesn’t seem like test is the main goal here.

Who Takes It?

Irwin Naturals explicitly says that this supplement is for men of all ages. We don’t agree with this. Sure, a man of any age could take this supplement. However, due to its extra support for things like sex drive and prostate health, we think it may be designed for men in their 40s, 50s and 60s who are feeling less manly with age. They want to increase testosterone, but more than anything, they want to feel manly again.

Any Side Effects?

We do not have any major side effect concerns with this formula. It may provide physically tangible and “sensory” effects while training, due to its nitric oxide boost and thermogenic activity. But this is no different than what you would expect with traditional pre-workout supplements. The only other possible side effect concern is how this formula might negatively impact DHT levels.

Testosterone UP RED Review Summary


  • Great design. It is nice to see a company take an innovative risk with its testosterone formula. Nitric Oxide plus Test is a fascinating stack.
  • Versatile masculine support. Helps test, strength, libido, intense training, fat burning, focus and more, promoting an overall state for peak manly performance.
  • Luxury ingredients. Quality natural forms including standardized herbs, concentrated extracts, and premium branded ingredients like BioPerine and LJ100.
  • Potent. Remarkably good dosing, considering the formula is trying to do so much. Only a couple of dosage duds. Black pepper helps maximize all.
  • Most dosages shown. Only the black pepper and ginger doses are unclear; the rest are all shown. Thanks, Irwin Naturals.
  • Liquid-filled softgels. Easy to absorb delivery form that is a little easier to take, considering they are big and 3 soft gels = 1 serving.
  • Strong pedigree. Irwin Naturals has a good reputation for quality, and as a brand has a lot of positive customer reviews.


  • Not testosterone-focused. This is not a pure, balls-out testosterone booster. It is more of a hybrid supplement for several aspects of masculine health.
  • Some plain ingredients. A couple of the herbs are in their most basic form, which are likely not as potent or quality as the formula’s top-shelf ingredients.
  • Allergens. Soy and tree nuts are in there, so be aware.
  • Possible anti-DHT effects. As great as this product is for masculinity, it may negatively affect levels of the important androgen DHT.

Pricing and Where to Buy

  • $34.99 for 60 liquid soft-gels (20 servings)
  • Available at Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Vitamin Shoppe and other retailers

Irwin Naturals products are highly accessible, and sold in many different outlets. That’s good news if you are shopping around for a deal. You might be able to find this product cheaper than the price we listed (taken directly from the Irwin Naturals website in late 2017 going into 2018) and save some money.

Final Word on Testosterone UP RED

Testosterone UP RED is an outstanding masculine health product, but not the greatest testosterone product. However, we are thinking that any mildness of its T-boosting activity is by design. Instead, we think this formula is supposed to give a small amount of testosterone support, combined with a greater emphasis on pre-workout and libido benefits.

The end result? You train harder, lose more weight, grow bigger muscles and seduce more women. And so, the final conclusion of our Testosterone UP RED review: Even if this supplement doesn’t deliver a big testosterone boost, it sure will make you feel like a man.

Review Updates

  • July 2018 –  Testosterone Up RED named to our Best T-Boosters for Men over 60 list

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