Instant Knockout Review – Fighter’s Fat-Burner with Big Punching Power

Instant Knockout ReviewCutting is complicated for fighters, bodybuilders and athletes. The trap: You diet and train, melting away fat… and promptly get your ass kicked in the ring (or perform badly in the gym, on the field, etc.) because cutting left you fatigued, slow and weak. You can’t afford to waste muscle and energy while cutting.

That’s why Instant Knockout was developed: To help fighters, bodybuilders and athletes to get shredded while maintaining muscle mass, energy and sanity. We’re going to explain how it works and why it’s our top-ranked fat burner supplement in this Instant Knockout review.

About Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is for fighters, by fighters – it’s been tested and endorsed by MMA pros and boxers. Instant Knockout  solves a common problem for these athletes: Its smart formula design helps them lose weight and get shredded without starving themselves or losing muscle mass, energy or stamina. Formula notes:

  • Smart stacking: Combines fat-burners that work in diverse ways, unleashing “whole body” fat burning benefits.
  • Glucomannan: A reliable, science-backed “fat-loss fiber” promotes appetite control and stable blood sugar.
  • Performance enhancement: Primes and energizes body-mind for peak training that multiplies fat-burning results, as evidenced by strong Instant Knockout testimonials on their website and positive review elsewhere.

Instant Knockout Review – Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Ingredients Amount per Serving
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl) 5 mg (250% DV)
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 10 mcg (166% DV)
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 10 mg (150% DV)
GTF Chromium (as picolinate) 100 mcg (82% DV)
Green Tea Extract (leaf) 500 mg
Green Coffee Extract (bean) 100 mg
Cayenne Powder (fruit) 100 mg
Glucomannan (konjac root) 1800 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 300 mg
Black Pepper Extract (standardized to 95% PE) 10 mg
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, FD&C Red 40.
Directions. Take 1 capsule with a glass of water, 4 times per day; FIRST: Immediately after waking up, before breakfast. SECOND: In between breakfast and lunch. THIRD: 1 hour after lunch. FOURTH: 1 hour before dinner. Take your last dose no later than 5 hours before going to bed.

Instant Knockout Photos


The Instant Knockout bottle will punch you right in the face.

Instant Knockout supplement facts & directions.

Instant Knockout supplement facts & directions.


Our box was a little banged-up when it arrived.

Our box was a little banged-up when it arrived.


Front panel of Instant Knockout.

Front panel of Instant Knockout.


Instant Knockout standard warning.

Instant Knockout standard warning.


Cool Instant Knockout logo on the box top.

Cool Instant Knockout logo on the box top.


Open the box, this is what you get. The little pamphlet has supplement facts and directions.

Open the box, this is what you get. The little pamphlet has supplement facts and directions.


Can you tell what the bottle is yet?

Can you tell what the bottle is yet?


It's a FIST, Bro. For fighting.

It’s a FIST, Bro. For fighting.


Caps are bright red in color.

Caps are bright red in color. In this Instant Knockout review, we deduct a point for the pointless artificial colors.


Capsule contents: A peach-colored powder.

Contents: A peach-colored powder.


Instant Knockout is a fighter’s fat-burner – no BS, no fancy stuff, just a smart, science-based stack.

Instant Knockout gets off to a great start with a transparent label, showing dosages of all their ingredients.

The basic vitamins and minerals that follow are solid; B6 and B12 help energy, and zinc supports testosterone. Moving on, chromium picolinate is the right mineral form for blood sugar balance, appetite control and metabolism.

But let’s get to the good stuff in this Instant Knockout review:

Green Tea + Cayenne + Glucomannan STACK

Instant Knockout makes it clear that these three are the core of the formula. It’s a strong core, too—these three push Instant Knockout over the top.

Green Tea Extract, 500 mg

This is one of our top-rated fat burners: An ideal leading ingredient for Instant Knockout. Green tea triggers thermogenesis and boosts metabolism, but also has digestive enzyme-regulating effects that may reduce dietary fat absorption.

Green tea’s energizing benefits have also been suggested to boost exercise performance, adding another dimension of support for fighters who are training intensely while shredding.

Cayenne, 100 mg

Cayenne pepper is a multi-tasking fat-burner. It promotes thermogenesis, “flips a switch” that tells the body to burn fat, and has appetite-control effects, too.

Cayenne also has some stimulating neurotransmitter effects that are useful for training and getting in the ring. It’s one of our favorite fat-burning ingredients, because it is effective, science-backed and familiar.

Glucomannan, 1800 mg

Also known as Konjac Root, glucomannan has become extremely popular in recent years as a clinically-backed “fat-loss fiber.” Is glucomannan a fat-burner? No… but it’s so freakin’ smart in this formula as a complement to the other fat-burners. Here are some glucomannan bio-activities:

  • It’s soluble fiber, so it absorbs water and swells to fill the stomach
  • Slows down dietary carb absorption, helping stabilize blood sugar
  • Helps you feel fuller for a longer time; effective for appetite control

Glucomannan’s endgame is to help you shred without feeling like you’re starving. By helping you feel fuller, longer,  glucomannan makes it easier to stick to your cutting-phase regimen.

Editor’s Note: For maximum effect, take glucomannan fiber with at least 8 oz. of water, so it has something to absorb in the stomach.

