MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game Review – If Only The Taste And Solubility Were Spot On


If you’re a high-intensity athlete, looking for a solid post-workout supplement can be daunting. MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game makes things easier for you, as you will find out in this review.

About MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game

MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game’s “recovery formula delivers the nutrients your muscles need to recover and rebuild from high-intensity exercise,” per the manufacturer’s official website. Formula notes:

  • 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio. Perfect for high-intensity athletes.
  • Dynamic Recovery Blend. Unique post-workout carb combo of potato starch, waxy maize, and maltodextrin.
  • Taste and solubility. Two issues which customers have been griping about.

MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game Supplement Facts (Mango, 1.5 lbs.)

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (50 g)
Servings Per Container: about 14
Nutrient  Amount Per Serving  % Daily Value 
Calories 170
Cholesterol 10 mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 31 g 10%**
Protein 10 g 20%**
Sodium 95 mg 4%
Potassium 55 mg 2%
Dynamic Recovery Blend 35 g ***
     Potato Starch 15 g ***
     Waxy Maize 10 g ***
     Maltodextrin 10 g ***
L-Carnitine (as L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) 2 g ***
Other Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Natural Flavor, Stevia Leaf Extract, Potassium Citrate, Salt.

Contains milk ingredients.

DIRECTIONS: Mix one (1) scoop (50g) with 10 fl. oz. of water immediately following your workout or any time you need high quality nutritional supplementation.   

The High-Intensity Post-Workout for Athletes

If you play high-intensity sports, you better make sure you’re getting enough post-workout nutrients. We’re talking about carbs, protein, creatine, BCAAs, and electrolytes – the works.

You can scour our B5 post-workout review archive to get you started. We’re sure you’ll stumble upon a product which will help you achieve your fitness goals.

You can also try MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game.After reviewing MET-Rx Ultramyosyn Whey and MET-Rx Natural Whey, we have high hopes for the company’s signature bodybuilding post-workout supplement.

“Our Post Game recovery formula delivers the nutrients your muscles need to recover and rebuild from high-intensity exercise,” per the manufacturer’s official website.

“Each serving supplies vital A1: U11 and protein needed to recover from athletic training – such as soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and other high-intensity sports,” per the same source.

Most of the post-workout products we size up are geared toward regular gym goers – those who do anaerobic and aerobic training at their local fitness centers. As its name suggests, MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is mainly for athletes who play high-intensity sports.

Can Met-Rx Sports Series Post Game exceed expectations?

If you’re into high-intensity sports such as basketball, MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is the ideal post-workout supplement for you.


So, if you fall into that category, MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game could be a game changer for you. We’re hoping it will exceed your expectations.

Dynamic Recovery Blend, 35 grams

The focal point of this product is its 35 grams of carbohydrates per 50-gram serving. More specifically, this is MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game’s Dynamic Recovery Blend which has the following:

  • Fifteen grams of potato starch per serving
  • Ten grams of waxy maize per serving
  • Ten grams of maltodextrin per serving

It’s rare to find a post-workout which has potato starch (a type of resistant starch) as the main ingredient. This type of starch has a unique feature: your body doesn’t digest it fully. It reaches your large intestine intact. It resists digestion (hence the name “resistant” starch).

Because of that, resistant starches do not cause massive insulin spikes. Believe it or not, they’re also a type of prebiotic (an ingredient which promotes the growth of good bacteria or probiotics in the body).

In fact, the University at Buffalo’s official website says resistant starch “has potential application in weight management, the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, and the improvement of blood lipids, glucose tolerance, and insulin sensitivity.”

Resistant starch is also a precursor of the short-chain fatty acid known as butyrate, which is a source of fuel for the cells in your colon. Health experts also believe butyrate helps boost metabolism and heart health. It may also ward off inflammation – an important post-workout benefit.

Plus, resistant starches also help ward off free radicals, regulate blood sugar levels, and boost weight loss. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask us. We hope other post-workout supplement manufacturers follow suit.

On that note, we believe MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game’s 15 grams of potato starch per serving are optimal.

The two other components of the Dynamic Recovery Blend – waxy maize and maltodextrin – are more common post-workout carb sources.

Waxy maize is a by-product of rice, barley, or corn. It is a slow-digesting carb which helps improve performance and recovery. On the other hand, maltodextrin is a polysaccharide and by-product of corn, rice, or potato starch.

