Slimvance Thermogenic Review – Core Slimming Complex for 12X Calorie Burning

Slimvance Thermogenic Review

Dieters are always looking for the “next big thing” in weight loss. The Slimvance® Core Slimming Complex by Body Dynamix might be it for 2018. Combined with reliable fat-burners in GNC-exclusive Slimvance Thermogenic, Core Slimming Complex’s clinical research suggests results-multiplying fat loss benefits.

But is there any substance behind the Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Thermogenic claims? Will this weight loss supplement help you burn more calories, lose more inches and shed more pounds as advertised? Let’s find out in this Slimvance Thermogenic review.

About Slimvance Thermogenic

Slimvance Thermogenic is a new fat loss supplement that is billed as a breakthrough by GNC, where it is exclusively sold. It is made by Body Dynamix, which is owned by a subsidiary of GNC. Slimvance Thermogenic features Slimvance Core Slimming Complex, a patented, synergistic and clinically backed blend of three traditional spices. Formula notes:

  • 6X more weight loss, 3X hip & waist reduction. Like other weight loss supplements, Slimvance makes some big claims. But unlike other fat burners, Slimvance also seems to have some research backing their claims.
  • Burn 12X the calories. Another evidence-backed claim that makes sense given this formula’s “thermogenic” focus. Raise body heat, burn more calories.
  • Capsimax®. It’s not the formula’s driving force, but Capsimax is a high-quality form of one of the best natural fat burner ingredients: Cayenne pepper.

Slimvance Thermogenic Supplement Facts

Serving Size Two Capsules
IngredientsAmount Per Serving
Niacin20 mg
Slimvance® Patented Blend450 mg
Moringa oleifera leaf extract, Murraya koenigii leaf extract, curcuma longa root extract (standardized to Curcuminoids = 31.5 mg)
Caffeine Anhydrous200 mg
Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract (60% Hydroxycitric Acid)100 mg
Capsimax™ Fruit Extract (Capsicum annum)33.34 mg
Piperine from Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piper nigrum)5 mg
Other ingredients: Gelatine, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, calcium silicate, magnesium stearate vegetable source, titanium dioxide (mineral whitener), artificial colors (FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6).
Slimvance Thermogenic Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules twice daily. For best results, take one serving in the morning and then another serving 30 to 60 minutes prior to exercise approximately 4 to 6 hours later. Do not exceed recommended dose of Slimvance per day or combine with other products containing stimulants, such as caffeine. Do not take before bedtime.

Slimvance Thermogenic supplies tried-and-true fat burners with a unique twist: The Slimvance® Patented Blend.

Whenever any supplement has a patented, research-backed ingredient, we take notice. These ingredients add a lot of mojo to fat loss supplements, where consumers are always looking for unique breakthroughs.

Let’s take a look at Slimvance Thermogenic’s unique blend and how its other ingredients combine with it to form an overall fat-burning formula strategy.

Slimvance Patented Blend (Core Slimming Complex), 450 mg

This is the sexy special sauce that makes this thermogenic stack go boom.

The Slimvance Core Slimming Complex is a patented weight loss blend (recorded under US Patent No. 8541383) that supplies 3 traditional herbs that are claimed to work synergistically to support weight loss:

  1. Moringa oleifera leaf – Supplies a ton of active ingredients including botanical antioxidants; some evidence shows blood sugar-regulating effects
  2. Murraya koenigii leaf – Also known as curry leaf, this Ayurvedic herb is prized in traditional herbalism for its wide array of biological activities, and is a rich source of active alkaloid compounds
  3. Curcuma longa root – Also known as turmeric. In this blend it is standardized to supply 31.5 mg of total curcuminoids. Turmeric is known for its inflammation-modulating properties, but also supplies antioxidant activity that can be helpful during weight loss.

According to the makers of Slimvance, these three traditional herbs produce synergistic weight loss effects when combined.

They crystallize Core Slimming Complex’s far-burner benefits into two primary mechanisms of action:

  1. Regulating Lipogenesis. By this, they mean the complex appears to help block the formation of new fat cells;
  2. Promoting Lipolysis. This is the process by which the body breaks down fat cells, which has clear implications for weight loss efforts.

There are a whole lot of claims surrounding Slimvance Core Slimming Complex. But that’s nothing new. A lot of fat-burner supplements make a whole lot of claims.

What’s different about Slimvance is that it is a rare branded weight loss ingredient that has not one, but two well-designed human clinical studies that seem to suggest the blend actually works:

  • In one study of 25 adults, Slimvance taken 60 minutes before treadmill exercise appeared to yield a 3% increase in calories burned during exercise, and a 12X increase in calorie burning for up to an hour after exercising (versus placebo)
  • In the second study of 140 overweight adults, Slimvance supplementation for 16 weeks was found to show significant weight loss benefits starting at the two-week mark, with final slimming benefits averaging 12 pounds lost overall and two inches lost around the waist.

