8Keto Zero Carb Review

8Keto Zero Carb is an MCT supplement released by manufacturer, VPX. If you haven’t heard of VPX, you’ll no doubt have heard of their eternally popular energy drinks line, Bang Energy or its founder, the dynamic Jack Owoc. Owoc is a former high school science teacher who claims his mission is to make ‘the highest… [Read More]

Nutiva Organic MCT Oil Review

MCT oils are growing in popularity with dieters and keto enthusiasts, but not all MCT oils are alike. We’re going to review Nutiva Organic MCT Oil and ascertain whether it’s a quality product worth your hard-earned cash or one to avoid… About Nutiva Organic MCT Oil Nutiva Organic MCT Oil is a concentrated, distilled form… [Read More]

Black Spider Fat Burner Review

There’s a huge variety in the type and potency of fat burners on the market today. At one end, you have the safer non-stimulant fat burners while at the other extreme, you have products like Black Spider from Cloma Pharma… About Black Spider (25 Ephedra) Billed as “wickedly potent thermogenic support”, Black Spider Fat Burner… [Read More]

Athletic Alliance Nootropic v2.0 Review

Athletic Alliance’s follow-up to their Nootropic 2.0 is a non-stimulant nootropic offering this time. But does it work, how well and can it match up to its stimulant forerunner? Let’s find out… About Athletic Alliance Nootropic v2.0 As we said, Athletic Alliance Nootropic v2.0 is unsuprisingly a nootropic: a supplement designed with the intention of… [Read More]

Best MCT Oil for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting? Make things easier with MCT oil.   MCT oil is an incredible accessory to just about any diet or lifestyle. Intermittent fasting is that latest buzzword in today’s health industry. So let’s address both… Essentially, intermittent fasting involves caloric restriction by consuming food within a certain time window. Many swear by this method… [Read More]

Muscle Sport Rhino Rampage Review

Pre-workouts are one of the most popular supplements in the fitness world, and everyone wants something different. You’ve got your out and out stim-junkies (their name not ours) that are forever chasing that caffeine high, then you’ve got people looking for fat loss, and others who want stim-free pre-workouts. In this article we will be… [Read More]