Alpha Lean 7 Review – A Great Fat Burner for Beginners

alpha lean 7 review

Can Alpha Lean 7 help you burn fat and achieve your weight loss goals? Find out in this Alpha Lean 7 review.

Ever since the banning of Ephedra, fat burners have had a mixed reputation. For those who have never tried a fat burning supplement, they can seem intimidating and troublesome. Most contain high-powered stimulants. As a beginner, you want to feel secure that what you’re taking won’t get you sick.

Alpha Lean 7 from Hard Rock Supplements is the ideal fat burner for beginners. While it contains some of the most powerful fat-burning ingredients in the industry, they are underdosed. These allow even the most concerned newbie to test their tolerance safely. Is Alpha Lean 7 right for you? Let’s find out in this Alpha Lean 7 review.

About Alpha Lean 7

Alpha Lean 7 is a relatively new fat burner that claims it is best for experienced users only, but a quick look at the nutrition label says otherwise. Alpha Lean 7 contains several scientifically-backed ingredients; however, they product doesn’t deliver them at the suggested dosages same studies feature. This makes Alpha Lean 7 ideal for beginners to fat burners. However, it is a frustration for the more experienced supplement user.

  • Science-backed: Researchers have used the ingredients of Alpha Lean 7 in countless weight loss studies with great results.
  • Fat Burner Meets Appetite Suppressant: While many of the ingredients of Alpha Lean 7 will support your metabolic rate, they also suppress your appetite, ensuring you won’t consume as many calories.
  • No DMAA: Alpha Lean 7 has no controversial ingredients which have links to unpleasant side effects such as DMAA.

Alpha Lean 7 Review – Supplement Facts

Serving Size: One Capsule
IngredientsAmount Per Serving
Alpha Lean-7 Proprietary Blend:675 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous, Taraxacum Officinate (Dandelion Powder), Dimethylethanolamine, Theophyline Anhydrous (natural), Eria Jarensis extract N-phenyl-Dimethylamine, Betaine Anhydrous (TMG), Green Tea Extract (50% Catechins), Cissus Quadrangularis (5% Ketosteroids), L-Carnitine, Rauwolfia vomitoria Root Extract (std. min. 90% Alpha Yohimbine)
Other ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Gelatin.
Alpha Lean 7 Directions: Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule 6-8 hours later. Start with 1 capsule to assess tolerance.

Alpha Lean 7 provides a comprehensive NON-DMAA formula that is an ideal fat burner for beginners. While it contains stimulants and scientifically-proven fat-burning ingredients, the dosage is low enough for someone to access their tolerance and monitor their weight loss progress.

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Let’s check out the Alpha Lean 7 fat-burning ingredients one by one:

Caffeine Anhydrous

Alpha Lean 7 review

Do not underestimate caffeine’s fat-burning prowess.


Love your morning cup of coffee? You probably already know about the source of coffee’s super powers: a famous compound called caffeine. While most people drink coffee for the nootropic (brain-boosting) benefits, caffeine is an effective fat burner for beginners.

Taraxacum officinate (Dandelion Powder)

Believe it or not, that stubborn dandelion weed in your backyard is an effective way to promote fat burning. Inside of the dandelion flower, you’ll find chlorogenic acid, which supports glucose metabolism, enhance digestion, and support fat loss.

  • While an in-depth human trial is still pending for dandelion powder, chlorogenic acid has proven it is effective for weight loss when taken in the form of green coffee bean.

Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE)

More commonly found in nootropic supplements than weight loss supplements, DMAE is an interesting choice for Alpha Lean 7. There are no studies that support the claims of weight loss, but proponents of using DMAE claim that it can support weight loss by increasing natural energy levels.

  • DMAE is a natural pre-cursor to choline, which is used to create neurotransmitters (cells in the brain) responsible for cognitive energy, memory, etc. Theoretically, DMAE can boost mental energy, thereby improving your physical energy to get up, move around, and burn more calories.

Theophylline Anhydrous

A natural ingredient of cacao, theophylline is a metabolite or a derivative of caffeine. Experts believe it has many of the same stimulant effects as its energy-boosting counterpart. Theophylline shows promise as a way to increase energy expenditure or calorie burning.