Best5 Awards: In 2018 Slimvance Thermogenic was named to our list of the Best 5 Fat Burner Supplement for Women

We’ve got a lot of thoughts on Slimvance Core Slimming Complex that we will save for the Formula Analysis below. For now, let’s continue with our review of Slimvance Thermogenic formula’s other fat burner ingredients.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract (60% Hydroxycitric Acid), 100 mg

Garcinia is either the gift that keeps giving, or the diet fad that won’t go away, depending on how you feel about it. Here at B5, we have to acknowledge that Garcinia cambogia has been going strong for years now — signifying that it might just be more than a fad.

Slimvance Thermogenic supplies Garcinia cambogia standardized to 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which is a pretty strong level of the fruit’s active weight loss ingredient, found in its purple rind.

Nobody really knows how HCA works. However, there is an increasing body of scientific research that suggests HCA might help with fat loss programs by:

  • Regulating some of the bioactivities involved in fat storage
  • Promoting neurotransmitters that are involved in appetite control
  • Supporting fat metabolism

Capsimax® Fruit Extract, 33.34 mg

Capsimax is actually an advanced form of cayenne red pepper, which delivers some red-hot thermogenic fat-burning activity.

For some reason Slimvance doesn’t just come right out and say what Capsimax® is: A patented supplement form of cayenne pepper.

One of the greatest natural fat-burning herbs on the market, cayenne supplies active compounds called capsaicinoids that help to support weight loss programs via two main mechanisms of action:

  1. Thermogenesis: Cayenne capsaicinoids seem to act on stimulatory neurotransmitters that rev up the body’s engine, so to speak. This raises body temperature, thereby increasing number of calories burned
  2. Fat Oxidation: Capsaicinoids are suggested to help the body preferentially burn stored fats as an energy source. In theory, this means your calorie-burning workout will have a bigger impact on your waistline.

Capsimax is a high-quality, proprietary form of cayenne that uses a beadlet system to buffer the spice’s active ingredients in the stomach. Since they are released later in the GI tract, Capsimax capsaicinoids avoid the stomach-burning side effects of regular cayenne powder.

Piperine from Black Pepper Fruit Extract, 5 mg

You know that Best5 supplement reviews always give kudos to formulas that use piperine — especially fat-burner formulas.

This unique ingredient is a bioenhancer that works by making other ingredients more absorbable and bioavailable.

  • In essence, black pepper extract can bump up the potency of an entire formula.

The twist is, black pepper extract also has its own fat-burning and sensory properties. So in addition to boosting the bioavailability of other nutrients, it also brings thermogenic activity to the formula.

Slimvance Thermogenic supplies 5 mg of piperine. Usually we see a total black pepper extract that is standardized for piperine. Slimvance Thermogenic appears to be more direct in its labeling, and that 5 mg is a good starting point dosage for black pepper’s various benefits.

Caffeine Anhydrous, 200 mg

The Slimvance Thermogenic formula is quite sophisticated up until this last point. Caffeine. We all know it, and most of us love it. In addition to boosting alertness, caffeine has been shown in research to help promote a good metabolic state for losing weight.

200 mg is a moderately large caffeine dose in the fat burner supplement world, so keep in mind the usual disclaimers: Stimulant-driven fat loss isn’t for everybody, and you may encounter some jittery side effects.

Formula Analysis

There are a lot of things we like about this thermogenic formula found at GNC.

Cayenne pepper, for example, is one of our top rated fat burner supplement ingredients. It is natural, evidence-backed, and helps weight loss in a few ways — including bringing thermogenic activity.

  • The Capsimax® in Slimvance Thermogenic is a great brand of cayenne, known for its quality, potency and for being easy on the stomach (thanks to its patented technology).

Black pepper extract complements the red pepper with additional thermogenic activity while boosting absorption of other ingredients in the formula. So far, that is a 1-2 thermogenic punch that we can get on board with.

Garcinia has, at this point, cemented its place as more than just a fad weight loss supplement. In this formula, Garcinia supplies fat breakdown and metabolism benefits that seem to line up nicely with the peppers’ thermogenic activity. Caffeine, meanwhile, does what it does best – stimulating body and mind while optimizing metabolic function for fat loss.

The four ingredients that we have just mentioned are all credible fat loss supplements. Each one is backed by good research. All of the dosages look pretty good, although the cayenne pepper is a little low. On their own, these four ingredients would form a reliable, credible and conservative fat-burning stack.

But then things get crazy with the Slimvance Patented Blend.

Slimvance Core Slimming Complex: This patented, trademarked, award-winning blend is apparently where the magic happens.

This blend is what truly makes Slimvance Thermogenic unique. With the other ingredients in this formula, science has a reasonable idea of how they might work to promote fat loss. But that is not so with the blend. All that we know is that these three traditional herbs are supposed to work in synergy.

