NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout Review – Post-Workout with Supergreens Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty


Hey, how about trying a post-workout supplement with supergreens for a change?

Say what?

Well, you may think we’re crazy, but NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout is one such product.

Not only will you achieve your post-workout goals, you will also get your fill of fruits, vegetables, and valuable antioxidants.

This review should blow you away, to say the least.

About NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout

NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout is the “Pure Performance Post-Workout System,” per its official website. Formula notes:

  • Has supergreens and antioxidants. Rare – and we mean rare – post-workout which has these features.
  • Optimum amounts of leucine, creatine, and glutamine. Five grams each per serving.
  • Somewhat expensive. $36.49 for a 1.3-lb. container.

NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout Supplement Facts (Lemon-Lime, 1.30 lbs.)

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (29.1 grams)
Servings Per Container: 20
Nutrient   Amount Per Serving  % Daily Value 
Calories      25
Total Carbohydrates     6 g      2%
Vitamin C      2 mg      4%
L-Leucine      5 g      ‡
Creatine Monohydrate      5 g      ‡
Betaine Anhydrous      2.5 g      †
L-Glutamine      5 g      ‡
L-Carnitine Tartrate (as Carnipure®)      2 g      ‡
Spirulina      2 g      ‡
Spectra™ Total ORAC      100 mg      ‡
OTHER INGREDIENTS: Fruit Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Sunflower Lecithin, Sucralose, Rice Concentrate
SUGGESTED USE: Mix 1 scoop in 8-12 oz. of water; Consume within 30 minutes after training. On non-training days, take with food. For best results, take every day.

The Pure Performance Post-Workout System

Don’t you just love it when a bodybuilding post-workout supplement has a unique feature which bodes well for your long-term health?

Take, for example, the Creapure content (a German brand of creatine) of DoVitamins Post Pump.

Or check out the potassium citrate component of Advanced Molecular Labs Postworkout for more vasodilation and awesome muscle pumps?

Now, are you ready for a post-workout with supergreens?

No kidding, folks.

That distinction belongs to NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout.

This product is “an advanced post-workout system for those looking to maximize any and all potential gains,” per its official website.

“Featuring a powerhouse profile of the most researched and proven ingredients known to boost growth and recovery, RE-PEAK delivers everything you need to keep coming back bigger and stronger,” per the same source. 

Hey, that’s what it’s all about – the more comprehensive a post-workout is, the better.

If you want a post-workout which goes above and beyond the call of duty, try NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout.


Let’s start with an impressive five grams of leucine per serving.

We’ve reviewed many post-workout supplements, believe us. This much leucine per scoop is the utmost any post-workout can offer.

In other words, get ready to build muscle – and more muscle – with the most anabolic amino acid.

Leucine is the branch-chained amino acid (BCAA) which helps kickstart the muscle protein synthesis process.

There is no way you will grow muscle without ample amounts of leucine. It doesn’t matter how much you squat or bench press, if you don’t get enough leucine from your food and supplements, your muscle-building aspirations are doomed.

Recent research also reveals leucine helps preserve muscle mass, which is awesome, to say the least

Not only that, fitness experts discovered leucine helps you lean out as well.

It helps you lose weight by triggering the release of an appetite-suppressing hormone from the hypothalamus (the part of the brain which releases hormones). 

So, in a nutshell, leucine helps you build and preserve muscle and lose weight. Awesome.

We are stoked NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout has the optimum amount of leucine. Aren’t you?

Next up are five grams of creatine monohydrate per serving.

This is also the optimal amount of creatine per scoop a post-workout supplement normally has.

In other words, get ready to reap the full benefits of creatine with NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK.

Here are some of them:

  • Helps build muscle mass
  • Supports muscular function
  • Increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Helps boost brain health
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels

No wonder creatine is a post-workout staple.

It’s great the manufacturer used creatine monohydrate, the cheapest and most effective form of creatine. 

The knock against creatine monohydrate is its poor solubility. However, we didn’t encounter such an issue with NorthBound RE-PEAK Post-Workout. All good.

On the other hand, this product also has 2.5 grams of betaine anhydrous per serving.

This post-workout ingredient – the final component of NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK’s Power Blend – has gained significant traction over the years. We’re not surprised one bit.

The manufacturer enumerates some of its benefits:

  • Helps increase power output
  • Amps up muscular endurance
  • Helps increase lean muscle growth
  • Helps boost protein synthesis

There you have it, folks – we’ve exhausted just about every post-workout benefit. Betaine anhydrous covers all the bases. We feel 2.5 grams per serving should help you in more ways than one.