  • In one study, researchers found that theophylline increased calorie burning regardless of physical activity while boosting how the body used carbohydrates. The catch: the subjects were pre-term infants, not adults. Still, as a metabolite of caffeine, it’s safe to assume that theophylline could be helpful in weight loss and fat burning for beginners.

Eria jarensis

Another ingredient found primarily in nootropic supplements, Eria jarensis also goes by the name n-dimethylphenethylamine. Similar to DMAE, it helps increase cognitive function and mood.

  • Eria jarensis does not have any scientific studies to back it up regarding its reported benefits of fat burning. Most of the evidence is anecdotal, coming from people on forums who claim it helped to boost their energy. If this is true, as a nootropic and energy booster, it still serves the purpose of being an effective pre-workout and intra-workout ingredient.

Betaine Anhydrous

A natural ingredient of plant-based foods such as quinoa and beets, betaine is an amino acid you can find in many pre-workout, intra-workout, and thermogenic (fat burning) supplements.

  • This stim-free fat burner significantly improves body composition, supporting fat burning and weight loss. What’s more, taken alongside a comprehensive weight training program, betaine can help increase lean muscle mass while it lowers body fat.

Green Tea Extract

What’s a fat burner without green tea extract? Naturally low in caffeine, green tea extract is one of the top-ranked fat burners in the industry. Especially beneficial for your wellness, green tea extract has also been linked to successful weight loss results.

  • In several human-based studies, the polyphenols of green increased energy expenditure (calorie burning), boosted the body’s metabolic response, and resulted in a lower body weight overall.

While it doesn’t have much caffeine (only 15 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine), you can easily find a decaffeinated form of green tea extract. Do you think a stimulant-free fat burner is better for you? Check out our list of the best stimulant-free fat burners.

Cissus quadrangularis (Vled Grape)

Cissus quadrangularis or vled grape is a Southeast Asian and African vine that is commonly used in traditional medicine. Thought to improve healing ability, Cissus quadrangularis has made its way into bodybuilding and weight loss supplements.

  • In one study, Cissus quadrangularis significantly reduced body weight along with several cardiovascular risk factors including blood glucose, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides. The twist? These results applied to groups which received the supplement, regardless of dietary choices.


This is a tricky fat burner. L-carnitine is an amino acid that the body naturally produces. It’s thought to play an important role in weight loss, especially when it comes to forcing stored body fat into the cell’s mitochondria as a source of energy.

Results aren’t universal because not all individuals process supplemental l-carnitine the same way. Long-time vegetarians, for example, will have different gut bacteria and digestive enzymes than meat eaters. They may not break down l-carnitine in the same way.

  • Despite the conflicting results, l-carnitine is a potentially effective fat burner for you. In one human-based study, researchers found that the group which was supplementing with l-carnitine lost significantly more weight than the placebo group.

Rauwolfia vomitoria

The last ingredient in Alpha Lean 7 – Rauwolfia vomitoria – is a close cousin of yohimbine. The problem with the former is that there are no human-based studies affirming its position in the fat burner category. Since it’s structurally similar to yohimbine, that is a safe place to look for results.

  • Yohimbine has been a potentially beneficial ingredient for fat loss, but not miraculous. What’s more, since many people develop a fast tolerance to yohimbine, consistent cycling is potentially necessary.

Formula Analysis

Alpha Lean 7 review

Alpha Lean 7 should benefit individuals who are new to fat burners.


Alpha Lean 7 has chosen a great lineup of fat-burning ingredients. Most of the extracts found of Alpha Lean 7 have plenty of credible research, studies, and user reviews to back them. For those few ingredients that don’t have the same scientific merit (such as Eria jarensis) you’ll find a dedicated group of users on forums and message boards. On paper, Alpha Lean 7 is a terrific fat burner.

The problem lies in the dosage levels. Alpha Lean 7 uses a proprietary blend which means you have no idea how much of each ingredient you’re getting in every serving. What’s more, with each serving only providing 675 mg of all combined ingredients, you quickly realize you aren’t getting much.

