Instant Knockout vs. Animal Cuts

Instant Knockout vs. Animal Cuts is the supplement cage battle between a world renowned fighter and freakishly huge bear.

Man vs Animal. This one’s guaranteed to be a classic.

Like the fighter, Instant Knockout knows how to survive the most brutal fights inside the ring. He attacks swiftly and efficiently; the faster he beats them, the better. He’s beaten one challenger after the other and no man can stop him but he’s not up against a man this time. Like the bear, Animal Cuts can literally maul the shit out of you. It has a variety of wild attacks that only seem random until you realize they’re not and by then it will be too late. A bear will swipe, crush, and bite you until you play dead permanently.

Both are capable fighters in their natural habitats but bears have often crushed even the most able-bodied men. Will it be a different story this time around?

Let’s find out…

Tale of the Tape

Instant Knockout


Animal Cuts

Ingredients Dosage Ingredients Dosage
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl) 5 mg (250% DV) Thermogenic Complex 750 mg
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 10 mcg (166% DV) Caffeine Anhydrous, Kola Nut, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Raspberry Ketones, Coleus Forskohlii, Evodiamine*
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 10 mg (150% DV) Metabolic Complex 750 mg
GTF Chromium (as picolinate) 100 mcg (82% DV) Green Tea Extract, (98% Polyphenols/45% EGCG), Oolong Tea Extract (50% Polyphenols), Black Tea Extract (60% Polyphenols), Coffee Bean Extract (50% Polyphenols), White Tea Extract (90% Polyphenols)
Green Tea Extract (leaf) 500 mg Thyroid Complex 350 mg
Green Coffee Extract (bean) 100 mg L-Tyrosine, Olive Leaf Extract, (15% Oleuropein), Salvia Officinalis
Cayenne Powder (fruit) 100 mg Diuretic Complex 800 mg
Glucomannan (konjac root) 1800 mg Dandelion Root, (Taraxol, Taraxerol), Uva Ursi Leaf (Arbutin, Methyl-Arbutin), Hydrangea Root, Buchu Leaf, Juniper Berry Fruit, Celery Seed
Caffeine Anhydrous 300 mg Nootropic Complex 500 mg
Black Pepper Extract (standardized to 95% PE) 10 mg DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol), Bacopa Monniera (Bacopasides A & B), ß-Phenylethylamine (ß-PEA), Xanthinol Nicotinate, Huperzine A
Cortisol Inhibiting Complex 300 mg
Ashwangandha Extract, (1.5% Withanolides), Rhodiola Rosea, (Rosavins), SerinAid®, Magnolia Bark Extract*
CCK Inhibiting Complex 300 mg
Cha-De-Bugre, Hoodia Gordonii, Jojoba Seed Extract (Simmondsin)
Bioavailability Complex 500 mg
Ginger Root, (Gingerols, Shogaols), Cayenne, Grapefruit (6,7-Dihydroxybergamottin), Quercetin, Naringin (Citrus), Bioperine®
*These are not full supplement facts, just a comparison of dosages & ingredients.

Round 1: Formulas

Both Instant Knockout and Animal Cuts say the same things when it comes to burning fat but they vastly differ in terms of strategy.

Instant Knockout is a straight forward fat-blaster.

Instant Knockout’s formula is not fooling around. Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Cayenne, and Caffeine are four of our five best fat burners. Heavy hitter indeed. Add Glucomannan and standardized Black Pepper Extract for appetite control and absorption and you got yourself one hell of a fat inferno right inside your body.

Animal Cuts leaves no fat alive.

Bears can be freakishly huge and Animal Cuts is definitely the bear in the fat burning industry. If having 8 blends with 40 ingredients isn’t huge then we fear to know what is.

Thermogenic Complex: Caffeine seems to be in generous doses here but just in case Animal Cuts also has Kola Nut, Guarana, and Yerba Mate for more caffeine minus the jitters. Coleus is good for ATP energy and thermogenesis but would’ve been much better if standardized. Raspberry Ketones are pretty handy anywhere they go and Evodiamine is weaker than Cayenne but won’t burn a hole through your stomach.

Metabolic Complex: If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this is a big bag of tea! It has Green, Oolong, Black, and White Tea Extracts plus Coffee Bean Extract of which Green Tea and Coffee Bean are in our Best 5 Fat Burners list. All come in standardized forms but only Green Tea is focused on EGCG.

Thyroid Complex: This blend tinkers with your thyroid to boost metabolism on a cellular level. Tyrosine is for producing thyroxine, the badass metabolic booster hormone, standardized Olive Leaf Extract for better hormone concentration in the blood. Finally, Salvia functions to keep your thyroid pumping hormones and, perhaps as a side effect, weight loss.

Diuretic Complex: This blend makes you piss fountains without losing most of your electrolytes. Dandelion and Uva Ursi are known pro electrolytes and 800 mg is more than enough for you to hose down a man on fire.