We’re also delighted this product has five grams of glutamine per serving.

If you want to achieve your post-workout goals, try supplementing with glutamine, the most abundant amino acid and the first component of NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK’s Recovery Blend.

Did we also mention it’s one of the most versatile?

Glutamine helps preserve muscle mass, increase human growth hormone (HGH) levels, boost the immune and digestive systems, and restore a positive nitrogen balance for more muscle growth. 

On that note, don’t be surprised why glutamine is included in many post-workout supplements.

In fact, the icons of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding have been using it since the 1960s.

For our part, we’re pleased it’s in NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout.

The final part of its Recovery Blend is two grams of Carnipure (l-carnitine tartrate) per serving.

We know, we know. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “l-carnitine” is fat burning.

Well, l-carnitine tartrate is the supplement form of l-carnitine, the fat-burning amino acid.

In addition, l-carnitine tartrate is bonded to tartaric acid, hence the name. That feature results in its rapid absorption prowess, which is crucial after a hard workout.

This ingredient helps reduce soreness, improve the flow of oxygen, increase growth hormone levels, and boost fat burning.


What’s not to like, folks?

NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK’s Antioxidant Blend features two grams of spirulina and 100 milligrams of Spectra Total ORAC per serving.

This is where those supergreens come in.

Not too many post-workouts have spirulina, a blue-green algae many fitness experts consider a superfood.

Well, they’re right.

The manufacturer dubs spirulina “a powerful antioxidant” and “nutrient-dense superfood.” 

Spirulina helps ward off free radicals, regulate blood pressure levels, reduce cholesterol, increase energy levels, and amp up weight loss. 


This supplement’s Spectra Total ORAC refers to a blend of fruits, vegetables, and herbs which are known for its ability to ward off free radicals. 

You can see for yourself the heaps of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the ingredient list: green tea extract, broccoli sprout concentrate, turmeric concentrate (which we like for its ability to ward off post-workout inflammation), garlic concentrate, and blue berry extract.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Seriously.

Spectra Total ORAC helps increase nitric oxide production (for increased vasodilation, better nutrient absorption, and more muscle pumps) and boost cellular oxygen consumption, per the manufacturer’s official website. 


The takeaway: NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK is one of the rare post-workouts which use spirulina and Specrta. It’s time other post-workout manufacturers follow suit. We mean it.

A study published in Food Science & Nutrition published in November 2014 (via the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health) reveals “unique activity of SPECTRA suggests potential for the use of the supplement in modulation of oxidative stress, NO bioavailability, inflammatory response, blood glucose levels, and ultimately supporting ‘optimal health.'”

Finally, NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout’s Absorption Enhancer blend features five milligrams of BioPerine (black pepper fruit extract) per serving.

As the blend’s name implies, the addition of BioPerine helps boost the nutrient absorption process.

More specifically, it “increases bioavailability of nutrients through enhanced absorption,” per the manufacturer’s official website.


Let’s check out the formula ingredients:

  • Calories, 25: Most post-workout supplements’ caloric content falls between the zero to 150 range. NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-workout is a low-calorie supplement at just 25 per serving.
  • Total carbohydrates, 6 g: Most of this product’s carbohydrate content comes from its Spectra Total ORAC component with its combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The daily value for this nutrient is low at just two percent. The spoiler here is NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout’s sucralose (Splenda) content, which has been linked to obesity and other side effects.
  • Vitamin C, 2 mg: Despite its fruit extract content, this product is not a significant source of ascorbic acid, as it has just four percent of the daily value (anything less than five percent is considered low).
  • L-leucine, 5 g: You cannot go wrong with five grams of leucine per serving, that’s for sure. We are confident this much will help you build muscle mass in conjunction with consistent training, sound nutrition, and enough rest.
  • Creatine monohydrate, 5 g: The muscle-building benefits don’t stop with leucine. NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout’s impressive five grams of creatine monohydrate per serving will help you pack on serious muscle mass. Plus, this product’s creatine content will help boost your neurological health and increase your athletic performance. Awesome.
  • Betaine anhydrous, 2.5 g: Aren’t you glad another post-workout powerhouse ingredient is in NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout? Betaine anhydrous will help increase your power output, muscular endurance, and protein synthesis. No wonder it’s a post-workout staple.
  • L-glutamine, 5 g: While leucine, creatine monohydrate, and betaine anhydrous help you build muscle mass, glutamine – the most abundant amino acid – helps you preserve it. It’s a combination which makes sense from the get-go.
  • L-carnitine tartrate (as Carnipure), 2 g: Hey, if you want to boost muscle repair and reduce post-workout soreness, l-carnitine tartrate should help you in more ways than one.
  • Spirulina, 2 g: Two grams per serving of one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants is a good deal – a very good one. Plus, it helps increase energy levels, boost weight loss, and improve cardiovascular health – all important post-workout benefits. We wish more post-workout supplements had this ingredient.
  • Spectra Total ORAC, 100 mg: Admit it: you’re not getting enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Well, NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout is here to fill that nutrition gap. When you take this supplement, expect to boost nitric oxide production, experience more awesome muscle pumps, and improve overall long-term health. Good stuff all-around.
  • BioPerine (black pepper fruit extract), 5 mg: This ingredient’s ability to boost nutrient absorption serves as the cherry on top of a solid post-workout product.