That covers the “Big Three” in Instant Knockout, but what remains is still pretty damn good:

Green Coffee Extract, 100 mg

Supplying active compounds called Chlorogenic Acids, Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) is one of today’s more popular fat-burner ingredients. It blocks absorption of glucose from the GI tract, and then regulates glucose release into the bloodstream. This creates a 2X synergy for blood sugar stabilization, helping to keep appetite normal while minimizing fat storage. GCBE gets more buzz for its apparent ability to enhance the breakdown of fat; in that context, it is more a direct “fat burner.”

Caffeine Anhydrous, 300 mg

Holy shit, where did that come from? Talk about a knockout punch… out of nowhere, Instant Knockout supplies a HUGE 300 mg serving of caffeine. It’s one of the best fat-burners there is, with stimulating and energizing effects that synergize its metabolic boost with enhanced physical performance in the gym or in the ring.

Black Pepper Extract, 10 mg

Black pepper extract is a great ingredient choice because it boosts absorption of ALL nutrients in the formula and brings some additional fat-burning activity to the party.

The Instant Knockout-Rocky III Connection

In Rocky III, Rocky Balboa is a celebrity. He trains at a glitzy Vegas-style gym with soft poseur boxers. As a result, Clubber Lang kicks his ass.

It is only by returning to his gritty, stripped-down gym roots that Rocky can become a winner again.

What the hell does this have to do with Instant Knockout?

OK, stay with us here: When you look at other fat burners, they’re like that glitzy gym that made Rocky soft — lots of dazzling marketing, fancy ingredients & over-the-top claims… but no real substance.

Instant Knockout’s formula is like Rocky’s gritty gym: It has no-frills feel, but its reliable, back-to-basics fat-burners are so powerful and so well-chosen that it unleashes the Eye of the Tiger.

Formula Analysis

A key point we’re noticing in this Instant Knockout review: In a category littered with weight loss fads and “miracles,” Instant Knockout stands out because it is a straight-shooting fat-burner formula.

You might look at the label and shrug. There’s no marketing sizzle, no prop blends with EXTREME names, no luxury ingredients.

But don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity. Instant Knockout is a masterfully formulated fat-burner complex, especially for its target demographic: MMA fighters and boxers.

FORMULA SYNERGY is one reason why. Instant Knockout’s got it. Check it:

  • Green tea + caffeine trigger fat-burning AND enhance performance
  • Cayenne sparks thermogenesis AND controls appetite
  • Glucomannan controls appetite AND balances blood sugar
  • Green coffee bean boosts fat breakdown AND blocks carb absorption
  • Black pepper supports fat burning AND boosts nutrient absorption
  • Chromium helps with cell energy release AND macronutrient metabolism

These bio-activities combine to accelerate fat metabolism & block fat storage, delivering Instant Knockout benefits for shredding, slicing & dicing.

But Instant Knockout isn’t just a fat-burner. The huge caffeine dosage will have energizing and stimulating effects, too. It all adds up to a highly effective fat-burner overall.

Instant Knockout Benefits

It burns fat, helps keep your appetite satisfied, and spikes your energy and alertness for peak physical performance. This might be the “Whole Body Burn” they talk about: Instant Knockout seems to prime the body for supercharged training and accelerated fat loss, with additional support that maintains your success… so your muscles don’t waste away.

Who Takes It?

Instant Knockout laser-targets MMA fighters and boxers, but is equally customized for bodybuilders and athletes. It’s ideal for making weight pre-fight, or for just getting ripped. The brand looks like it is for men, but they make a point of saying women can take Instant Knockout, too. To unleash the full fat-burning benefits of this formula, you’ve gotta train like an animal – it’s not a “sitting on your ass” fat-loss formula.

Any Side Effects?

For the most part, Instant Knockout’s ingredients are well-tolerated. The cayenne pepper in raw powder form is sometimes associated with sensations of heat in the body and the stomach. And of course, that 300 mg caffeine dosage may carry typical stimulant side effects like irritability, jitters, aggression, etc.

Instant Knockout  Review Summary


  • Big 3: Green tea+cayenne+glucomannan, great fat-burning stack
  • Smart formulation: Burns fat & boosts performance from many angles
  • Synergy: 2X and 3X fat-burning bio-activities in some ingredients
  • Targeted. Specifically designed for fighters’ fat-burning needs.
  • Evidence-based. Several top-ranked fat burners in 1 formula.
  • Transparent. All dosages are shown, always a big formula plus.
  • Cool bottle. Instant Knockout’s fist-bottle is the coolest ever.


  • Basic. By design, not too many enhanced or advanced ingredients.
  • Weak B vitamins & zinc. Lesser forms and smaller dosages fall short.

Pricing & Where to Buy

  • 1 bottle (1 month): $59
  • 2 bottles plus free delivery to USA and UK: $118
  • Ultimate Shredding Stack: 3X boxes of Instant Knockout + 1 free box, 1 Instant Knockout T-Shirt, Free worldwide delivery, $185. Totally worth it.
  • 90-Day “Iron Clad” money-back product guarantee. Read the fine print, Bro.
  • Available to purchase at Instant Knockout’s website only,

Final Word on Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout earns stars from smart design: Formula combo is synergistic, science-backed, and customized for fighters. Yeah, it’s gritty; its label is basic… but Instant Knockout is formulated to work… so you can win. For its synergy, evidence-backed ingredients and effectiveness, Instant Knockout is our top-rated fat-burner supplement overall.

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