When we looked at the research behind each one, we did not see any clinical studies demonstrating weight loss results individually. However, in combination, in this specific patented blend, there are two clinical studies that do demonstrate weight loss benefits.

So does the Slimvance blend work for fat loss, or not? The herbs in the blend are all pretty well regarded in herbalism practices. They supply a long, long list of potential active compounds. And, they do seem to promote healthy function in areas that are related to weight loss.

For example, there are inflammation-modulating affect in the three herbs that may be significant since inflammation is linked to weight gain. Some of these herbs’ blood-sugar-regulating activities may also help to indirectly support fat loss efforts.

It is all theory for now, and we don’t know exactly how these herbs work. Nevertheless, the two clinical studies supporting the blend suggests some compelling multifaceted benefits for weight loss.

In this Slimvance Thermogenic review, we must give props to the product’s skillful formulation. What we have here is a reliable set of fat-burning compounds combined with a theoretical yet promising blend – so in essence this formula gives you the best of both worlds.

Slimvance Thermogenic Benefits

Slimvance Thermogenic is promoted as a thermogenic supplement. That would suggest that its main benefit involves promoting the natural pathways that culminate in an increase in body temperature. In this way, thermogenesis helps to enhance the body’s calorie-burning processes.

  • Slimvance Thermogenic’s main claim of “12 X more calorie burn” underscores this main thermogenic benefit, as does it claims for weight loss along with hip and waist reduction.

This formula is more complex than just thermogenic activity, however. It may also help to promote weight loss by playing a role in the body’s blood sugar, appetite, fat storage and fat breakdown mechanisms.

In addition, with that caffeine and black pepper extract, Slimvance Thermogenic will boost alertness and possibly bring some sensory effects, which may intensify workouts and help you burn off more pounds when training.

Who Takes It?

Slimvance Thermogenic is sold exclusively at GNC, so by default, it is taken by GNC customers. People who want to lose weight and are seeking the hot new fat loss formula will naturally gravitate to this product. And, due to the exotic and theoretical herbals in its Core Slimming Complex, Slimvance Thermogenic will be appealing to people who like to roll the dice on emerging and trendy fat loss ingredients.

In theory, anyone can take this product. However, it appears to have some intense stimulant activity, so if you are out of shape or have health concerns proceed with caution before taking this product, or even better, take it under your doctor’s direction.

Any Side Effects?

It is interesting to note that other stimulant-driven fat burners often have a  bold label warning on any and all possible side effects. Slimvance Thermogenic has no such details, just a very basic and brief warning. Does that mean there are no side effects to be concerned about? We are not so sure.

If you don’t consume stimulants on a regular basis, then 200 mg of caffeine may bring typical caffeine side effects such as nervousness, tremors and jitters.

However, in this Slimvance Thermogenic review we say the formula seems to be well-tolerated, with little risk of side effects. When manufacturers do actual human clinical trials on the products, as in this case, it is easier to make that claim – because you can actually demonstrate safety and tolerability.

Slimvance Thermogenic Review Summary


  • Slimvance Patented Blend. If it works like it does in research, then this award winning blend is a huge advantage. It is patented, and can only be used in Slimvance.
  • Capsimax Cayenne. Not only is it a powerful fat burner from nature, but they give you one of the top-shelf brands that is more effective and easier on the stomach.
  • Balanced formulation. The exotic herbal blend is a roll of the dice, but the other ingredients hedge the bet with reliable fat-burning activity.
  • Black Pepper extract. Always a good sign for smart fat burner supplement formulation because it increases bioavailability of other nutrients while supplying its own thermogenic activity at the same time
  • Strong Garcinia Cambogia. Standardized to 60% of the active fat-burning compound HCA; looks like a potent, quality ingredient.


  • Lower Cayenne dosage. Cayenne pepper is a great fat burner, and Capsimax is the best brand of cayenne… but that 33 mg is on the low end of what you find in weight loss supplements.
  • Not a “Clean Label”. Contains additives like Titanium Dioxide (Mineral Whitener) and artificial colors (FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6), in a gelatin, non-vegan capsule. Meh.

Pricing & Where to Buy

  • $59.99 for 60 capsules (15 servings, only)
  • Available at GNC and other retailers

Slimvance Thermogenic is available mainly in one place: GNC. Its price tag, around $60, is on the high end of fat burner supplements. You can also shop around for deals on this product on Amazon and other retailers.

Final Word on Slimvance Thermogenic

Slimvance Thermogenic seems to have a fat burner formula design that we can appreciate – combining the reliable support that we want when we invest in a weight loss supplement with the mysterious unknown potential of an emerging “latest and greatest” herbal slimming blend.

This Slimvance Thermogenic review concludes it is definitely worth a try. And, since Slimvance Thermogenic has two clinical studies associated with it, you can compare your results with the study results and get a more definitive answer on whether or not this supplement works for you.

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