Genius Test Review – Ultra Premium Formula For Male Optimization

The Genius Brand supposedly gives you an intelligent formula to enhance your masculinity. In fact, the manufacturer even named this testosterone booster Genius Test. Genius Test uses clinically-validated ingredients to remove your doubts. In addition, Genius Test claims to give you synergistic testosterone support and not steroidal-like results. Genius Test covers all aspects of male health… [Read More]

Do Nootropics Work?

Nootropics feature a variety of different ingredients. However, not all ingredients declared under the nootropics category truly work. It depends on the quality of the ingredients. Science has not yet identified the exact mechanisms of action behind nootropics in enhancing cognition. Effective nootropics boost certain naturally-occurring bioactivities. Do nootropics work? Let’s find out in this… [Read More]

Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters

The side effects of testosterone boosters is often a controversial topic. There are plenty of products which claim to boost testosterone. However, have you ever wondered about their potential side effects? Let’s find out what happens to your body when you supplement with these testosterone boosters. Effects of Testosterone Boosters Physiological effects Different testosterone boosters provide… [Read More]

T-boosters vs. Prohormones

There are tons of products in the market today for men’s health. Most of these products can enhance masculinity. However, do they live up to men’s expectations? Are they more advantageous than androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS)? Let’s find out whether t-boosters or prohormones offers the most benefits in terms of increasing testosterone levels. T-boosters T-boosters (or… [Read More]

Vitamin B6 and B12 for Testosterone

There are a lot of exotic herbs for testosterone, but while we chase the fancy t-boosters, we sometimes overlook basic vitamins that are important for testosterone. Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are two such nutrients that many guys don’t get enough of. Since they are water soluble, you must replenish your supply on a daily basis…. [Read More]

The BIG List of Pre-Workout Supplements

Our big list of pre-workout supplements contains practical ingredients to boost endurance and reduce muscle damage during exercise. In general, pre-workout supplements can improve overall physical and mental performance during a workout. Active men and women from endurance athletes to yogis to bodybuilders can use pre-workout supplements for optimum performance and damage-prevention while training. However, some… [Read More]

Qualia Mind vs. Qualia Focus

Qualia Mind vs. Qualia Focus presents two premium nootropic products for people who want to sharpen the different aspects of their cognition. Qualia Mind uses a highly complex formula which features 28 active ingredients which enhance multiple aspects of your cognition. For its part, Qualia Focus is a simpler formula which enhances specific aspects of… [Read More]

Qualia Focus Review – Essential Cognitive Support To Fuel Your Focus

Qualia Focus is the newest addition to the Qualia nootropic lineup. It is a budget-friendly formula which gives you essential nootropic ingredients to enhance your mental performance. In addition, it also supports your overall health by providing you with essential neuro vitamins. Unlike other Qualia formulas, Qualia Focus is a simple nootropic formula which provides… [Read More]

Qualia Original Stack vs. Qualia Focus

Qualia Original Stack vs. Qualia Focus presents two brain boosters from Neurohacker Collective for people who want to stand out in their daily cognitive tasks. Qualia Original Stack gives you a two-step formula with unbelievable ingredient combination to enhance your overall brainpower. On the other hand, Qualia Focus provides a simpler formula to enhance the essential… [Read More]

Qualia Focus vs. Alpha Brain

Qualia Focus vs. Alpha Brain presents two nootropic products for people who want to enhance their cognitive capabilities using natural ingredients. Qualia Focus is a vegan formula which gives you pure and clean nootropic benefits. In contrast, Alpha Brain contains earth-grown nutrients to support your memory, focus, and processing speed. Is one nootropic stack better than the… [Read More]