Test Matrix Review – For BIG Muscles, Not BIG Balls

Another “Test” product, baby. And guess what this one does: Increases your “test”—as in testosterone (duh, dood). Eventually these manufacturers will need to come up with a different word—there are only so many variations of “Test” that you can do. What’s wrong with: Ball Matrix or Ball Booster or, hell, we’d even accept Testicle Fury… [Read More]

Best Protein Powder Supplements 2020 Edition

For the seasoned bodybuilding enthusiast, protein is synonymous to muscle growth. After all, this macronutrient helps you grow and repair muscle tissue in conjunction with regular exercise, sound nutrition, and enough sleep. There’s a short, funny chapter in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Cat’s Cradle (1963) titled “Protein,” wherein a bartender recalls reading somewhere in the news… [Read More]

Best Multivitamin for Sensitive Stomachs

Multivitamins that cause GI discomfort. Sounds counterproductive, right? After all, aren’t multivitamin supplements intended to gut health? Among many other things? Yes, but, all the same, many multivitamins may come with unwanted side effects. Such as an upset gut, even for users without sensitive stomachs. This could be due to one poorly made multivitamin. Or… [Read More]

Best Fat Burners 2020 Edition

So, another decade went by and you’re still fat, eh? Or is it that, like most of us, you’ve been frustratingly fluctuating between flabby and toned, and, now, you’re looking forward to a more stable, solid (ideally, rock solid), fat-free 2020’s? Well, of course, you want to feel healthy and fit for an entire decade—who… [Read More]

Best Caffeine Pills 2020

Yes, caffeine! I love that stuff! Who doesn’t? Well, a lot of people, really, even those who consume caffeine in one form or another every day. Because, for many of us, there’s not really much of an option to skip out on that morning cup of coffee. In fact, we might even get angry at… [Read More]

Best Vegan Pre-Workouts 2020

There’s no pre-workout without workout. Just like there’s no sandwich without sand. Or something like that. This puts the pre-workout in a temporary existentially confusing state. When an exerciser takes a pre-workout but hasn’t yet worked …does the pre-workout even exist yet? After all, what if an exerciser takes a pre-workout but then doesn’t work… [Read More]

Best Vegan Fat Burner 2020

Now, wait one, hot minute: vegans can get fat?? But I thought that only non-vegans are the fatties! While the “vegan lifestyle” brand almost always seems to be associated with being slim, hot and shrink-wrapped in skin-tight Lululemon attire, the truth is that most vegans outside of Instagram are still human. This means that vegans… [Read More]

Best Carbohydrate Supplement to Buy in 2020

Here are my top three favorite carbohydrates of all time: 1) breadsticks, 2) pizza crust, and 3) spaghetti with extra butter. And, you know what, extra butter on the breadsticks and pizza crust as well. Oh! and beer! Actually, beer is my favorite carbohydrate. Beer with extra butter, and maybe like a cupcake on the… [Read More]

Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2020 Edition

Fuel Up For Your Workouts with the Best Formulations on the Market With the 2010’s behind us, it’s time to look forward to a spankin’ new decade. Of course, you’re bringing the old you with you into the 2020’s, with all old you’s baggage, but hey! that’s okay! Because 2020 is all about turning the… [Read More]