Formula Analysis

Wow. We are flabbergasted.

Far too many manufacturers take the safe route – they include the staple post-workout ingredients such as creatine, glutamine, BCAAs, and then hope for the best.

Not NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout, folks.

We daresay this product goes above and beyond the call of duty. Hey, the proof is in the pudding – if the spirulina, Spectra Total ORAC, and BioPerine contents don’t grab you, nothing will.

As a consumer, you should know the manufacturer has your long-term health in mind.

In this day and age when many bodybuilding supplement companies try to make a quick buck at the expense of your health and well-being, this is a welcome change.

We tip our hat off to the manufacturer for including the optimum amounts of leucine, creatine monohydrate, and glutamine – time-tested post-workout ingredients which have produced spectacular results. 

The inclusions of l-carnitine tartrate and betaine anhydrous are a nice touch as well. 

If you think the company will settle for that, think again.

Adding supergreens make NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK’s post-workout formula more formidable. Trust us, folks. 

It’s obvious this is the product’s main selling point. It’s what sets it apart from the rest of the field. We like very bit of it.

On the other hand, we find it hard to believe NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK has no isoleucine and valine – the two other BCAAs.

Come on, which post-workout features just leucine? Those three BCAAs work in harmony. Surely, this product has the other two, doesn’t it?

We also spotted a dirty ingredient: sucralose (Splenda).

We already mentioned its link to obesity and other side effects. Why the manufacturer decided to use this instead of stevia (a plant-based sweetener which helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels) is beyond us.

It nearly ruined a good thing.

NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout Benefits

NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK has the following benefits, per its official website:

  • Helps increase strength and power
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Helps improve muscle recovery
  • Wards off post-workout soreness
  • Has powerful antioxidants and supergreens
  • No artificial flavors, colors, and proprietary blends

We agree with these claims. NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK is not your ordinary post-workout supplement. Try reaping its other long-term health benefits today.

Who Takes It?

NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout is intended for healthy and active individuals who are at least 18 years of age who want to build muscle mass, increase endurance, shorten recovery time, minimize post-workout soreness, and achieve their daily fitness goals.

Any Side Effects?

We are happy to report NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout has no glaring side effects. However, if you are wary of artificial sweeteners, please bear in mind this product has sucralose (Splenda). Please consult your physician if this or any other ingredient catches your attention before purchasing.

The manufacturer also issues a warning:


NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout Summary


  • Rare post-workout with supergreens. Has spirulina and Spectra Total ORAC.
  • Rich in antioxidants. Help ward off nasty free radicals.
  • Optimum amounts of leucine, creatine monohydrate, and glutamine. Five grams each per serving.
  • 2.5 grams of betaine anhydrous per serving. Helps increase power output, muscular endurance, and protein synthesis.
  • Two grams of Carnipure per serving. Helps boost muscle repair and reduce soreness.
  • Has BioPerine. Black pepper fruit extract for better nutrient absorption.


  • Has Splenda. Artificial sweetener linked to obesity and other side effects.
  • Transparency issue. No isoleucine and valine? Just a minor issue, though.
  • Unknown reputation. Not as popular as other pre-workouts. Well, it should be.
  • Somewhat expensive. $36.49 for a 1.3-lb. container.

Pricing & Buying Info

  • 1 1.3-lb. container (20-Day Supply): $36.49
  • Available online and in retail

Final Word on NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout

Think about it, folks: a post-workout supplement which has supergreens.

Well, that’s what NorthBound Nutrition RE-PEAK Post-Workout is, and then some.

When you purchase this supplement, it’s like you have a two-in-one combo of a post-workout and supergreens supplement. Your long-term health will benefit big time.

If that doesn’t blow you away, we don’t know what will.

While this product isn’t perfect, we believe it is a worthy addition to your supplement stack. If you don’t mind shelling a bit extra for it, go for it.


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