Slimvance Stimulant Free Review – All Core Slimming Complex, No Jitters

Slimvance Stimulant Free review

Slimvance® Core Slimming Complex is a patented new supplement ingredient that combines three Ayurvedic herbs into a clinically-backed, stim-free fat loss stack that could be a big hit for dieters in 2018.

Available only at GNC, Slimvance Stimulant Free supplies the synergistic Core Slimming Complex fat-burning herbal trio only, without the extra stimulants and fat-burners found in its sibling, Slimvance Thermogenic. Let’s see how this stripped-down and streamlined Core Slimming Complex supplement stacks up in our Slimvance Stimulant Free review.

About Slimvance Stimulant Free

Slimvance Stimulant Free by Body Dynamix (a GNC subsidiary) supplies the patented Core Slimming Complex — shown in research to help dieters achieve 6X more weight loss and 3X greater hip and waist reductions. Unlike Slimvance Thermogenic, which includes stimulants and extra fat burners, Slimvance Stimulant Free is the Core Slimming Complex, only. Formula notes:

  • Moringa, curry leaves and turmeric. Core Slimming Complex is three herbs only, which are suggested to work in synergy as a clean, non-GMO botanical fat loss stack.
  • Research-backed. Nobody knows exactly how the Slimvance Core Slimming Complex works, but it does have two clinical trials demonstrating diverse weight loss benefits.
  • Patented Dietary Supplement Ingredient. You can buy these 3 herbs individually, but the combination of them is protected by a patent in Slimvance Core Slimming Complex.

Slimvance Stimulant Free Supplement Facts

Serving Size One Capsule
Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Slimvance® Patented Blend 450 mg
Moringa oleifera leaf extract, Murraya koenigii leaf extract, curcuma longa root extract (standardized to Curcuminoids = 31.5 mg)
Other ingredients: Gelatine, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, calcium silicate, magnesium stearate vegetable source, titanium dioxide (mineral whitener), artificial colors (FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6).
Slimvance Stimulant-Free Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. Do not exceed recommended dose per day.

Slimvance Stimulant Free is a unique patented herbal blend shown in combination to enhance weight loss regimen results.

The Slimvance Core Slimming Complex — which is really the same thing as Slimvance Stimulant Free sold at GNC — combines three herbs that are not usually associated with weight loss into a fat burner supplement that refuses to rely on caffeine or other stimulant ingredients.

So how can herbs with no real history of weight loss applications transform into an effective fat burner? The answer may lie in synergy, and the justification comes from two well-designed human clinical research trials. Let’s check out each of the botanicals in Slimvance Core Slimming Complex and take a look at the research that has studied them in combination.

Slimvance Patented Blend (Core Slimming Complex), 450 mg

There are three herbs that comprise the Slimvance Core Slimming Complex, all of which have roots in ancient Ayurvedic health traditions:

1. Moringa oleifera leaf

The leaves of this tree native to India are remarkable because of their nutritional density: Moringa is loaded with botanical antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and more. It also supplies an active ingredient called isothiocyanates that are suggested to have even greater anti-inflammatory activity than tumeric root’s curcuminoids. Due to its active, nutrient-dense profile, Moringa has been used in Ayurvedic health traditions for a long time. Moringa is typically taken for cardiovascular health, inflammation-modulation, cholesterol balance, blood sugar balance and more.

Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse with some research for helping with blood sugar levels and inflammation modulation. It has not been studied on its own as a fat-loss supplement; however, its blood sugar and inflammation-modulating effects may, in theory, indirectly contribute to weight loss efforts.

2. Murraya koenigii leaf

Also called curry leaf, Murraya koenigii is another Ayurvedic botanical used for a variety of health issues in traditional herbalism practices. Like Moringa, curry leaf is nutritionally dense, especially in highly active alkaloids and antioxidants.

While its exact active ingredient is not known, curry leaf appears to be especially rich in methyl palmitate: A natural fatty acid ester that is suggested to have some inflammation-modulating and immune-balancing activities. Curry leaf has not been studied for fat loss.

3. Curcuma longa root

In this Slimvance Stimulant Free review, we suggest that Turmeric is the formula herb that may have the greatest fat-burning potential.

Finally, we wrap up the Slimvance Stimulant Free Core Slimming Complex with Curcuma longa — more commonly known as turmeric root — which is yet another Ayurvedic wellness botanical.

Supplying active compounds known as curcuminoids (or simply, curcumin), turmeric root is one of the oldest and most well-known herbal remedies. It has a lot of evidence-backed benefits for human health, and is used in supplements for joint flexibility, brain health, healthy immune function and more.

