NooCube Review – The Poor Man’s Alpha BRAIN Stack

The first claim made by NooCube we wish to address in this NooCube review: “There are over 124,000 smarter people in the world today thanks to NooCube.” First of all: Congrats, NooCube; that’s a lot of smartness. And second of all… that’s not necessarily how nootropics work. Even Limitless got this right by disclaiming that the film’s NZT-48 doesn’t… [Read More]

Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6

Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6 is the fat burner supplement equivalent of a fight between Jocko Willink and a foaming at the mouth meth-head. While the safest bet might be to place all your money on the experienced Navy SEAL fighter (Jocko), you can never be so sure about those meth-heads. With that in mind, while Instant… [Read More]

Nugenix Ultimate vs. Nugenix Maxx

Nugenix Ultimate vs. Nugenix Maxx pits the ultimate Nugenix formula against the maximum Nugenix formula …thus begging the question: Is there something more “ultimate” than “maximum”? Or put another way: Is there something less than “maximum” that’s still “ultimate”?? What’s going on here?? Is anything sacred anymore?! If it’s at all true that Nugenix Maxx is something greater than Nugenix Ultimate, then we’re in… [Read More]

Mind Lab Pro vs. Neuro-Peak

Mind Lab Pro vs. Neuro-Peak pits Focus, Memory, and Clarity against Memory, Focus, and Clarity …which is more or less the same thing. Essentially, we have two nootropic supplements that each intends to be your one-and-done brain health stack supplement, covering all cognitive bases from long-term memory to short-term energy. Smart pill stacks that you can… [Read More]

Prime Male vs. Mdrive Prime

Prime Male vs. Mdrive Prime pits two significantly different supplements with significantly similar goals against each other to answer only one question: Which accomplishes those goals better? And to answer that question, we’ll also have to answer the following questions: Which supplement has better ingredients? Better ingredient dosages? Quality? Which supplement has a better price-per-value? And, most… [Read More]

Prime Male vs. TestoTEK

Prime Male vs. TestoTEK represents a close comparison between two testosterone boosting supplements designed with a similar goal in mind: Revitalizing youthful testosterone activity for the mature man. As we age beyond our twenties, testosterone levels take on a gradual decline, requiring (like many things beyond this point) additional work and maintenance to stay afloat. Prime… [Read More]

TestoTEK Review – All Natural Boosts in All Natural Caps for All Natural Men

Don’t let the blue design fool you. These aren’t your standard “blue pill” male enhancement …pills. In fact, these pills aren’t even blue. They’re brownish, greenish, Earthly colored, and you want to know why? Because these male enhancement pills are au naturale, baby. That’s all natural ingredients in all natural, clean capsule containers. Better ingredients, better pizza. BABY. And best… [Read More]

Andro400 vs. TestoFuel

Andro400 vs. TestoFuel pits one ingredient against nine, respectively, in a rather lopsided supplement match up. However, having more doesn’t automatically equate to accomplishing more, as it’s often the simpler and more straightforward supplements that tend to get the job done. Not the flashy, gimmicky junk pills. Yet, TestoFuel has made a big name for itself in the bodybuilding… [Read More]

Alpha King vs. Prime Male

Alpha King vs. Prime Male represents a manly match up between two loudmouth supplements that each claim to be the best competitor in the ring — i.e., the alpha male. Yet, as anyone knows: There can only ever be one alpha occupying any designated space at any time. Or if there are two alphas sharing a room, then it’s only… [Read More]