For example, most fat-burning supplements use a 200 mg dose of caffeine. If this is true for Alpha Lean 7, then you have 475 mg left to split among nine more ingredients. Let’s say that they dose green tea extract at the recommended amount of 100 mg, then you have 375 mg left to divide among eight more ingredients! You see where the story goes from here.

Sure, it may be an underdosed supplement, but that doesn’t make it useless or a bad fat burner. In fact, given its proven ingredients and low dosage, we believe Alpha Lean 7 could be the perfect fat burner for beginners. If you’ve never tried a fat-burning supplement before and you’re nervous as to how your body will respond, try Alpha Lean 7.

You can test its proven ingredients at low and safe doses. Upon completing a cycle of Alpha Lean 7, you may find you can tolerate fat burners without any issue. From here, you can try the next level up. We recommend a supplement like Slimvance Thermogenic. If you find that the ingredients within  (especially the stimulants) are too much, that doesn’t mean you have to rule out fat burners. You can try a stimulant-free formula instead.

Alpha Lean 7 Benefits

Packed with proven thermogenics, Alpha Lean 7 is a great stepping stone for the fat-burning supplement novice. It packs just enough of a punch to potentially see results without worrying about overdoing it with stimulants or mystery ingredients.

When beginners take Alpha Lean 7 as a part of a comprehensive workout program and diet plan, it can produce the following benefits:

  • Increases energy levels via stimulants
  • Promotes greater calorie burning
  • Increases appetite suppression
  • Enhances glucose metabolism
  • Uses currently stored fat as fuel
  • Blocks the storage of fat
  • Boosts mood and motivation
  • Supports exercise performance

Who Takes It?

Alpha Lean 7 is made for experienced users, but beginners will benefit the most from it. This fat burner is going to be ideal for those people who:

  • Have never tried a fat-burning supplement
  • Need some extra calorie-burning help but don’t want to jump into heavy duty fat burners right away
  • Care about using scientifically-proven fat-burning ingredients at a lower dosage to access tolerance levels

Any Side Effects?

Alpha Lean 7 does contain stimulants such as caffeine, theophylline, and Rauwolfia vomitoria. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, this is a potential issue. Stimulants can aggravate pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure.

Despite Alpha Lean 7’s stimulant content, the dosages are so low they’re not likely to produce side effects unless you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. Users in online forums and message boards reported no serious side effects.

Alpha Lean 7 Review Summary


  • Proven Ingredients: The R&D team at Alpha Lean 7 has done its homework, ensuring this supplement has only scientifically-proven or fan-heavy ingredients within.
  • Beginner-Friendly: In an industry where going overboard with stimulants is the new norm, Alpha Lean 7 is a great introductory supplement to fat burners.
  • Reasonably-Priced: Considering there are 90 servings within for less than $35, Alpha Lean 7 is one of the few reasonably-priced fat burners out there. Even if you take three capsules per day, that’s still a month supply.


  • Proprietary Blend: It’s anyone’s guess as to how much of each ingredient is inside.
  • Gelatin Capsule: This is pretty common, but we try to find the cleanest supplements possible. Not a huge deal unless you’re a vegan.
  • One Site Sells It: This might change but as of this review, Alpha Lean 7 is only available on

Pricing & Where to Buy

Alpha Lean 7 has no official website and Strong Supplements is the only place you can find it. Strong Supplements is a legitimate website, offering a customer service phone number, direct texting number, and an e-mail. Like most supplement websites, you can only return products within 14 days if you don’t open it.

Final Word on Alpha Lean 7

Alpha Lean 7 has a solid formula but due to its lower dosage level and proprietary blend, it’s better suited for beginners, not long-time users of high-octane fat burners.

It’s not the strongest fat burner on the market, but Alpha Lean 7 provides a list of scientifically-proven ingredients that can help any beginner to supplements ease into the world of thermogenics. It’s easy to forget that the human body needs to ease into using fat-burning ingredients unless you’re looking to have a bad reaction.

Alpha Lean 7 is the catalyst for easing into using new and different compounds. After a cycle or two, your body will handle the heavy-hitting fat burners that may contain powerful ingredients such as ephedra extract and DMAA better.

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