Turmeric has been the subject of hundreds, if not thousands, of research studies. Of the three herbal ingredients in this complex, it is the only one with any evidence for weight loss specifically. But even that evidence is a little weak. Some early animal research that shows turmeric supplementation produced a significant reduction in body weight gain.

Curcumin might help with weight loss effort by supplying high antioxidant activity, which can help to counter some of the free radical damage to cells that may occur when you’re burning off a lot of fat and training hard. More likely, however:

Turmeric may support weight loss because it is one of the most esteemed inflammation-modulating botanicals known to science.

Since inflammation and obesity are strongly linked, turmeric’s inflammation-modulating benefits seem like they could be connected to weight loss benefits – but it is not a direct connection, and seems a little weak especially considering that turmeric has not been studied much for weight loss in humans

  • Here’s the rub: Slimvance Core Slimming Complex’s 3 botanicals have more evidence for weight loss in combination than they do on their own.

Let’s check out that one research study on Slimvance Core Slimming Complex’s potential weight loss benefits.

Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Research Review

In one randomized clinical research study of 140 overweight adults, Slimvance Core Slimming Complex supplements were administered in combination with an 1,800 calorie daily diet and daily walking program. In comparison to the placebo group, subjects taking Slimvance were found to experience significant fat loss results. The effects started to manifest around week 2 of the 16-week study.  Results inlcuded:

  • Slimvance group lost about 12 pounds on average, versus 2 pounds lost in the placebo group;
  • An average of 1.76 inches was lost off the hips in the Slimvance group, versus .48 inches in the placebo group;
  • Slimvance group lost 2.12 inches off the waist versus .68 inches in placebo group
  • Those who supplemented with Slimvance lost 1.05% body fat, versus .71% body fat in the placebo group
The stimulant-driven version of Slimvance Core Slimming Complex — Slimvance Thermogenic — also has a second study demonstrating the weight loss benefits of that formula’s thermogenic blend, which includes extra fat burners like garcinia cambogia, forskolin and cayenne pepper extract. You can read our full Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Thermogenic review here.

There is some reverse engineering that occurs here, because the complex appeared to demonstrate fat loss benefits, but researchers are stumped as to how those benefits are produced.

When we take a look at the research behind the three herbs, it is hard to target exactly how they work – but our best guess would tie any weight loss benefits to inflammation modulation and the blood sugar regulation.

In theory, by keeping inflammation and check and maintaining nice balance blood sugar levels, these herbs could help with a couple of contributing factors to weight gain, poor appetite control and obesity.

Slimvance sees its complex differently than we do, instead suggesting that it helps with weight loss via two main biological activities:

  1. Regulating Lipogenesis. This refers to the blend’s potential to help block the formation of new fat cells;
  2. Promoting Lipolysis. This is the body’s breakdown of fat cells, a bioactivity found in the greatest fat burner supplements

Formula Analysis

Here at Best5 Supplements, we are big fans of any formulas that strive to bring you benefits without resorting to heavy use of stimulants. So right off the bat, our Slimvance Stimulant Free review gives kudos for this formula’s jitter-free design.

However, we also like supplement ingredients that are backed by strong clinical research first – and then are combined into advanced stacks that unite their benefits.

Slimvance Stimulant Free flips the script on that notion. Slimvance does clinical research on three herbs in combination, and demonstrates their synergistic benefits first – even though individually, none of the herbs has strong weight loss research. It looks like they are putting the cart before the horse.

Synergy is the real X factor here. Are these three botanicals greater than the sum of the parts? Do they only work for fat loss when they are combined into a stack? As strange as it may sound, this is possible with botanicals – some herbs have been shown to be inert on their own, but bioactive when combined.

In the nutritional supplement world, finding such a synergistic herbal combination and then patenting it is a strong strategy. And that appears to be exactly what Slimvance is doing with its stimulant-free Core Slimming Complex.

  • Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Stimulant Free seems to be based on Ayurvedic herbal traditions. This makes a lot of sense. Ayurvedic herbs are often presented in preparations that combine several botanicals together to achieve synergistic activity — which matches the positioning of Slimvance Stimulant Free.

The three herbs in Core Slimming Complex were carefully chosen out of hundreds of possibilities. At face value, they are a compelling trio. These herbs have a long history of safe and beneficial use an association with Ayurvedic wellness traditions. We also now know that these are remarkably nutrient-dense botanicals. Each has a wide array of active compounds suggested to have an equally wide array of health-promoting functions throughout the body.

All of these facts seem to suggest Slimvance Stimulant Free may have potent, versatile herbal powers.

Slimvance Stimulant Free’s greatest advantage is its clinical research study. Of course, there are always some concerns when a supplement manufacturer is conducting clinical research on its own product. However, the industry accolades that surround Slimvance add credibility to its research-backed benefits.

