Best Protein and Carb Powder Combo

The basics of good performance nutrition lean heavily on proteins and carbs. In many ways, these are the essentials, while other nutrients are a ‘bonus’. This is because carbs and proteins represent the energy and building blocks you need, so they demand your attention. Today, we’re going to go through the basics of how to… [Read More]

Best Weight Loss and Recovery Supplements

Supplements for recovery and weight loss overlap but have distinct goals. Today we’re going to talk about what these supplements can do for you and what you should look for when it comes to good recovery/weight loss. We’ll separate the two for now, before talking about great synergist supplements later. First… Weight Loss Supplements A… [Read More]

Best Post-Workout Carbs Supplement

The point of workouts is simple; push your body so that it needs to recover. Then it comes back stronger, and you repeat the process. This is the key to the building of muscle, burning of fat, and improving performance. Whether you’re exercising for fitness, aesthetics, or sports, there’s value to focusing on the basics… [Read More]

Are Intra-Workout Supplements Worth It?

Supplements before and after a workout are popular. The market has tons of them, and they’re well regarded for the benefits they can bring. However, if you’re not familiar with intra-workout supplementation then you’re going to be missing out on some easy gains. Today we’re talking about intra-workout supplements: Are they worth it? What are… [Read More]

Best Caffeine Pills 2020

Yes, caffeine! I love that stuff! Who doesn’t? Well, a lot of people, really, even those who consume caffeine in one form or another every day. Because, for many of us, there’s not really much of an option to skip out on that morning cup of coffee. In fact, we might even get angry at… [Read More]

Best Supplements for Rugby Performance

The game of rugby asks its athletes to sprint, tackle, scrum, and in general exhaust their bodies for 80 (or 14, if it’s sevens) minutes. Obviously the demands across the different codes vary, but certain basic requirements permeate them all. Rugby players need to be anaerobically powerful. We need to have brute strength. We need… [Read More]