Because of its high glycemic index rating, maltodextrin also has a slow absorption rate. That should help keep your body in an anabolic state for a longer period of time.

In a nutshell, take MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game’s Dynamic Recovery Blend for what it means: dynamic. We also say it’s unique. We have yet to see a similar post-workout carb blend. That’s saying a whole lot.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, 10 grams

The next key ingredient is ten grams of hydrolyzed whey protein per serving. Whey protein is the best pound-for-pound source of high-quality, post-workout protein.

Check out its many benefits:

  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Wards off post-workout inflammation
  • Increases satiety

Whey protein also helps increase glutathione (a potent antioxidant) levels in the body. Ergo, it helps stymie free radical activity. This will boost your long-term health, for sure.

This product features hydrolyzed whey protein – whey which has undergone a special microfiltration process.

The end result: smaller protein peptides instead of the usual protein molecules. Because of the former’s smaller size, they have a lightning-fast absorption rate.

Ten grams isn’t enough if you’re into heavy lifting at the gym. You need at least 20 grams of protein per serving to help start the muscle repair process. It’s evident the manufacturer didn’t intend MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game for that purpose.

Remember, it’s meant for individuals who play high-intensity sports, where you need plenty of energy and endurance. With that in mind, MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game’s 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio makes sense.

Sure, you can still take this product if you’re a lifter, but it would be better if you take a separate protein supplement, alluding to this product’s so-so protein content.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, 2 grams

The final major ingredient of MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is two grams of l-carnitine (as l-carnitine l-tartrate) per serving.

Simply known as LCLT, this ingredient (the fat-burning amino acid l-carnitine bonded to tartraric acid) helps oxidize fat after a hard workout. It also has several other important benefits:

  • Keeps post-workout soreness at bay
  • Helps improve oxygen flow for more efficient nutrient absorption
  • May help boost human growth hormone (HGH) levels

No less than the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism concluded, “L-carnitine l-tartrate supplementation favorably affects markers of recovery from exercise stress.”

No wonder l-carnitine l-tartrate is a popular post-workout ingredient – it helps you recover, muscle up, and lean out. It would be a good idea to include LCLT in your post-workout arsenal from here on out.

All in all, it sure seems to us MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is the game changer high-intensity athletes need, and then some.

Let’s check out the formula ingredients:

  • Calories, 170: Most post-workouts’ calorie content range from zero to 150 per serving. Even if MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game somewhat exceeds that, we don’t think supplementing with it will compromise your nutritional goals.
  • Cholesterol, 10 mg:  This product is low in cholesterol at just three percent of the daily value (a value of five percent or lower is minuscule).
  • Total carbohydrate, 31 g: For those who are on a low-carb diet, 31 grams of carbs per serving may seem intimidating. However, you have to consider it represents just 10 percent of the daily value (15 percent or higher is a bit excessive). Even if you’re monitoring your carb intake, consuming MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game won’t sidetrack you.
  • Protein, 10 g: Even if this much protein represents a respectable 20 percent of the daily value, MET-Rx is not ideal for heavy lifters. Like we said, you need 20 grams per serving or so of post-workout protein to get the job done. However, if you’re a high-intensity athlete who plays basketball, lacrosse, and the like, 10 grams of protein per serving after a match will suffice.
  • Sodium, 95 mg: The manufacturer keeps this product’s sodium level within reasonable limits at four percent of the daily value. We’re confident it will help ward off muscle cramping without compromising your blood pressure levels.
  • Potassium, 55 mg: MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is not a significant source of potassium at a paltry two percent of the daily value.
  • Potato starch, 15 g: Now you know resistant starches such as this one possess invaluable post-workout benefits (they help increase probiotics, ward off free radicals, and keep inflammation at bay, among other things). It bears repeating: MET-Rx is one of the few post-workouts which have potato starch. Better take advantage.
  • Waxy maize, 10 g: A slow-digesting carb which helps ramp up performance and shorten recovery time. It’s fairly common among post-workout supplements which have a high carb content.
  • Maltodextrin, 10 g: A post-workout carb with a high glycemic index rating and slow absorption rate. Maltodextrin helps keep your body in an anabolic state for a longer period of time.
  • L-carnitine (as l-carnitine l-tartrate), 2 g: An l-carnitine compound which helps burn fat, ward off post-exercise soreness, improve oxygen flow, and increase human growth hormone (HGH) levels.