In conclusion of our Slimvance Stimuant Free review formula analysis: Core Slimming Complex clinical research suggests that it enhances fat loss efforts in many ways — but there is also a lot of mystery on HOW they achieve that end benefit.

Did you know? SLIMVANCE® Core Slimming Complex is an award-winning diet pill ingredient. In fact, Slimvance Core Slimming Complex was given the prestigious NutraIngredients Best New Weight Management Ingredient award for 2017.

Slimvance Stimulant Free Benefits

Slimvance is positioned as an herbal breakthrough that triggers your body’s natural weight loss abilities, including losing inches off stubborn bodyfat areas. If we are to take its advertising and clinical research at face value, the two main benefits associated with Core Slimming Complex are:

  1. 6X more weight loss
  2. 3X more hip and waist reductions

Slimvance claims that these bioactivities culminate in a big benefit:

Simvance Stimulant Free may help you to achieve 10 pounds of “transformational weight loss” in 16 weeks.

In addition, they claim that this weight loss formula actually “targets” the fat that accumulates around your midsection and thighs, although this benefit is much harder to substantiate.

As a stimulant-free fat loss supplement, Slimvance Core Slimming Complex also offers the benefit of improved tolerability over other stimulant-driven fat loss formulas. No jitters, no sleepless nights.

Who Takes It?

Slimvance Stimulant Free is sold at GNC only, so people who take it are typically GNC customers. It has a “latest and greatest” feel to it that will appeal to people who were always looking for that next big fat loss breakthrough.

Its 100% botanical origins and association with Ayurvedic health will draw in people interested in herbalism, while the clinical research will catch the eye of people who like science-driven weight loss results. Anyone who is sensitive to stimulants will appreciate the mild, natural fat loss support of the stimulant free formula.

In addition, Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Stimulant Free is a good choice for fitness buffs who may already be taking pre workout supplements that are loaded with high levels of caffeine. In these populations, a caffeinated or stimulated fat burner just doesn’t make sense.

Any Side Effects?

Nope. That’s the whole point. This formula is designed to be well-tolerated and easy on the system. Although the studies backing this formula are a little small, they do seem to validate the superior tolerability here.

Slimvance Stimulant Free Review Summary


  • Slimvance Patented Herbal Blend. A unique triple-powered botanical stack featuring traditional Ayurvedic wellness herbs.
  • Evidence-backed weight loss benefits. Weight loss stacks backed by two clinical research studies are rare, so this could be a big advantage.
  • Stimulant-free. No worries on jitters, nervousness or general tweaking out — this formula is stim-free botanical nutrition, only.
  • Convenient. A Slimvance Stimulant Free serving size is just one capsule, nice and easy.
  • Award-winning. Slimvance Core Slimming Complex won a major nutritional supplement industry award in 2017, for Weight Management Ingredient of the Year.


  • Mystery. Research shows it works, but researchers have no idea how or why. Mystery is never good in a nutritional supplement.
  • Not a “clean” label. Contains additives, some of which just aren’t necessary: Titanium Dioxide (Mineral Whitener) and artificial colors (FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6).
  • Not vegan-friendly. The capsule is gelatin; be aware if you are vegan.

Pricing & Where to Buy

  • $59.99 for 60 capsules (60 servings, a 30-day supply)
  • Available at GNC and other retailers

You can only buy Slimvance Stimulant Free at GNC, but can also shop around for deals, and maybe find it on sale at Amazon, bodybuilding dot com or elsewhere in time. One interesting price note: Since it’s 1 capsule per serving, and there are 60 caps in a bottle, this is the more affordable fat burner when evaluating Slimvance Stimulant Free vs. Slimvance Thermogenic, its amped-up sibling. This pricing information was published in December of 2017.

Final Word on Slimvance Stimulant Free

Slimvance Stimulant Free is a tricky fat loss supplement to figure out. We like its streamlined stim-free design, and the Ayurvedic storyline is compelling. But there is a lot of mystery to the Slimvance Core Slimming Complex, which is certainly not something that we look for in any nutritional supplement.

Ultimately, in this Slimvance Stimulant Free review we conclude this product is worth a roll of the dice to see if it works for you. If Slimvance Stimulant Free brings you the results that it demonstrated in research, it might just be the breakthrough stim-free weight loss ingredient that it claims to be.

Update, 1/3/18 – Corrected serving size and added the following image of Slimvance Stimulant Free Supplement Facts panel:

Slimvance Core Slimming Complex Stimulant Free – Upper half of Supplement Facts panel, only. Directions, serving size, ingredients, warnings and other key product info.

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