Nootropic Complex: As the name suggests, this blend focuses on making sure you are in the right mental state before you start lifting iron. It contains Bacopa, Huperzine-A, and DMAE, 3 of our Best 5 Nootropics. Xanthinol is to improve blood circulation in the brain while B-PEA acts as a brain stimulant for focus and reduces stress at the same time.

Cortisol Inhibiting Complex: Adaptogens are useful for taking the stress factor out of our workouts. Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Serinaid are known to lower stress felt during intense workouts while Magnolia acts as support even outside the gym.

CCK Inhibiting Complex: This is their official appetite suppressant blend. Cha-De-Burge lacks research but many claim it to be used for weight control. Hoodia and Jojoba are known appetite suppressants.

Bioavailability Complex: Bioperine is one of the best ingredients you can add to any supplement since it can greatly boost absorption of every ingredient on a supplement’s list. It does this even in small doses which is also a neat benefit for “tight” serving doses. We’re not too sure about Ginger, Cayenne, and Grapefruit since they’re better off as fat burners.

In conclusion of the first round, these two fat burners definitely show promise when it comes to shredding the fat off your precious muscles. They have opposing takes on how to burn fat and while both are guaranteed to work, one of them stood out and it was Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout won because we want a straight-to-the-point fat burner above all. We already know what works so the simplest and efficient design often takes the cake. Animal Cuts’ formula is unique and smart but too complex specially when it comes to swallowing 8 capsules. Bro, you can choke on that if you’re not careful.

Round 1… Instant Knockout Wins.

Round 2: Dosages

Both Instant Knockout and Animal Cuts are packing heat but only Instant Knockout shows us just how much heat it’s packing per punch so we tip our hats to this fat burner for being transparent.

As far as dosages are concerned, Instant Knockout does not fool around. Just about every ingredient on its list spells potency and synergy. We commend them for making efficient use of their relatively small dosage space. Animal Cuts also seems to have quite a lot of hot ingredients but again we’re not entirely sure just how much specifically because they used a prop blend.

Despite the prop blend, however, Animal Cuts shows us it has at least 750 mg for its Caffeine blend and another 750 mg for its Tea Extract blend, much more than Instant Knockout’s generous offering.

It was a battle of size this time around and bear is simply too huge for man to size up.

Round 2… Animal Cuts Wins.

Round 3: Ingredient Quality

Instant Knockout gives us some of the best ingredients in the fat burning business. They may appear generic but they are definitely on point. Not having too many ingredients means reducing errors and Instant Knockout completely gets away clean and unscathed.

As for Animal Cuts, forty ingredients are definitely a lot for a fat burner and its sheer size doesn’t exactly make it too big to make a mistake in formula design. While we commend them for their use of standardized ingredients and premium ingredients, compared to Instant Knockout’s generics, it also has plenty of duds to speak off such as their use of fat-burners in a Bioavailability complex and a weird thing called Cha-De-Bugre which name we’re not even sure how to pronounce.

It would be a tough call between the two but we choose to go with Instant Knockout. Yes, it may have been generic at most but we recognize the beauty in simplicity and sometimes even generic ingredients can thwart premiums if used with proper synergy and just the right amount of dosage.

Round 3… Instant Knockout Wins.

Round 4: Price

Instant Knockout VS. Animal Cuts
1 Bottle (30-day supply) $59 1 canister (21-day supply) $36.39
Price Per Capsule $0.49 Price Per Capsule $0.11
Price Per Serving $1.96 Price Per Serving $0.88


Round 4… Animal Cuts Wins.


We’re not going to sugarcoat this. These two fat burners are definitely some of the best in the business. Both have displayed their capabilities and potential when it comes to blasting fat right out of your body. If we’re to look at the star ratings, though, you’d notice a good gap between the two:

  • We’re talking 4.8 (Instant Knockout) vs. 4.3 (Animal Cuts) out of 5 stars.

That’s a close fight between two of our Best 5 Fat Burner Supplements

The deciding factor would have to be, as always, what you want for yourself. If you want a simple, no BS fat burner that does the job with maximum efficiency, then Instant Knockout is definitely worth every capsule. If you’re into shredding off the last few layers of fat and at the same time want something “innovative” or different, Animal Cuts is yours for the taking.

For us, we like to look at the big picture and the big picture here is what works for us in the long term and for that we choose Instant Knockout. Animal Cuts went overboard when it comes to micromanaging and with that many ingredients and possible side effects, we’re just afraid of what it will do to our bodies if we take this for months on end.

Man may be small but we’re definitely smarter and more efficient than Animals.

In the Instant Knockout vs. Animal Cuts fight, the winner by a SPLIT Decision is…

Instant Knockout

It’s a FIST, Bro. For fighting.


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