Spartagen XT vs. Ageless Male

Do you like getting punched in the face? Neither do we (you did say “no,” right?). But, unfortunately, we have a special matchup tonight between Spartagen XT vs. Ageless Male. And what makes this matchup so special is that we won’t be watching these t-boosters fight each other. Rather, we’ll be watching them punch us in the… [Read More]

Lipo-6 Black Hers Review – Anti-Stress, Pro-Focus, Stim-Driven Stack for Women (2018 Update)

Lipo-6 Black HERS claims to be an extremely potent weight loss formula that is designed for women. Nothing like labeling your product with the words weight and loss to get women’s attention, right? Read on to see if Nutrex can back up their claims in this in this Lipo-6 Black Hers review. About Lipo-6 Black Hers Part of… [Read More]

Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia

Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia sees not two but three formulas in the ring — one on Mind Lab Pro’s side and two in the Qualia corner. However, if this seems at all like an unfair match-up, bear in mind that size doesn’t amount to much without an effective strategy. Or in the case of brain… [Read More]

Qualia Review – Unique, Comprehensive, Remarkable, and Expensive AF

Become Remarkable. This motto, delivered by Neurohacker Collective, is both great and offensive. It’s great for the obvious reason: being remarkable is a commendable goal. In a way, it sufficiently sums up exactly what the whole nootropic lifestyle is all about. Yet, it’s also offensive: because what the hell — are you saying I’m not remarkable?! YOU… [Read More]

Ghost Legend Review – Get Gains to Be Seen

There’s no doubt about it: Ghost is a killer supplement brand. From the company’s online presence down to the graphics on their product labels, Ghost is a standout brand that’s likely to draw eyes at the GNC shelves. However, all that means to us is that this company has a wicked awesome marketing team. Because you… [Read More]

Instant Knockout vs. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

Instant Knockout vs. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen stacks some of our favorite fat burning ingredients against each other, which feels a lot like watching your two best friends kick each other’s ass. Except in this case, midway through the fight, you tragically find out that one of your best friends is truly a complete douchebag …and… [Read More]