Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6

Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6

Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6 is the fat burner supplement equivalent of a fight between Jocko Willink and a foaming at the mouth meth-head. While the safest bet might be to place all your money on the experienced Navy SEAL fighter (Jocko), you can never be so sure about those meth-heads.

With that in mind, while Instant Knockout clearly looks like the bigger, better, and more disciplined fat burner stack, Lipo-6’s stimulant-on-stimulant design just might be crazy and lucky enough to best Instant Knockout in this comparison review.

But we’ll need to read the Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6 comparison review to find out.

Supplement Facts Comparison

Instant Knockout



Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl)5 mg (250% DV)Caffeine Anhydrous USP200 mg
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)10 mcg (166% DV)Synephrine HCl20 mg
Zinc (as zinc oxide)10 mg (150% DV)Synthetic 99% Guggelsterones Z&E 1:120 mg
GTF Chromium (as picolinate)100 mcg (82% DV)Bioperine®5 mg
Green Tea Extract (leaf)500 mgYohimbine HCl3 mg
Green Coffee Extract (bean)100 mg
Cayenne Powder (fruit)100 mg
Glucomanna (konjac root)1800 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous300 mg
Black Pepper Extract (standardized to 95% PE)10 mg

Formula Comparison

Instant Knockout and Lipo-6 share an interest in stimulation, yet the former seems to carry more fat burning variety.

While Instant Knockout supplies a hefty dose of daily caffeine, the number two fat burner on our BIG List of Fat Burners, Lipo-6 stacks even more caffeine, in addition to other popular heart-racing stimulants. Which, if you’re a stimulant junky, is great news for you.

But is thermogenic stimulation the only pathway to fat loss? Or do Instant Knockout’s other ingredients accomplish enough weight loss benefits to compete with Lipo-6’s intensely excitatory design?

Let’s see first what both these supplements share before sizing up their differences.

How are Instant Knockout and Lipo-6 formulas similar?

As we already mentioned: Caffeine.

Both Instant Knockout and Lipo-6 invest in the stimulative bio-pathways to thermogenic weight loss, which, frankly, is an effective, reliable tool at enhancing fat loss and exercise performance. Many fat burner supplements seem to double as decent PWO exercise enhancers as well for this reason. And Instant Knockout and Lipo-6 certainly fit the PWO fat burner bill.

Additionally, both supplements toss in a little black pepper extract to spice up the formulas that much more for enhanced bio-activity. Smart.

How are Instant Knockout and Lipo-6 formulas different?

To answer the earlier question “do Instant Knockout’s ingredients sufficiently compete with Lipo-6’s powerful stimulation?” we have to say No …Instant Knockout exceeds the fat burning potential Lipo-6.

With fiery hot burners such as Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract, and Cayenne under its belt, Instant Knockout sets itself up as one of the best fat burner supplements of 2018. It’s simply a smart design with a variety of fat burning benefits to target slim belly fat and lean muscle gains from multiple angles.

Lipo-6, on the other hand, takes a more straightforward caffeine + synephrine + yohimbine stimulative approach to fat loss, which carries a significant degree of side effects risk. Although, some bodybuilding men and women do like to live life on that edge, so we won’t judge …too much.

Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6: Unique Benefits

Instant Knockout burns at various degrees.

Instant Knockout targets the quick, thermogenic burns, as well as the long-term slow burns, with its smart mix of thermogenic fat burners, appetite suppressants, and blood sugar regulators. And as you’ll see in the next few rounds, Instant Knockout not only provides all the right parts for better weight management but it does so with heavy dosages and high quality ingredients. An instant K.O. fasho.

Lipo-6 does one thing: stimulates.

If Instant Knockout hits fat loss on various angles at various “temperatures,” Lipo-6 manages to only hit a single note, albeit very loudly. With a stimulant on stimulant on stimulant formula design, Lipo-6 ranks as one of the riskier fat burner options on the market, with many customer reviews reporting negative side effects. E.g. fast heart rate, extreme sweating, jittery cognition.

With that in mind, Instant Knockout seems to not only provide better and more diverse fat burners but it also qualifies as the safer, healthier option here.

  • Lipo-6 does a better job at cranking up the energy. However, Instant Knockout clearly works better for burning fat and enhancing lean muscle mass.

Dosage Comparison

Because Instant Knockout supplies 4 capsules per serving, as opposed to Lipo-6’s 2 liqui-caps per serving, its Supplement Facts reads more impressively between the two. However, we need to take into consideration Lipo-6’s directive to take two servings daily, essentially doubling its dosage counts on a daily basis.