Formula Analysis

After a thorough analysis, we say MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is a solid post-workout supplement for those who engage in high-intensity sports. Just take a hint from the supplement name.

A huge minority of post-workouts are geared toward usual anaerobic and aerobic gym activity. This one is unique and a game changer for high-intensity athletes.

We believe its 35-gram Dynamic Recovery Blend consisting of potato starch (15 grams), waxy maize (1o grams), and maltodextrin (10 grams) will help shorten your recovery time. 

We love the inclusion of potato starch, which helps increase probiotics, ward off inflammation, keep free radicals at bay, boost metabolism, and improve cardiovascular health. It turns out potato starch is one versatile ingredient.

The additions of waxy maize and maltodextrin are an insurance policy – these are common post-workout carbs which help keep your body in an anabolic state longer. That’s always a good thing for post-workout purposes.

While MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game’s 10 grams of protein per serving represents 20 percent of the daily value (which is high, by FDA standards), it’s not enough for heavy lifters, like we said. However, that should be just right for those who play sports such as basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and the like.

We also feel the two grams of l-carnitine l-tartrate (LCLT) per serving is another good insurance policy – it helps burn fat, increase HGH levels, and improve oxygen flow. Long story short, LCLT is a perfect complement if you want to muscle up and lean out. It’s great it’s in MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game.

Other pluses: this supplement is low in cholesterol and sodium. These are always huge attributes in any bodybuilding supplement.

We also commend the folks at MET-Rx for using stevia as the sweetener. This natural, plant-based ingredient helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

The manufacturer’s transparency is also excellent. You won’t find any shady proprietary blends in MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game. You won’t find any fillers, either. That’s awesome, to say the least.

We love this post-workout’s ingredient combo and dosages. However, customers have been griping about its taste (which we think is average) and solubility. These are the two things which pull its value down.

Nevertheless, MET-RX Sports Series Post Game is still worth a shot. On that note, we’re hoping the manufacturer concocts a better-tasting advanced formula sooner than later.

MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game Benefits

MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game has the following benefits, per its official website:

  • Thirty-five grams of carbs per serving
  • Ten grams of carbs and two grams of l-carnitine l-tartrate per scoop
  • Helps boost recovery
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps minimize muscle soreness

We agree with all of these claims. We believe MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is a solid post-workout supplements for high-intensity athletes.

Who Takes It?

MET-Rx is intended for high-intensity athletes who play sports such as soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and the like, per the manufacturer’s official website.

Any Side Effects?

MET-Rx Sports Series has no glaring side effects. However, if any of its ingredients make you feel doubtful, please consult your physician before buying this post-workout supplement.

MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game Review Summary


  • 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio. Perfect for those who play high-intensity sports.
  • Dynamic Recovery Blend. Unique post-workout carb combo of potato starch, waxy maize, and maltodextrin.
  • Ten grams of hydrolyzed whey per scoop. Not enough for heavy lifters, but should suffice for high-intensity athletes.
  • L-carnitine l-tartrate. Versatile ingredient which helps burn fat, improve oxygen flow, and increase HGH levels.
  • Stevia. Plant-based sweetener which helps regulate blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Low in cholesterol and sodium. These are always great attributes of any bodybuilding supplement.
  • Great transparency. Manufacturer divulges all ingredient amounts.
  • Clean ingredients. No fillers whatsoever. Thumbs up.
  • Flavor options. Comes in Chocolate Graham and Mango varieties.


  • Taste and solubility. Two factors which customers gripe about.
  • Small serving. Even though one scoop yields 50 grams, entire container could run out in two weeks.

Pricing & Buying Info

  • 1 1.5-lb. (24 oz.) Container (14-Day Supply): $29.99
  • Available online and in retail

Final Word on MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game

The verdict is out, folks: MET-RX Sports Series Post Game is a great asset for high-intensity athletes. A post-workout like this is rare for that consumer base. If this applies to you, you better grab this opportunity.

MET-Rx Sports Series Post Game is one of those rare post-workout supplements which are effective, clean, and affordable. We’re sure it’ll resonate well with many customers.

Unfortunately, its taste and solubility pull its value down. We’re hoping the manufacturer irons out the kinks sooner than later. Regardless, buy MET-RX Sports Series Post Game and feel the difference.


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