Platinum Labs DefCon1 Review

With a name like DefCon1, you’d think it’s geared for maximum readiness. I’d even be concerned for your body to approach nuclear war. A good pre-workout wants to navigate the former while avoiding the latter, preparing you just enough without causing you to explode. Let’s see if DefCon1 by Platinum Labs does the trick. About… [Read More]

Inspired FSU Pre-Workout Review

When looking for a good pre-workout, it’s important to consider what type of workout you’re preparing for. Getting ready for a yoga class is a bit different than a strongman competition. Your pre-workout should match your goals. Regardless, athletes across all types of fitness crave clean, effective supplements for whatever they’re fueling, and that’s what… [Read More]

Sidewalk Kraka Review

Few characters in the fitness space have as much exposure and distinctive personality as CT Fletcher. Built on big bench, biceps, and curse words, CT Fletcher’s success spawned its own supplement line – because there aren’t enough of those out there already! Today we’re looking at Sidewalk Kraka – a pre-workout supplement of sorts whose… [Read More]

Centrapeak Review

The testosterone booster market has become increasingly crowded in recent years, and it’s not often a new and innovative product catches the eye. Which is why Centrapeak caught our attention recently. We decided that despite the product only being released in early 2019, it was interesting enough to our readers to warrant a full in-depth… [Read More]

Olimp Redweiler Review

You can imagine our shock, after seeing so many aggressive marketing campaigns for products that don’t deliver on their promises, when we come across one that we really like. We’re excited to discuss this product as it’s a great showing for Olimp and could be the right choice for you. You’re going to have to… [Read More]

MuscleTech Vapor Max Review

Pre-workout supplements are as popular as ever, with millions of lifters trying to improve their workout performance as much as possible. MuscleTech Vapor Max is a pre-workout supplement that is currently only sold in Australia and New Zealand. In this article we are going to be taking an in-depth look at MuscleTech Vapor Max, we… [Read More]

Best Supplements for Rugby Performance

The game of rugby asks its athletes to sprint, tackle, scrum, and in general exhaust their bodies for 80 (or 14, if it’s sevens) minutes. Obviously the demands across the different codes vary, but certain basic requirements permeate them all. Rugby players need to be anaerobically powerful. We need to have brute strength. We need… [Read More]

Venom Power Pre-Workout Review

A pre-workout can make or break a session. The right one elevates your energy levels, making you feel like you can lift a house. The wrong one leaves you over-jittery, flushed and anxious, or it has no effect at all. The formula behind Venom Power Pre-workout is geared to stimulate your body and mind, so… [Read More]

Thermodrone Extreme Burner Review

Fat burner claims to raise your metabolism, enhance focus during training, increase energy levels, and of course, torch fat. Their popularity has risen in recent years as our lives have become busier, and instant results are in demand. As such, the internet is abuzz with new and improved fat burners. We’re here to talk about… [Read More]