Even so, Instant Knockout accomplishes more with its capsule space, hitting an impressive 1800 mg for its glucomannan and 500 mg for its green tea extract.

But perhaps you’re primary concern is: What about the caffeine?

Instant Knockout’s 300 mg caffeine shouldn’t scare you, as it’s divided into four separate spread out “servings.” And Lipo-6 splits its 400 mg daily caffeine into a reasonable 200 mg taken twice daily. On that note, Lipo-6 is almost completely filled with stimulants, so that larger caffeine dose may get your uncomfortably amped and sweaty. So, proceed with caution.

  • Instant Knockout makes better use of its 4 daily capsules space than Lipo-6’s liqui-cap servings. Although, Lipo-6 supplies more stimulation, if that’s what you’re after.

Ingredient Quality Comparison

Key quality points for Instant Knockout include:

  • Green Tea Extract – healthy, powerful, fat burning antioxidants.
  • Green Coffee Extract – a popular source of thermogenic CGAs.
  • Black Pepper Extract – 95% extract of bioavailability enhancing piperine.

And the key quality points for Lipo-6 include:

  • Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones – potentially improves thyroid function.
  • Black Pepper Extract – Same as Instant Knockout (except at a smaller dosage).

On the whole, Instant Knockout seems on a higher level in terms of ingredient and formula quality. While Lipo-6 is by no means a poor quality supplement, it comes across as a bit more “druggy” and synthetic, what with the stimulants and synthetic guggulsterones.

  • Comparatively, Instant Knockout seems organically well put together, as opposed to Lipo-6’s cheaper, synthetic formula design.

Nutrient Delivery and Clean Label Comparison

For nutrient delivery, there are a few things we look for:

  • Standardized Extracts – are the extracts standardized to their highest potency?
  • Concentrated Herbs – do the herbal ingredients come in potent extract forms?
  • Premium Ingredient Brands – does the formula supply any powerful brands?

However, the easiest identifier of enhanced nutrient delivery is: BioPerine.

In tiny doses, BioPerine black pepper extract may significantly improve intestinal nutrient absorption. And both Instant Knockout and Lipo-6 have it. (Although, Instant Knockout has more BioPerine.)

On the clean label scale, we’re looking at the “Other Ingredients.” Ideally, for caps, we like to see vegan capsule containers and little to nothing else. Lipo-6 does a decent enough job at supplying clean liquid caps. Instant Knockout, on the other hand, earns that famous red coloring via the infamous FD&C Red #40.

Perhaps not a bother to most consumers. Yet, it does make Lipo-6’s 120 caps seem cleaner by comparison.

  • Instant Knockout has better nutrient delivery, Lipo-6 has cleaner capsules. Everyone’s a winner today, baby.

Price Comparison

Instant Knockoutvs.Lipo-6
1 Bottle (30 servings)$591 Bottle (30 servings)$49.95
Price Per Serving$1.97Price Per Serving$1.67

On surface level, these supplements are essentially $10 apart, with Lipo-6 ranking as the cheaper of the two. However, that price difference may vary depending on where you buy these supplements, current deals, and how many bottles you order per purchase.

For instance, Instant Knockout sells at $118 for two bottles and $185 for the three bottles + one free Ultimate Shredding Stack, significantly reducing that price per serving cost. Whereas buying Lipo-6 through Nutrex Research can often greatly reduce the listed price.

For the sake of this review, we’ll simply compare the standard prices of each fat burner supplement.

  • On average, Lipo-6 costs less than Instant Knockout, costing somewhere around $0.30 less than the fisted knockout warrior.

Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6: Which is Better?

Lipo-6 is the cheaper option. Lipo-6 is arguably the “cleaner” option, at least in terms of capsule additives. However, Instant Knockout is clearly the better fat burning option.

And in a fat burner supplement comparison review, that’s really the most important factor: Which supplement can burn fat better than the other. In this case: Instant Knockout.

Granted, some bodybuilding communities are big on the caffeinated synephrine combo, and thus might find major value in Lipo-6. Especially if Lipo-6 presents a cheaper caffeine + synephrine than what’s usually found on the market. (It’s decently priced, comparatively speaking.)

However, if you’re serious about burning fat the healthy and safe and, most importantly, effective way, then Instant Knockout is your seriously healthy and safe supplement.

Instant Knockout vs. Lipo-6 Overall Winner:

Instant Knockout

instant knockout review

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